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  1. AGES ago, there was a bug that would flip an entire map in reverse around an elevator if the elevator button was still usable as it was moving. This meant the floor and all the rooms on that floor that you begin on, you get into the elevator, press the button a couple times while it's moving but have it still end up in the direction it was originally going, you'd end up in your original location, but now on the opposite end of the elevator. I KNOW this happened to me once.
  2. I really just want a flat, adjustable size plane of water. Preferably one that doesn't look like ass. Making pools underneath waterfalls look terrible when your only real option is the rock fountain with the pool base. That water texture is the grossest thing in the game. It honestly looked better during the short time period they bugged it to look almost completely transparent. Also better looking decorations for moving water. Using the waterfalls to make a "river", it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd turn out, but still looks silly when closely looked at.
  3. It's not backseat moderation, it's calling you people blind for ignoring the obvious and correct answer while still spewing dumb S#&$ like your implications here
  4. Thread should've ended here but geniuses above continued to talk.
  5. I miss the old combat music that played indiscriminately when any decent skirmish began. It was catchy enough that I still remember it and whistle. Also old Tenno drums need to make a comeback. Personally, I'd kill for it to become a new UI soundpack. They added that whole customizable UI stuff and have neglected the sound category. Placing mods in your equipment being denoted with a nice satisfying DUN and that odd energy sound. Also, the "legacy" soundpack really isn't much of a legacy. U14 UI sounds, sure. But I just want a real legacy soundpack.
  6. Definitely a bug, because the Chains of Harrow diorama is just supposed to be Harrow's from the Codex/Market, similar to the rest of the Warframe oriented quests.
  7. They have to be Perfect Captures, and in the Orb Vallis.
  8. Well at least you made it clear that you don't know what you're talking about, and therefore easy to ignore what you have to say.
  9. Then you should wait and see how they help fix up some of these frames. Otherwise months down the line reworks happen and you're stuck there thinking Oh man now I have to refarm this crap or wait several years for a Prime version to come out.
  10. Are you forgetting Body Count and Blood Rush being Acolyte mods? Much more common as well, so saying the much rarer Maiming Strike is the only Acolyte mod people use is wrong/bad. Think a little. Or better yet, realize that this is kind of a lame idea. Amalgam mods don't have set bonuses, Corrupted mods don't have set bonuses, Nightmare mods don't have set bonuses. Let's leave the set bonuses to actual set mods.
  11. I personally don't care for Loadout slots as I hardly use the ones I have without buying more as is, but what I really want to see are extra Configurations. D and E configs, come on DE, you know you want it. Also maybe an increase in how many colors we can favorite, while, ahem, fixing a certain bug that wipes most of your favorites and equipped colors if you happen to favorite some wrong colors. I understand it's a matter of infrastructure, I wouldn't even mind a small permanent payment to unlock configs D and E if it worked across all things ever. Just as options for those who want them while also supporting the server space, so to speak.
  12. Take that color and select a brighter instance of it until they fix it. Suddenly, *not ripped off*. They do absolutely need to do a pass on so many pieces of equipment with inconsistent coloration, making things too bright or too dark. I found that out trying to color Hildryn and the Arca armor pieces, the armors are too bright and Hildryn has a slight layer of gray over some of her bits to make it darker.
  13. There are plenty of weapons besides the Catchmoon to make it an easy fight. I use a Radiation built Tombfinger with Pax Charge just to not worry about ammo, but any high damage + Radiation weapon will do it. Just because you have it hard doesn't mean everyone else does. :V
  14. What absolutely an terrible counterargument. I understand Fisto up above is admitting their reason was a bit selfish, but your "But the game lives off of people wasting their time !" is such an awful way to excuse this. There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting people install phantom Reactors/Catalysts, Forma, and Exilus in the Simulacrum. The Simulacrum completely deserves to become more thorough ( and honestly, have a better map. The current one is such garbage due to its holed design with a strict out of bounds ), just as the Codex deserves to be much more complete and informative. DE's been depending on outside tools and sites to help people learn and plans things out, and that's stupid when the opportunities are there, they simply aren't using them. Simulacrum should allow phantom polarities and potatoes, perhaps even allow forcing to rank 30 and allowing negative capacity while in it to let us work without any restrictions. None of these changes of course affecting real modding. The Codex should actually tell people the drop chances of loot from enemies, the drop chances per rotation of every item/mission node, mod names should not be hidden before they've been found, and variants of enemy types ( like Eximus, all variants of Crewman/Lancer/Crawler, etc ) should not have their names hidden. And all of the tutorial pages should be rewritten from scratch to actually be helpful. They surprised me when they wanted to make the Abilities page more informative, now they need to work on the Codex and Simulacrum. Make it accessible from in mission, and rework the information presentation to the point of making the Wiki nearly redundant. Hell, I'd be fine with copying information straight out of there if they'd like. I just think in a game like this, they owe it to people to not be so damn vague about everything.
  15. It should be a choice, honestly. 15 ( or a bit more ) Wolf Credits, around 2-4k Kuva, and maybe a possible third choice like Forma or Endo.
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