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  1. Ivara navigator's projectile life freezing ability is still broken, staticor shoots disappear within seconds T_T
  2. When using a redeemer gunblade that strikes on the first tap before the charged shot with high noon, getting fired at by enemies causes the auto block to constantly prevent the charged shot from triggering almost all the time if you attempt to hold melee attack.
  3. Switching to operator and back while ivara is in prowl deactivates the invisiblity while prowl is still active, draining energy and attackable by enemies upon returning back into ivara. Navigator : projectiles taken over by ivara are no longer prevented from expiring like normal. Staticor shots which could be controlled for miles now expire within seconds as if not controlled at all. Please fix the script issue T_T.
  4. So Scyto Raknoid completly ignores invisibility of any kind, as in the ai straight out ignores it. And I can't figure out for the love of me which one it is, but one of the two alert raknoid has a attack that seems to have no visible animation that magically insta kills everything in a radius, my friend was using revenant and he just died, trough several stacks of mesmer skin for some reason. It can't even be the charge beam after the teleport from kyta because it would be reflected. Even when standing next to an ancient healer eximus, it just straight out MELTS and your down on the ground in the same moment. No explosions, no attack animations. just BAM, hit ui animation and dead. Really ruins the fun of trying to rack up alert notority outside of buildings.
  5. Fylas

    k-drive preview

    Could you please add the ability to rotate the board on the other axis too? the lighting in the vent kid base is not exactly optimal and some of the parts final looks are hard to see because the board isn't exactly diagonal most of the time when driving it. >_<'
  6. *reads whiteboard* * gets excited* *sees picture of literal white board* awhhh Q_Q I was hoping this was about new k-drive parts and mods T_T cause snowboarding :< ;_; I love the idea of having more combinations possible and fancy mods to get even faastuurr~ OwO!!!
  7. thanks to the new melee thing you can switch out of hysteria , while the weapon is not selected your no longer invincible even though it is still active, and still drains your energy. UNFORTUNATELY when you capture a target for whatever reason it switches you out of the hysteria claws, making you vunerable while absorbing the target. Okay those hysteria bugs are really starting to piss me off, first the infinite damage on disable stack and now this. I'm not gonna rant anymore then this but it's really starting to feel like valkyr just keeps getting kicked down one way or another all the time.
  8. Fylas

    Helminth cysts

    100 % no relevance to the topic >_> .... ever thought that for some people that cyst might tick of soooooo many checkmarks of what they find repulsive that they just can't ignore it and even the short trip to the removing seat is a trial unto itself? yes when it comes to the cyst I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOOOO CHILL!! Q_Q
  9. When sleeping a group of wild condrocs, all except one fall trough the ground and despawn....
  10. Fylas

    Helminth cysts

    I don't need anymore quadruped mengeles in my pet library, I just hate those damn cysts. Q_Q
  11. hey @[DE]Bear is this a bug or supposed to be a actual feature? :o
  12. Fylas

    Helminth cysts

    I prefer change over apathy. Heck I've been trying to exploit the door in hopes on aslong as it's there I can use the chair...
  13. Fylas

    Helminth cysts

    PLEASE!! please please for the LOVE of god. let me enter the room and remove the cyst the moment a frame gets infected instead of waiting 7 days. It's near impossible to use the infected frame after like 8 hours of infection because the god damn thing is so utterly repulsive. I nearly throw up everytime I have to do the walk of shame with that mushroom pimple sticking on the neck of my frame to the chamber for removal at the nightmare dentist chair. Q_Q I just can't take it anymore T_T
  14. half the frames in framefighter can't activate their ability ;_;
  15. but it is no longer supported... maybe we should all just switch to vista..... 32 bit ver *gets shot by cephalon shy* NOT THE NOT AKVASTO'S PRIME!!!
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