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  1. Ivara navigator's projectile life freezing ability is still broken, staticor shoots disappear within seconds T_T
  2. When using a redeemer gunblade that strikes on the first tap before the charged shot with high noon, getting fired at by enemies causes the auto block to constantly prevent the charged shot from triggering almost all the time if you attempt to hold melee attack.
  3. *reads whiteboard* * gets excited* *sees picture of literal white board* awhhh Q_Q I was hoping this was about new k-drive parts and mods T_T cause snowboarding :< ;_; I love the idea of having more combinations possible and fancy mods to get even faastuurr~ OwO!!!
  4. half the frames in framefighter can't activate their ability ;_;
  5. but it is no longer supported... maybe we should all just switch to vista..... 32 bit ver *gets shot by cephalon shy* NOT THE NOT AKVASTO'S PRIME!!!
  6. my friend once wrote as a joke "nezha is a trapframe" and got chat banned for it, and hadn't been able to use chat for over a month, is that ever gonna get fixed? :O
  7. Did the trick multiplier gain get reduced from 3 to 2 per trick? O_O`??
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