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  1. I never found out their ages but it was very cute to overhear this older couple chatting while they played. I could tell they were older just by the way they talked and words and phrases they said but it was pretty adorable.
  2. It was pretty bad form when you consider how people probably held back just incase they offered something new and not bring it back into the cycle again lol
  3. don't buy the "Realistically...blah blah fire melts" since they changed Saryn's viral to corrosive, didn't they? I agree though, I think it's also just another example of them running out of ideas.
  4. Introduce bows you can craft that have their own mods. You can add damage to the bows through the arrows and make them have whatever quirk like a tesla ish effect, poison cloud. It would steal away from bows that already have it but if you made it so mastering particular bows unlocks their arrow/quirk for all of them to be used, even if you ditch the bow afterwards it would introduce a level of collect ability to it that is only hampered by how you could lose access to the prime versions once they're cycled out but it was something I thought about when customizing an arrow many moons ago. Can also introduce a level of vanity to if if there are some bows that offer no real bonus but have a cool looking effect attached to it when fired.
  5. Reviving people is awful. Movement is awful overall, I use an archwing's power as a way to stop in motion because that's the only way I know how to. All the confined spaces in archwing missions.How leveling archwings and their weapons felt like a horrible horrible grind. No real direction, it feels like the only way this will go anywhere is if they have someone who has a vision and goes with it. You can get attack from ANY direction that's the problem with the combat for me. When you're out of an archwing mission you can get your cover if you need it and know where an attack can come from but in archwing? You can find cover but there's just too many openings to account for and with all the enemies, you can't blame people when they downed a lot. What would I do? Give Archwings suped up sentinels that can do things that revive nearby players for you or offer some sort of defensive capability to make things manageable since warframe likes to have you go get some upgrade rather than change things. Maybe make it so to revive someone you need to point your gun at them and shoot? Still, that doesn't really help so much since stopping in archwing isn't a good idea unless you can go invisible. I honestly think it is unsalvageable for all the bad will they allowed it to attract from not touching it.
  6. I no longer sign in to do my syndicate mission runs and I tried farming the new frame for a hot minute and was just like "Eh" and quit. I'm skipping this round of primes as none of them interested me personally. I think I'm at the point where I'll check out from this game for a while as I was randomly putting forma in a weapon and had to ask myself why. I think I'm one of the exceptions as I had every weapon that came up until now and just began to notice the overall pattern and lost interest. I kind want a reason to play and so far they haven't given me one. Not hating on the game but I think I'm ready to move on and see about coming back if anything worthwhile happens.
  7. How often is the kohm used? I have a good riven for it and it goes untouched and I've never seen anyone using the kohm other than myself.
  8. Pretty underwhelming but I was also expecting it to be some boss thing since it just appeared without any explanation unless I missed something.
  9. Only reason I soured on nightwave it just feels like busy work and it makes me not play the game like I used to. So yup, miss ignoring alerts 90% of the time.
  10. I'd prefer rivens be an investment than a lottery ticket. IE, using kuva to lock in the stats you want and using kuva to boost them. None of this disposition changing nonsense either, I don't invest time in them anymore because of that, it's not worth feeling completely gutted if your favorite riven bites the dust, even if it does so slowly. I have a pretty solid riven for the Kohm with 100% status that has yet to take a hit, I'm assuming because they're rare and I don't see many people using the weapon anyway. If that gets ruined I'm just going to think even less of the game than I do these days. They put out rivens for a specific purpose but it didn't do much to help that and kept them in the game seeing how much plat is being thrown around and now it's time to live with it. Don't mess around with the stats, allow people to lock stats in and boost them and at least you'll limit the burnout because you have a system in place now where you can throw all this kuva at a weapon and get absolutely nothing in return and that used to be demoralizing until I just took myself out of the riven game. Of course if you could lock in stats you're going to see pretty much the same stats being sought after but it's not like people aren't striving for those already, they're just competing with the randomness of it all.
  11. I liked it and the potential at first but eventually it just got old for me and turned me against the game as whole as of late or was just one more thing on top of the problems going on at the moment.
  12. During Rescue missions where the rescue target either doesn't follow you and you have to leave them behind so sometimes they just die or where the missions just refuses to acknowledge you have freed the target. With the latter, if you're lucky the rescue target follows you all the way to the exit and you just have to wait for it to eventually kick in or you have the unfortunate luck of the map not opening up to get to the end of the level so you have to babysit during the way before you can get anywhere. Also the bug where not enough enemies spawn when you need to kill everything--usually happens on lua or uranus
  13. I don't get it personally. Great in an open environment but I just don't touch the open world unless I'm forced to. Feel bad for volt kind of but I'll have to play that frame and see. Looks/sounds cool though. Maybe the frame just works out in crowded maps so who knows. Some of the new frames just looks like they could have had bits and pieces stripped from them to rework others that have similar abilities.
  14. I think it has to do with them just have no idea what to do themselves. Look at the rewards we have been getting lately, they're a bit all over the place or just end up being things no one really needs or would use because it feels like they aren't playing their own game sometimes. It's the same thing that has been going on with prime mods, they had an idea of how to do a few of them then as things went along there was a big "uh oh" and we go all those very niche or worthless prime mods after a while. Look at what they had to offer for your vitus essence from arbitrations O.o.
  15. I don't, aside from the burnout risks from kuva grinding, I have zero attachment to rivens now since all your hard work can go up in flames. They should just turn them into an investment where kuva switches stats then bumps them up or something because I just see no point in rolling for nice stats that can all amount to nothing on a whim.
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