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  1. OMG - A DUNGEON KEEPER reference?? How cool is that?? I owned and love that classic!!
  2. --SD--

    Hotfix 8.3

  3. --SD--

    8.0.5: It's Getting Hot(Fix) In Here

    Happy Happy Joy Joy
  4. --SD--

    Update 8: Rise Of The Warlords

  5. --SD--

    Update 7.10.0: Weekend Extermination Event!

    This was my first such event. Now if I can only get Frost Prime BPs and stuff...
  6. --SD--

    Update 7.10.0: Weekend Extermination Event!

    Let's get to FRAGGIN', tenno(s)...
  7. --SD--

    Update 7.9.0: The Glaive

    There is a bug just found. Ramped down the stairs and ended up outside the MAP entirely while carrying PAYLOAD in hand. That was something. Managed to get back into the map just by jumping into blackness and seeing where I fall. All else rockin and rollin!