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  1. I don't know if Warframe can handle it but I can't handle it anymore. At least in random groups it's too clunky of a mess to get through and I'm talking about waiting for people and so on ( at least in an unorganized group ) I'd rather do missions with others that are lot easier to be in and out of and thus, I've done railjack solo ever since the update and because of a lack of high level map where you can just shoot down ships and don't have to do any of the objectives unless it was moved around. Railjack just became a nuisance to do with other players to me.
  2. Umbra frames to me would be dumb, it's unfortunate that they will become a thing. Umbra mods? Sure, whatever. Variants of the same frame don't do anything for when it should have just been a way to give excalibur users an upgrade since they will never be able to get excalibur prime.
  3. It wouldn't be as big of a nuisance if the boss was a straight forward fight with no breaks. I can tolerate that kind of grind a lot more if there is no delay or sequences you have to yawn through that makes it feel like even more of a drag.
  4. Yeah, it's silly lol. I mean, what else is there to say about it?
  5. I think the complaints would be less if the free reward coinciding with it wasn't so lame lol. I didn't do the alerts because I personally didn't feel it was even worth my time.
  6. How about I rarely can jump into someone playing the missions at all? On PS4 at least lol. It really is just archwing all over again since they took to long to add the changes and people gave up on it or finished it up and never returned.
  7. I think one of the many offensive things was having to forma the weapons so many times for mastery as an artificial way of extending the length of the content could go even further. Making it so any nerfs in the future would be complete BS and you would deserve 5 built forma and so on for what you wasted on a weapon since they insisted on making it so you couldn't just max it once and ditch it.
  8. At this point there is nothing they can do to improve it. Any changes would cause a lot of trouble for people who invested plat, more trouble than dispositions already cause which completely took me out of it. I'm not going to grind for something that can be changed on a whim lol especially with so little positive return considering how many times I rolled things when I bothered with the system. What makes it worse is if a weapon you have a riven for gets primed and you can't even be excited about it because of a different disposition and if your favorite is in a good spot, you nev
  9. You focus on a new grind until you max it out or confront a grind you're real meh about ( for me it was kuva weapons for a while and then intrensics ) and let it go and either get down on the game or accept it.
  10. I don't think it is all people just wanting to bail on a run. It's just so glitchy. I've had instances where I can't use my mech's weapon and just stick around because the others are doing a good enough job and I just use the operator to shoot the marked.. whatever they are. Can't blame people for leaving though if that happened to them in the middle of the mission. I've also had instances where I can't get into my mech, only the ones laying around that pale in comparison compared to what I got.
  11. How it was released coupled with the embarrassing place it was left, you shouldn't have any hope for it. Considering it was all the same thing from start to finish, that was a terrible way to release it. Any future content they release after leaving it is as is for so long will immediately be a stale unless they pull something out of nowhere and the odds of that happening aren't good.
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