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  1. I think it's funny they weren't considering all the problems associated with the multiplayer aspect of all this before the rushed release. Void Hole is the only thing that matters and trivializes the mode so I won't be spending plat to get it just to get nerfed and that's really the only thing I "need" for a mode they could outright cancel and pull from the game and I wouldn't think twice about it. I have more good luck than bad in pubs but I did start to notice people who kind of just sit in the ship and let you do all the work. Lately when I play (if I ever play at ll these days ) I'll only jump into railjack if I got a resource booster and laugh when I see how many instrinsics it's going to take to master the only tree that mattered to me at first because I know I'm never going to master all those things. Hopefully they remove the mastery associated with it but it's not like they're doing much with master anyways.
  2. So archwing 2.0 ( rail jack ) to archwing 3.0 where they try to make it better a third time with fighters? Not hating on the idea just got to understand where you are with it at this point. Just makes it already more convoluted.
  3. It would be so niche that you wouldn't have enough players though, right? It wouldn't make much sense to me to invest in anything like that. It's not something a new player can just jump into, first they'd have to unlock archwing and before they could ever use their own railjack they would have to grind for the railjack after that. That's without going into how glitchy railjack is and can be.
  4. They're pointless, unnecessary busywork. Especially annoying if you a have a challenge that's a real nuisance and you riven you get from it is for a garbage weapon. There's a lot of nonsense going on with rivens including the mr that can limit who you sell them to.The whole thing needs to be redone and it's a failure except they won't be touched because it makes them money. They shouldn't be something that need to have their stats changed every so often and I don't invest in them anymore for that reason after seeing my favorites get nerfed.
  5. I would be perfectly happy going back to alerts at this point if they can't be consistent about it. I would be better off for them too since all those systems would be on autopilot and they can just focus on delivering the worthwhile rewards this time around. It's just another example of the trap they fall into. Same with primed mods, they probably had an idea for 3 - 4 but once they got beyond that they started sweating.
  6. I agree, only reason I do is because there's still a huge time/reward issue. Still no reason to really convert either.
  7. The system to be improved. The process of getting the weapon still takes away from the overall relief to finally have it and the problem with requiring 5 forma to attain the mastery leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Weapons I kind of liked using end up collecting dust because after you grind them if you just want to get the mastery out of the way, you're kind of sick of the weapon ( at least I was ) and weapons you just absolutely despise requiring that much in resources from you leaves a real bad taste in my mouth. If it was a one time thing and they abandoned this idea I'd be fine with it but if it extends towards other factions, I'd personally dread having to level a "kuva" spectra type weapon 5 times. I just find it to be extra padding and it also takes away any relief of finally getting the weapon you want/need. "Great I got it! Now instead of being able to level it to 30 and tossing/putting it away and never looking back, I have to level it again and again... and again"
  8. Not bothering with the fusing thing. Soon as I get all the weapons I'm pretty much done with this and will dump on the system should they do it with another faction in the hopes they learn from their mistakes.
  9. I'd expect people to get 5 forma back for it and nothing less seeing as they've decided to up the grind and require you forma it that many times to get the mastery for it, otherwise they should be called out on it if that does indeed happen.
  10. I think the changes sound great but I think a lot of damage was already done. I stopped doing everything but signing in for the login bonus, I'll probably get out of that habit too but I'm a bit disillusioned when it comes to this game now. I think it was a huge mistake for the whole Lich thing to happen and then the problems with railjack shortly after that because I lost my drive to play. Don't know if other people are going through the same thing or if it's just me. Last thing bothering me about kuva weapons is the mastery. You have to put so much forma into a weapon you might not even like to add to a needless grind that I rolled my eyes and it just helped me move onto new games. Just feels weird to have someone pour so much resources into something they might despise before they can drop it completely.
  11. I would have preferred kitguns were like this considering how ugly they are, at least these can alter the look of a frame. Would have been great to have things like extra non required vanity parts that could customize the look/energy effect of shots. A real time sink goldmine but they'd just rather you settle for ugly looking guns you can't buy skins for--unless they finally changed that. Now though? Do you really want another free roam? If that's your thing then that's fine but me? I'm tired of the same ol' same ol'. New map, new resource.... climbing up the ranks of another syndicate the players abandon and then DE abandons. A sentient map could have worked before kuva lich/railjack but I think the "vets" are kind of tired of all that. Things like kitguns/zaws could be saved for me if you could switch them around as you please to make a weapon on the fly. It would be super fun to have all these parts you could swap in and out without any penalty for whatever mission type better suits it and looking forward to unlocking new parts to add to your collection that they release. Only problem is in my fantasy you only had to buy them once and takes away from the kind of grind DE is chasing. Would work exceptionally well with the robot pets. It also makes any kind of nerfs a lot easier to handle you could swap the parts around rather than have a useless gun that forces you to grind for more parts and leveling them all over again in a very unhealthy loop that makes you abandon the content if you already have the mastery.
  12. It's funny how the system doesn't make sense within itself really, that's what surprised me the most about its release. Like failing an encounter punishes you but success is random unless you get a hint that just happens to be correct for your first try but you'll often have your lich appear when you have nothing to go off of. Logically, you should avoid the fight, right? Except they didn't include a system to fend it off or escape it outside of fleeing so you can't tell what the right thing to do is other than punishing yourself when you know you're likely going to fail to not fault of your own. In any event, this is kind of what woke me up to the game a bit and made me stop playing as often as I have up until this point, with railjack making me take break outside of signing in and out for the login bonus. I wouldn't have been so bitter about if they took the randomness out of weapons and didn't include the worthless bandaid of being able to trade your lich instead of weapons. All I wanted was a Kuva Kohm but after 3 weapon dupes I just stopped with the Lich farming, couldn't take it anymore.
  13. They should lessen the grind for the content that has been out for a while now and do the same with others after a considerable amount of time has passed but that's just me. Especially with anything tied to content that is pretty.. dead lol. I mean, you still have to farm for the regular messa with messa prime out and about to my knowledge? There's no value is gating it off and they should make it a permanent node you don't need to farm to open up like they did Vay Hek for the Hydroid farming.
  14. It's because there are a lot of hurdles to make the mode a nuisance. First people have to have access to archwing which slims the pool down, you then lose all the people who signed back into warframe from the excitement and saw the wait time to make their own railjack and bailed compared to those that stuck around and just jumped into the mode without their own railjack. You then have the auto scrap mechanic that makes grinding it pretty annoying since you just can't do mission after mission, you have to stop every so often to sort through your materials and scrab what is useless so it's not surprising. Not to mention every mission being the same and all..
  15. I'm confused by the time gate/resource hurdle they added to railjack for new players, it doesn't make any real sense. It significantly lowers the pool of people for railjack making it harder to jump into random matches and you also have to have gotten archwing and that's quite the time investment just to get into railjack to begin with and my question was really, why? Isn't it odd to release this kind of update and advertise it but if you haven't been following the game or ever played it, you jump in and you can't even access it. Warframe really has become the kind of game I can't recommend with all the stuff you can do unless you're young and have the time to treat it like a job from the grinding that goes on.
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