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  1. Just some thought on Garuda's power Passive: Good as it is almost like Vex armour, by default, but it should be stackable with reduce number, so she can use her 3 to build this up, instead of player needing to choose between HP and DMG multiplier Soul Bulwark: Simplify it by removing the "bone shield" because it visually blocks our view as the player, but instead do similar visual as her 3, by covering her in blood gore and splatters (or some sort of bleeding effects?) with a 5 sec window. As she get hit within this 5 secs, it charge the orbs that she can then throw at mobs to do AOE dmg, and gives her some sort of "bone/blood armor" (kind of like overshield). For the mob get hit by her 1, if not kill instantly, it will suffer the same amount of time window of DOT to charge the orbs Another mechanism you can introduce here is the one similar to Atlas's 1: Make it recastable continuously and as you continue to cast her 1, you are charging up the orb with dmg to X amount (either % or number of stacks), and long press to then grab the orb, aim, and release to throw the orb to do AOE dmg..... Visually the animation of her 1 look a little slow and clunky.... perhaps need a little speeding up? Imagine the fluidity of Excal's 1... Sanguine Siphon: Duration base is good but perhaps allow up to 3-5 to be cast at the same time, as it works for allies too (i notice in the devstream it heals the Moa pet, but want to confirm if it works for allies, not just you and your pet) Could be a good CC/utilities for choke point, heal spots. Perhaps make it align with range mod too. Life Sunder: This have good synergy with her passive, and giving her energy while doing so is great. But instead of being constantly needing to balance between health and dmg output (either becoming a glass cannon, or a tank that cant hurt an ant), it becomes a stackable skill.... say every cast takes away X% of her health, and it gives Y% more dmg, and she can stack it up to Z amount of time. That way it also create synergy with other mechanics in game (healing sentinals, arcane etc) Engulfing Blades: Keeping her "suspended" in her elevated state, while movable in a slightly reduce speed is not a very desirable method to play the game, or as her (copy of Nyx?). If her theme is gore, perhaps modify the "bone blender" to something a little more mobile as well as able to spread bloodshed further. So the 1st idea is as she cast her 4, you have a X meter of range as the "bone blender vortex" created around her (as it is now as shown on Devstream), but in this form, her 1 becomes a projectile bone spear she can throw out (Hela from Thor), and as the mob hit by this spear, it createa a smaller, and lesser duration base "bone blender vortex" at the spot. So not only she is a walking blender, she can distribute her destructiveness all round and provide some CC. Each time she throw abone claw/sprear out, it reduce Y amount of her own health, while the bone blender absorb Z amount of hp from the mobs she kill/damage. So it create a vicious cycle of killing, absorbing hp, and dishing out hp to create more dmg, that then replenish her health again.... And for the visual effects of her 4, instead of the bone spears just rotate in high speed, perhaps it will create a better visual by having those bone claw/spear orbiting her, and using that visual to reflect the range of the "blender" (think blade and soul) The 2nd idea for her 4 is to completely forget about what you have now, and make it a location base channel AOE. As you cast her 4, she bring out her giant claws, and start slicing it/jamming it into the ground. As you hold and channel, it increases the range and dmg output from the origin point, with visuals of bone spike/claws coming out from the ground, moving outwards. Each bone spike/claw suspend the mob for x amount of time with slash DOT. The issue is this is perhaps too close to Banshee 4 with different effects... The 3rd idea for her 4 is somewhat of an exalted bone claw: Bring forth her bone claws, as you aim and hit your melee button, it throw out bone claw/spikes to mob in a fan spread angle. As the bone claw/spikes hit the mob, it further spread out to other mobs in X amount of distance.... so you are kind of creating a fireworks of bone claw/spikes and then keep scaling and spreading.... This will somewhat looks like Hela from Thor where as you swing her arm, it spread bone claw/spike to kill (thanks to other members for suggestions) The 4th idea is she detatch her bone claws and fablic sleeves, attached them together, and start swinging them like a melee attack using a melee stance. An exalted twin bone-claw whips if you may, that do Slash DMG and DOT. Damage done under this skill will fuel her's and allies' "bone/blood armor" (like overshield) but reduce a small % of her hp, but could create synergy if she use it with her 2 to gain back health. In general i like the theme, but perhaps as some suggest, make more use of her signature bone claws in her power and animations, so the whole theme tide in better.... And the idea of she do self DMG to boost DMG/armour to self and allies fit the "gore but elegant" theme of her...... Hope this helps......
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