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  1. DE can you please revisit the droprate of scintillant? In comparison farming for Wisp in the open world is far less tedious, and farming for Khora BP come just a close second....
  2. Been farming Khora bp for the pass 2 weeks, around 5-6 run every day. Not a single Khora bp yet....
  3. I dont know if this is too specific but whenever there is a sortie on any of the earth tileset since 4 updates ago (since they start changing render/shader engine, specifically on open world) I would get a connection drop/host migration, and when i finally get back in, i am left with no one else, and the sortie bugged out. Surely i cant be the only one experiencing this???
  4. What i tried so far: Protea with Breach surge replacing her 4: Combining her 1 & 2 with Breach surge makes it relatively easy to clear incoming mobs Octavia with Pillage to replace her 2: Handy for long survival Ember with Breach Surge to replace her 1: increase dps Inaros with Reave to replace his 3: Mostly for Profit taker and a faster way to replenish his health after his 4 Titania with Shooting Gallery to replace her 3: Even harder to hit... Loki with Rest and rage (night) /Radial Blind to replace his 4: Mostly QoL when running rescue to ignore mobs on the
  5. Hello! Glad i am not the only one.... Having the same issue as everyone above since the last major update (Update 29?). My guess is perhaps it got something to do with the new rendering engine they are moving to? Every time jumping into a mission would have a few sec delay/screen freeze/shutter/choppy all around, before everything is running again. Please look into this as its render any mission very unpleasant to jump into (and the occasional situation when the freeze is over, you are dead as you jump into the middle of a mission)
  6. I simply dont understand the reason why people are obsess with nuking ability, on literally every frame. Yes its fun, and yes its fulfilling when you see all those number appear all over.... But we dont need every single one of them doing it. We have the like of Saryn, Equinox or Mesa for that. I run Loki for most tile set: With invisibility and switch teleport for spy mission, laser and cameras are no concerns. Drop a decoy on the other side, switch teleport and i am there..... On any other regular mission, i can easily melee them down with dmg multiplier and no need to worry
  7. This is what i have tried so far: - Loki with Radial Blind to replace his 4: Works rather well as radial blind forced mobs to open for finishing, and invisibility makes it an almost guaranteed kill (not that it has any difficulties before) - Protea with Roar to replace her 4: Tried eclipse but since its not as reliable and only buff weapons whilst roar gives dmg buff for all aspect i kept roar - Protea with Larva to replace her 4: It works alright. The truth is since i play mostly with squad by the time you gather them up most already dead either by squad mates or her 2, so in p
  8. My bad... so it shows you the "waste" which is... already obvious? I was hoping they would improve the UI when you look through the tranq, like for example give indication of directions, rather than a beep if anything is nearby , especially since animals in the Cambion drift do wonders in the wild... Something not dissimilar to the new indicator for mining, where is the spot to mine etc...
  9. Can you be more specific about the "marker" you mentioned in the post for conservation? Cause i cant see any different, let alone a new marker showing up anywhere? Is it on the map? Is it through the lens of the tranq rifle scope?
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