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  1. Will the command intrinsics be available before scarlet spear?
  2. A frame based on matter states, Solid, Liquid, Gas and plasma. Each state conferring slghtly different attributes and looks.
  3. Can you provide statistics on usage of melee weapons by type. First example how often players equip dual daggers vs other weapon type and how much use those weapons see by dmg or kill % in mission.
  4. Have you thought about having the sounds of melee attacks differing slightly based on the flesh/armor/shield types of different enemies?
  5. Had a Zetki Mk III Pulsar with a firerate bonus of 59.4%. Picked up two more in mission with a firerate of 57%. Armaments screen shows them as 57% 57% 59.4% Sold the first of the 57% and just decided to check them again before I sold the second one and the order switched to 59.4% 57% So I almost sold the weapon with the highest roll.
  6. Can we get melee that changes mid-mission the way that some ranged weapon can cycle through fire modes. E.g. a dark split sword that be switched between forms in mission. Are there plans to do other split weapons? E.g. heat split sword Plasma split sword
  7. Got Shedu Part. Last crewship needed to complete mission flies out of bounds, for no reason. Theres a healing bubble, also out of bounds, couldn't destroy but van shrink it. Had to repeatedly use the artillery to hit crewship while it shrinking the healing bubble with turrets and making more dome charges. There purple drop out of bounds. Fun mission 😞
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