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  1. Telapoopy

    Oddity Thread (Gotta Find 'em All)

    While getting your kuria to glow green makes them easier to spot, it sacrifices your ability to use radar pings with your default scanner to know when one is nearby. (Granted you have nearly every other item in the game maxed out in scans)
  2. Telapoopy

    Coming Soon: Devstream #43

    Will you ever plan to add real benefits to scanning enemies and objects? Informative rewards like enemy stats mean nothing when we all have access to a wiki.
  3. Telapoopy

    Update 15.3.0

    I think you are talking about the secret caches found on void/deralict sabotage. They are basically corpus or grineer lockers with white lights and make a "shine" noise when near them. What I'm talking about are variants of the storage crates.
  4. Telapoopy

    Update 15.3.0

    Yes, about these loot crates... I know from the codex that these rare/reinforced loot crates have been around for a bit but I haven't a clue how to find them. I would've thought they would be found in the hidden nooks of the tilesets but that doesn't seem to be the case. Anyone have any idea how to find them?
  5. Telapoopy

    Coming Soon: Devstream #41 + Aftershow!

    Will you consider adding real gameplay benefits to scanning enemies and objects? The informative bonuses mean nothing when everyone has access to a wiki.
  6. Telapoopy

    Hotfix 15.1.2

    Still no fix for the Energy Inversion mod not increasing Shields by 80% yet :/
  7. Telapoopy

    Hotfix 15.1.1

    The Archwing Shield Mod still hasn't been buffed to 80% yet.
  8. Telapoopy

    Coming Soon: Devstream #39!

    Will we see any consideration of adding real benefits to scanning? The current rewards for scanning things mean nothing because everyone has access to the Warframe Wiki.
  9. Telapoopy

    Coming Soon: Devstream #36

    Will you consider adding better rewards to scanning? The informative rewards that it provides right now mean little when looking things up in the wiki serves the same purpose and more. Will you consider adding incentives to exploring the levels, like adding decent/exclusive drops to the crates and lockers hidden away in the nooks and dead end tiles? Any plans on adding non-essential 'segments' besides Nav Segments and Kubrow Incubator to further upgrade our ship? Also, stealth challenges DO NOT WORK when everyone else can have a different challenge. Will this be addressed?
  10. Telapoopy

    Hotfix 14.0.8

    This is good to know, but there is another issue. The prosecutors are competing with other eximus for spawning, making prosecutor farming on any non-endless mission much more difficult.
  11. Telapoopy

    Dark Sector Conflicts And You

    Blade Storm and Shuriken are abilities that need some looking at in PvP. Both of these abilities don't require direct aiming, and they deal high damage. If the initial damage doesn't kill, the bleed proc will.
  12. Telapoopy

    New Contest: Warframe Doppelganger!

    Elite from Halo Reach. I've always thought the Brakk looked so much like a concussion Rifle. They both have the rotating chamber too.
  13. Telapoopy

    Hotfix 13.8.3

    Please fix the mutalist-ospreys' hitboxes.
  14. Telapoopy

    Coming Soon: Devstream #31!

    Will you add better incentives to scanning? Any improvements made to scanning will have little impact until many people actually have a reason to use this function. Informative rewards are accessible via the wiki, so the only effective bonuses would be in-game specific.
  15. Telapoopy

    Update 13.5.0: Edo Armor & Nami Solo

    Thank you for adding interception to other nodes, now scanning Eximus will be a breeze since it spams so many of them!