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  1. Single daggers have "covert lethality" which makes them really niche. Without it they don't compete with larger weapons. Dual daggers are in an even worse spot. Is there a timeline or even an inkling of an idea how to address the issue?
  2. Are there any plans to: Revitalize community interest in dual dagger melee weapons? Create more split melee weapons than just the dark split-sword? Create a "dark" polarm/stave? Create more gunblade weapons, maybe a dual version? Create thrown zaws?
  3. Do we have a timeframe for more archwings and archwing content? Are there plans for archwing companions? We have the wolf sledge, can we get fuma shuriken? Some of our primary weapons can switch firing modes (semiautomatic, fullauto and burst) can we get something similar in melee that can transform in mission? As opposed to the dark split-sword that cannot change In mission.
  4. Can you tell us about the usage statistics of Vauban?
  5. Single daggers have covert lethality are there any ideas for making dual daggers more viable considering their short range and low attack dmg vs larger weapons? Will we get in the near future: another Helminth companion? more Kavat Breeds? dual gunblades? (Dual Sarpa is what I look forward too most) Do you have stats on: usage of the charge attack on the Sancti Magistar vs normal attacks? What percentage of those attempts actually result in triggering the healing effect? usage of Trinity's well of life vs her other abilities? Can we get the riven cap increased?
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