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  1. It's something for you to do/grind for and that's it. That's their main concern.
  2. At the rate DE is going, it would be better if they never touch loki lol. I think his decoy could be given something to make it a lot more useable, like how the conclave one could shoot at opponents like a turret and deal serious if not fatal damage until they changed it or I think they did, haven't touched conclave since. I wish his invisibility was given something extra since they just gave it to everyone.. via transference. I mean they also get the benefit of being invincible during to too.
  3. Defend the area bugs out. The other that is not so much a bug as it's something that takes FOREVER a lot of the time and doesn't feel like it's supposed to be this way is the one with the corpus guy and you need to get enemies to drop the whatever to do whatever blah blah blah. Sometimes enemies refused to spawn for others. I was just so surprised by how this game really doesn't want me to play it when I encountered them and and I eventually took the hint and jumped back on something else.
  4. Yup, got to play the same bounties, hope the defense one decides not to break and repeat lol.
  5. I found to it to an unnecessary, overbearing even for an aspect of the game ( companions ) I find very lacking to begin with. From how they work, to leveling them up. It made them look very desperate imo to have people stick around a little longer, especially when at the time the only thing you could get from maxing out that syndicate was a fish statue. Just one example among many of "Why am I playing this?" only instead of soldiering on I turn warframe off and I find better things to play these days.
  6. The son tokens were the biggest thing for me. I think it was foolish to release.. was it 6? New pets altogether and on top of them not being anything special imo aside from the three that can revive themselves, the addition.. 10 son tokens required to gild them was just so over the top that I didn't do it. Learning that after I got a free booster and thought about spending some time with warframe one day is what did it for it and really detached me from the game. Only thing I've been doing lately is signing in to destroy a warframe to gain its power and free up space while I actually play othe
  7. It was a long time coming. You can't help but think back before people even dreamed of MR 30 where people were wondering what mastery was going to be about and now that it's here, it was bound to disappoint because they didn't put much thought into this day either. It's a very "What is this all for?" moment for some people.
  8. All I'd want is giive his minions a unified healthbar to better keep watch of them if I'm using shield of shadows, maybe buff terrify and do something with soul punch. I wish warframes that could create minions had viable mods solely for the purpose of powering up shadows/enslaved enemies in a general sense but with how long the game has been out and nothing except a few augmets I don't see that happening unfortunately.
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