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  1. Hello dear Tenno. The clan {Domestic Crocodiles} decided to join this costest as an oportunity to share our beloved dojo with the comunity. Clan name : Domestic Crocodiles Tier : Storm Clan Platform : PC My rank : Founding Warlord* (*Steve Irwin as we have it called) Pictures post : https://imgur.com/a/V2w7Nm7 Thank you WitherAway17 for uploading and creating the post. Special thanks to LocDog9 for recording and uploading the video. I would like to thank to all members contributing to the decorations I placed. Mentions : Shinsei, Zemosu , Heidi.E.S.Ingvalt , Miszon77 , digdug34 and others. Togheter with this oportunity we would also like to kindly invite anybody interested in joining our clan. We have everything researched, offer good support to newcomers and accept all mastery rank players. Best of luck to any of you with this contest !
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