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  1. Get someone to drag you into Exploiter Orb runs, get a resource doubler + Smeeta Kavat, and farm the living hell out of her. Gets you a ton of gems AND the highest value Toroid for when you actually unlock Vox Solaris to cap the daily standing easily.
  2. I'm enjoying reading through this, but this specific part I have to bring up. DE, you have to stop designing this stuff with the default settings in mind. Not all of us play with the "Lock Melee to Camera" or "Melee Locks to Target" options left on. I implore you to find either another way to do this without holding backwards, or FORCE our orientation to lock to the camera while performing Hover Air Combos. I'd be okay with that, I just don't want to be felt forced to change that setting I've been playing with since I began in 2013. If that can't happen, then don't even pretend to offer us options, and simply remove the ones I mentioned.
  3. Not really a matter of "needing it", now is it? Unless you mean you can't think of any melee mods that would go into the slot. Flight Speed/bounce mods for Glaives, any mods only affecting blocking, maybe combo duration, and any other miscellaneous mobility mods like Dispatch Overdrive.
  4. What kind of dumbass question is that? "If the worst case scenario were to happen, would you stay?" No, of course not, I'm not under any battered housewife delusions, and sunk cost means nothing to me and keeping me around a game who makes collosal mistakes. And throwing in "but content all day would happen" would never happen in that scenario realistically. I don't see any of the latest EA games brimming with new content, they just pump out rehash sequels at $60 a pop, $120 for ultra-super-duper-deluxe, and up to $50 microtransactions, and call it a day.
  5. I'm fairly certain people have been doing that for a while. Maybe if you actually typed in those words into the search bar, you may see them. Either way, absolutely not to any cosmetic-tied stats. Arcane helmets were changed for a reason.
  6. I'll take it the same way I see Aura forma. They go beyond regular Forma as a standard commodity, but aren't quite Catalyst/Reactor levels of importance. But what they do reach is a level of permanent and absolute upgrade that you should only use on things you intend on keeping permanently. Now for some of us who keep and collect literally everything, like myself, that does sound like a huge task, filling everything with Aura Forma/Exilus. So I just take it as something to do eventually for the things I like, and maybe down the line when I reach an excess, I'll occasionally install them on the more insignificant items.
  7. Nah, definitely Vapos Condors. They're destructible like the ones in the Vallis. But they were always pretty rare. That one small L shaped tile, with two floors and an isolated room in the inner corner, I've probably seen them spawn there the most, though "the most" is still not a lot.
  8. I used to see them in loud missions like when I had to run the Ropalolyst for Wisp/Amalgams. They don't act as dropships though, instead they hover and provide cover fire. So rooms with views to the open air like that can spawn them.
  9. Sucks for you guys who play with default bindings/settings then. I abhor casting on pressing the ability buttons, I just use them to select and then separately cast by clicking middle mouse. Much easier that restricting my movement hand to cast, charge, and spam my abilities.
  10. I've noticed that even playing solo, sometimes Vitus drops can bug out and not even spawn from the destroyed drone, but instead maybe be considered out of bounds instantly, and then be respawned somewhere else on the map. Even nowhere near the drone's death. I was playing a Jupiter defense the other day and was on the lower levels, but then I went exploring to clear out all the containers on the map and I found piles of credits and Vitus on the upper areas, nowhere near any of my Arbi-drone kills. So that sucks a ton, especially if you're running loot radar/Vacuum on a companion and they die. Means now you're left subject to this random issue that can spawn Vitus far away from you without you ever knowing about it unless you run into that spawn location. With such a stupid problem that was solved ages ago when Warframe blueprints from bosses were physical drops on the map, they should probably make Arbi-drone drops do the same. Simply rewarding the team with Vitus if the drop is rolled, and not making it a drop on the map to be picked up.
  11. Exactly. I was hoping the Jovian Concord Jupiter revisit would maybe call back to the old PS4 announcement trailer that coincided with the Gas City's original release. Alad V with a captured Mag put on auction, under threat of getting sliced into six pieces. And when we defeat Alad in that fight, Mag would break loose and toss him out into the abyss. From there, maybe showing him caught out of the air by something like a Condor, flying him to his escape. Similar get-aways for all bosses besides Corrupted Vor, but he should probably also not leave his legs behind. Maybe a Void-y cloud of energy that dissipates him from the map when he's beaten, while he floats away and continues to taunt you with his monologue.
  12. I imagine it wouldn't be a straight up "abilities you killed this Lich with will be copied from you next time you face them". Probably more like, depending on the Warframe that killed them, they'll have a modified moveset based on all of that frame's abilities, not specific abilities.
  13. I want mostly this. Think Titanfall 2 campaign when you're going through that factory where they're building mock houses. Maybe with fewer insta-death zones though. But also, I'm tired of seeing planetary tilesets that are connected by obvious doorways. Earth and Europa does a decent job of avoiding this by using caves, but then Ceres and the current "Corpus Snow Outpost" tileset connects every tile with a literal door/doorway. I want to see DE try more open concept tilesets, not attached end by end, but instead patched together maybe in a grid to make a generated open area. I believe Shadow Warrior 2 did that and it worked fairly well from what I remember.
  14. A: they bugged Eidolon arm/leg/shoulder bits, making them take more damage than they should. They fixed this with the last hotfix. B: if it's taking you ten times the ammo, make sure you're not being dumb and leaving an Extinguished key on; the hotfix didn't change it THAT much. It takes less time to check that than it does coming here and making a post.
  15. I would think so too, but something about making a Hildryn Aegis Storm build work by covering all the bases with Arcane Aegis/Grace, Rolling Guard, and Adaptation just makes it feel so satisfying to fly around terrorizing Grineer enemies. And for me, it doesn't feel so brainless since I'm trying it without Vitality, and I have to at least try and avoid soaking up unnecessary damage. I imagine in heavy combat, if it works, it'll be super satisfying and not boring.
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