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  1. The Deimos Arcana update has made the grind for damaged necramech weapon parts required for the Cortege and Morgha from somewhat reasonable into quite a long grind (to me, at least). With the added arcana vault missions, the Deimos Arcana update removes the option to rerun the tier 3 isolation vault in the same session after clearing all of them. This changes it from an initial 20-30 minute startup time to unlock all the vaults and then just spamming tier 3 isolation vault to having to spend 20-30 minutes per run just for a 5% chance to get a single part. If they want to add more weapons that
  2. TYPE: Bounty mission not progressing. DESCRIPTION: Bounty: Cleanse the Vault. Stage 2/4. "Eliminate the source of the mist" Bonus: don't lose more than 2 emitters. After putting an emitter into a fissure, enemies are killed as usual. However, after all relevant enemies are killed and the red mission circle goes away, "Fissure reopens in:" timer continues counting down and does not let us grab another emitter. When the timer finally hits zero, we can grab another emitter but there is no progress on the first fissure and attempting the same or different fissure results in the same outcome,
  3. TYPE: Deimos world viewing/rendering issue. DESCRIPTION: There is a section underneath the Mother outside of world spawn where it thinks you're in a cave (doesn't let you use archwing) when you're outside and just under some tendril arches. There is a flat square in the rock and another one above it that cuts off some of the arches and you just see the sky. I am using the enhanced graphics beta and I think I am also using DX12 settings from launcher. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Just enter Deimos and go to that spot. Its right outside the entrance and down the cliff
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