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  1. OP I don't care at all about Nora but have you ever thought that maybe, it's supposed to be a malaphor or an incorrect phrase on purpose?
  2. Holy hell you really have no idea what you're talking about. Step by step: Rubico Prime's base critical chance is 38%, Critical Delay's mod effect is +48% crit chance, as in 48% of a weapon's base crit chance. Go open up your calculator and type .38 x .48, you will get .1824, which means Critical Delay gives you a bonus of 18.24% to your Rubico's crit chance. Critical Delay does not literally give you a flat +48 to your weapon's total critical chance, simply reading the stats would show you that. Finally, Hunter Munitions does not care at all about the damage composition of a weapon, leaning towards Slash or not. You know how to test it? Grab an elemental only weapon like the Amprex or Synapse and put Hunter Munitions on. These weapons have 0 physical damage, specifically no Slash damage, and yet Hunter Munition Slash ticks will proc, and they will do damage. The build you posted is simple, it works, but Critical Delay is in no way the best option. The definite benefit of using your build is that two Vigilante mods and a crit chance of 112% or whatever you said, is that you have a 100% chance to yellow crit with a 10% chance to enhance that to an orange, and further you have a 12% chance to orange crit with still a 10% chance to enhance that to a red. That's all good and simple without having to really pay attention to what you're shooting at. It works and you wouldn't ever really have to replace your build from any advice that comes from this thread, at least for Eidolon hunting. As for alternatives, an Argon Scope would be better because 135% of a base crit chance of 38% would mean Argon Scope gives the Rubico Prime a bonus of .513, or +51.3% critical chance. As long as you shoot an Eidolon's head, of course, and of course you should be shooting for the head, especially if you're using Arcane Momentum to increase Sniper reload speed on headshot hits.
  3. Fantastic post, A+. You definitely know what you're talking about, OP.
  4. Not a very good idea for Balefire. Homing into the nearest enemy sounds very underwhelming, just aim. Here's an alternative: an augment that removes the explosive AoE, turns it into hitscan, and adds a base punchthrough of 2m, scaled with range. Maybe add a small damage bonus per .1m of material/enemy penetrated, to incentivize lining enemies up and or firing through cover. Haven one is a bit underwhelming as well because you already wipe statuses off of teammates with Pillage, and if they have overshields while connected to Haven then they're immune to Slash and Toxic, the big ones to care about. However, the idea of making it not connect to enemies would be great. Turn it into a pure support ability, but it should probably be something different besides just status immunity, unless knockdown/stagger immunity was also included.
  5. I'm still waiting on them to actually sit through the most garbage mods like the basic Status ones or Energy Channel and give them something. There's a wealth of suggestions to be found here, Steam forums, and likely Reddit. I could list out a number of ideas right now, but it's not a very smart way to pass the time. Will just have to see if they let another year go by without touching them, or expanding on the weapon Exilus mods ( melee would definitely be welcome, for Glaives alone).
  6. If you're not seeing your loot stuff update after a mission+return to Dry Dock, leave back to your Orbiter then come back to the Dry Dock. I've had my friends deal with this basically always, so they always have to leave and return to use their loot. May be that only hosts don't get the issue? Because I haven't gotten it as I'm the host 90% of the time.
  7. Yeah I got pretty used to having a dedicated melee swap key, specifically avoiding using the general "Swap Weapon" keybind. At this point though it may not be too good for me simply because I reused the same key for Heavy Attacks now. Still, more options can't hurt, and in the case of both the swapping and the Heavy Attacks, there's no reason why they couldn't simply make these options when they existed in both ways in the past.
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