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  1. That's a great idea. Tapping 1 as Equinox to swap between Combined, Day, and Night.
  2. What? Every weapon has swinging trails, and if you enable it in your graphics options, you can have the trails appear even while not swinging or even while unequipped. The only real downgrade that happened with weapon trails was stuff like the War/Broken War and other weapons losing any unique trails they had. That was a real shame, the War trail was really goddamn nice.
  3. If you have an offensive ability, use that. Abilities go through the rift. If you don't, tough luck I suppose.
  4. Dojo decorations in general shouldn't scale with clan size, period. It's not like it's something actually useful for the members to benefit from, and I imagine most of the time decorating is the work of a single architect's passion projects. And the waiting is definitely pretty lame.
  5. I personally loved Super Jump just because back then, with parkour 1.0 and how you could begin a horizontal wall run and let it go immediately to be flung forward with great momentum, pairing that with Super Jump sent you absolutely flying. Enough to reach each end of the Corpus Dam map, even hitting the ceiling with enough power strength. I think it's a great idea, though they might need to polish up and slightly rework some old abilities just for the sake of not copy-pasting, and to make sense as a Helminth ability. It also begs the question, if they add more to Helminth, are they
  6. Yep. Makes no sense how they haven't changed any of that. Also makes no sense why all the ammo scavenger mods are separate rather than one mod being converted for a universal scavenger mod and the rest turn into something else.
  7. You're feeling nostalgic for two years ago and your first Prime was Chroma? I feel like you're exactly the type of newer player you're talking about, which makes the thread question confusing. 2 years ago, Primes were just as easy to get than they are now. Five to six years ago, it was far more different.
  8. Ideas of expansions? Let's see: An idea of a sort of "expedition" game mode or bounty where you travel beyond an open world map into a generated mission in search of something/seeking to complete new objectives. This can absolutely fit for all the open worlds, and in multiple ways. 1. The Plain of Eidolon: The ocean, Sharkwing, and beyond the Orokin barriers. Implementing the Grineer underwater lab tileset with a slight rework to have Earth-like surroundings and removing references to tubemen and that bright yellow goo ( and implement this on Mariana ) could be interesting. No need t
  9. All "legacy mods" as you're calling them from the old upgrade system were converted into Ancient Fusion Cores, which were worth far more in the old Fusion Core system than any other besides Legendary Cores. Like Legendary Cores, they were left alone when the Endo system came around. But Legendary Cores have a button to specifically use one, while the Ancient Cores apparently just sit around much like those Transmute Cores. You have to melt them down I suppose, to get their Endo value.
  10. Not top of the oligarchy, among the oligarchy. Read: Seven Executors. That's why Margulis was voted to be put to death for her "apostasy" in showing the Tenno mercy. As much as Ballas didn't want that, it had to happen, and thus his plot for long term revenge began.
  11. You don't have to go back to it, it's a matter of fact. Ballas was one of the Seven Executors, which was basically among the top of the Orokin hierarchy. Margulis was just a normal human, an architect of some kind whose research paved the way for Transference, which is by how the Tenno control the Warframes, and how what'sherface transferred herself into the perpetual forests of Earth. The Entrati remain in Infested bodies because they were stuck in that after the collapse of the Orokin civilization, probably both dedicated to their task on Deimos at combating the Infested and investigati
  12. I agree. Good post, OP. I personally enjoy seeing the occasional post for a clan leader looking for an architect to help decorate their dojo, and I would like to help them but not leave my own clan of which I am a Warlord and would otherwise have to remind someone to add me back in and reinstate my rank.
  13. I understand, and I can see the room for improvement as well. I wish experimenting with abilities wasn't so expensive, though I get why they want it like that, though it still conflicts with the idea of ever wanting to experiment. I thought up that they should change the order of operations for infusing by, rather than do ability replace select and then config select, do it like this: Sitting at the chair brings up a list of options between Cyst removal (maybe even manual injection option?), Infusing a Warframe, and Subsuming an available Warframe. Infuse and Subsume no longer only
  14. You can already do that but the Infused ability will stay put on the same slot. That still lets you play around with the ability across all your builds if you put it in only one config. If you put an ability only on the first config, which is what's called A by default, if you swapped C around with A, then your C config is now the first config in order, and has that infused ability, while config A is no longer the first config and therefore doesn't have the ability anymore
  15. Hey just wanted to say in regards to the OP, Mark for Death FIRST and then Mind Control them and dump damage into them. That does work. That Gara idea though is fantastic, gonna do that when I get to subsuming Trinity.
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