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  1. Still sad about my glorious Mustahes from Movember...
  2. Thanks a lot for Fortuna and your fast responses to the problems players encountered! I agree that while not as great as Warframe weapon rivens, most player wanted or needed a riven for their sentinel at one point so it would be great to re-introduce them at one point. In other news, I'm here to report: - The "validate mission" staying visible and blocked at the top left when joining a public bounty on Fortuna then on Vallis - Map sometimes bugging on Vallis (just personal marker on extended and grey background on reduced) - Bounty progress not showing on Vallis (only the objective shows no extractor/drone life nor bonuses objectives for exemple) - That annoying "Ability already in use" bug from the Plains is back ! We were 3 unable to use an ability/tenno/melee in the same squad, it was so sad. Impossible to get magnetized (even against Corpus!) nor die. I don't know if you identified where the problem comes from yet but maybe something like /unstuck could "reset" things without us having to sacrifice a revive or run to find the nearest water pound. - Is it envisaged to get "We all Lift Together" as a somachord tone ?
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