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  1. So these are a bunch of ideas I've had and think would be pretty cool for the game: Gyrojet rifle: Basically just an upscaled Angstrum/downscaled Ogris, base its name on the micron, to match the Angstrum being based on the angstrom. Micrum? I think it'd be nicer to have it be a rapid fire full auto with small aoe explosions, rather than charge shots that will nuke yourself more than the enemies. Cough, remove self damage please. Tenno belt-fed machine gun: All the guns that'd count as "machine guns" in the game currently, like Soma or Gorgon, are mag-fed. Why not something with a belt? I'm thinking a small-scale arch-gun in appearance and functionality, one single huge magazine that you don't reload, but it has an overheat mechanic tied to its reload instead. Firing continuously builds up heat, which then takes 3-4 seconds to cool down, which can be reduced with reload speed mods. Shuriken pistol: Smaller Panthera, basically. Shoots miniature sawblades, what's not to love? Chainsaw sword: I actually wrote an extended thread about it a while ago, but the idea is exactly that. Chainsword, name it the Carnifex. Make it a machete and release an actually good machete stance to go with it, special mechanic is that every hit hits two or three extra times at reduced damage, to simulate the teeth digging in. Kestrel Prime: A crit-based prime throwing weapon to complement Frisbee Prime being status based! Also, boomerang. And for the warframe idea: Ypres: Gas based Warframe, named after the city where German troops first deployed mustard gas in WW1. Trench coat and gas mask aesthetic, uses gas for area of effect damage and debuffs.
  2. At the very least, just let me use my stance combos...
  3. The whole idea behind having thrown weapons and single pistols be dual wielded was always more fluff than substance, it looked cool and that was about it. As probably the only person that thinks Glaive Prime + Lato Vandal is the god combo (thank you god roll Rivens), I've noticed an issue. Running the TW/SP combo gives you special quick attacks, which was ok before when you had to switch specifically to melee, but now, well... all it does is remove your nice combos. The primary benefit of this used to be that you could shoot and combo at the same time, but now every weapon has that! You can whip out your Opticor for a cheeky headshot and then immediately get back to flailing your Gram Prime around nowadays. As such, you currently have to specifically switch to your glaive to use Astral Twilight attacks, which imo are infinitely better than the "special" quick attacks. My suggestion: Just remove the special quick attacks. Heck, just remove any special interaction beyond visual. Thrown weapons got treated pretty nicely with Melee 2.999999999, but my favorite gun is Lato Vandal and my favorite melee is Glaive Prime, and this encourages me to not run them together.
  4. Sounds like a server issue, which isn't a bug. I'd still message support about it. In the future, I highly recommend not doing more than 1 or 2 coolant canisters per run.
  5. I'm not sure what exactly triggered this bug, but I was doing Thermia fractures and noticed that my 2 and 4 on Limbo were doing their default duration and range. I inspected my abilities and, sure enough, all values were set back at default. Additionally, his 3's augment scales off strength, so normally I don't get clean multiples of 30% for the bonus, but I was getting 30, 60, 90, etc. percent bonus damage. I went and got some enemies to kill me, and reviving fixed the issue.
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