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  1. I think you need to do something about Sevagoth parts drop rate.... 10% is a tad low, and after 2.5 days, at least 4-5 hours farming each day, but not a single neuroptic is a little silly.... i have more than 10 parts of both chassis and system though....... 😓
  2. I got 8 Chassis and 11 system, but not a single neuro... been farming since Tuesday when the update landed..... Not.A.Single.One!
  3. Will we see modular arcwing this year?
  4. Watch last night's stream, claimed it, got the drop in my inventory in twitch, but nothing yet from in-game... no new message or anything.... I suppose its not fully fix that? *I did unlinked and re-link the twitch account a week ago when they announce twitchdrop 2.0...
  5. I am experiencing the exact same issue.... staggering all over the place entering a new game, looking into menu, opening the star chart......... rather unpleasant to play to say the least! It went away after the very first update in 2021, and now its back after update 29.9.0 (Octavia update)
  6. I have similar issue.... It went away in the last update (before 29.9.0) but unfortunately its back after the Octavia Prime update (yesterday's update) Now not only FPS dropped, i am even getting screen freeze for couple of secs whenever i jump into a new game, or going into a menu.... Screen would freeze, then slowly back to normal with frame rate gradually back to looking normal... The game is now slightly frustrating because everytime i jump into a game, either at the start of mid way i am either significantly damage or dead because of the delay.... Annoying to say the
  7. Not sure if this apply to everyone but have been having trouble since update 29.9.0 (Octavia prime update) Since the update i have significant staggering issue whenever i jump into a new squad/game, or going into menu, or as simple as checking on my foundry. The level of staggering is different each time. - Jumping into a new game is a few secs of delay (screen freeze), then swap to FPS drop significantly, and slowly moving back to normal. - Going into menu such as looking at star chart or opening foundry is a freeze for 2-3 secs then back to normal. - After completion, lea
  8. Just hit rank 68 with 10000/10000...... i guess thats the max?
  9. It is now every open world on any random grouping....
  10. Just put fire walker on Lavos to replace his 3... Kind of fun. Now i have fire and cold proc on vial rush without needing to imbue before hand, as i find his current 3 is a little clunky to use. I do wish that disregard whatever ability is put on him via the Helminth system, his imbue mechanics remain. Having it taken away due to a system in the game that encourage alternative build is... limiting and defeat its purpose? Also agree that perhaps an improvement of the imbue mechanics is needed... Warframe in general is a fairly fast space game, having to long press to imbue means you a
  11. Just put Fire walker on Lavos replacing his 3..... now my vial rush also have fire without needing to pre-imbue, while providing a little more CC and dealing with some armor value Just wish that even when you subsume a power to Lavos, it wont take a way its elemental imbue mechanic..... or else i would have replace his 1 instead (but toxin is too good of an element to replace compare to electric dmg......)
  12. I dont know if this is too specific but whenever there is a sortie on any of the earth tileset since 4 updates ago (since they start changing render/shader engine, specifically on open world) I would get a connection drop/host migration, and when i finally get back in, i am left with no one else, and the sortie bugged out. Surely i cant be the only one experiencing this???
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