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  1. Been playing Ember and testing the new mechanics of her in different tileset and open world.... While i am mostly happy with the reset, there is one major issue i have. I do agree that Ember is now much more interactive and can actually kill mobs....... I mean on low to mid level you just see things burn and turn into ashes... very satisfying.... But this bugs me the most: The fact that while Gauss is awarded for filling the meter with the use of his abilities (His 1 fill his meter, his 2 depleted his meter, but with his 2 up, he gets energy when hit, and melee attack also fills his meter while his 2 is on; his quick cast of 3 fill his meter again, and his 4 benefits from the meter when its full at all time. His meter benefits him ONLY) Ember is heavily penalize for filling up her meter by using her abilities, in the form of her energy getting drain so fast that she runs out of energy to cast any ability? and on top of that you need to use another ability (spending small amount of energy in comparison) to reduce the "over heat" of the meter, in which if not, will result in draining even more energy? That makes no sense! "Oh you can just turn it off and on..."... well turning it off means Ember is back to doing little dmg, and die after 2 shots..... so we are back to old Ember, with fancy new clothes that makes her look fancy, but she cant keep wearing it because it causes her energy, or her life...... Huh? I cant tell you how many time where i have her 2 on, casting her 3 trying to reduce the overheating in an empty room because with or without using any ability, her meter just goes up, then her energy got completely drained out, and eventually her 2 is off because she no longer have energy, and die almost right after, after 2 shots. Also her 3, is mostly used because you are using it to reduce the overheating of her meter, not for CC as its meant to be (the current mechanics set it so that instead of its proposed use, we use it so we dont get drained out of energy) This is not right. Its like Gauss is the new baby in the family that gets all the love, while the older sister gets all the blame. Shouldn't it be: Her meter is always up like Gauss, her 1 and 3 fills the meter, while her 2 deplete the meter, but gives her dmg reduction and amping up her dmg output (and maybe also gives her energy when hit, like you know, Gauss the younger brother). The initial casting of her 4 would deplete her meter, instead of energy, but the lingering fire ring on mobs will fill the meter (while costing energy, per mob; capped at 10 mobs/energy cost as it is now) and the more it spread the faster it fills the meter (the filling rate should also depends on how many mobs effected; the more effected, the faster it fills the meter back up) The higher the meter, the higher the dmg reduction is, and the higher her dmg output is; But the higher her meter, the more energy cost when she use her ability. So you are balancing having higher dmg output with higher energy cost, and managing her resources (meter and energy) instead of balancing whether you want to stay alive that will drain all your energy to a point you cant keep her 2 on, and die as soon as her 2 runs out, or you tap out of her 2, and die right away, as it stands right now..... "Then she will be OP" you may say... Well we have Saryn and Mesa in the game too..... you want to talk OP? She is a fire frame, having fire on, and over heating should be a good thing, while i understand the terminology is that you dont "overheat", draining her energy so she cant do a thing unless she turn off the fire is, defeating the point of a fire frame that is to celebrate the flame and destruction dont you think? My 2pence...
  2. Twice in a row now the Lick stole my Requiem relic.... While i understand it might have been RNG and add to the fun (some might say), but considering how many layers of RNG is build in to the Lich system, should we at least ease off with the fact that he wouldn't touch the relic, since we need the relic to get the Requiem mod that is locked behind several layer of RNG already? (not to mention testing out the arrangement of those 3 mod also require alot of grinding and testing.......) Also while most of the melee update been good, but you pretty much kill all the zaws..... in my opinion..... which kind of unfair since the zaw is suppose to let you create weapon thats tailor to your play style, and be a little bit, if not equally powerful? One more thing on Melee, a pole arm is only 1m (or whatever unit the range is referring to) further than a dagger? You cant be serious? A better way to balance it would have been more DMG for dagger to make up for the shortcoming, or being shorter, instead of making them all having similar reach/range *PS now its stealing my riven mod from sortie.......
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