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  1. What about Glaive-lite weapons (sledge/sigma octantis)? What about the nerfs that glaives received to heavy attack damage? Modding with Amalgam Organ Shatter and Killing Blow feel silly if I don't want to do the explosion build but still want to heavy attack. Will the press E to activate stuff apply to heavy attacks as well?
  2. The short answer is that you really shouldn't have bothered making this post if you weren't willing to do a real change. The void status proc didn't need to be so complicated just make it always headshot. As is its not a benefit to anyone and you making it a 50/50 doesn't reward anybody. Good shots get headshots they already were getting which is fine but bad shots get punished with the same issue we already have now that they can't headshot if they messed up the first shot. Recasting on grasp of lohk doesn't need seperate duration timers, just let it refresh the duration of the whole thing. Y
  3. You just made it borderline impossible to kill anything with it. No more caps DE this is bullsh1t. Blaming it on the players is a cowards move as well.
  4. Talking about different things. Seraphin is correct in that adding damage of a different type will increase the likelihood of getting a different proc. The wiki is talking about the fact that it is not a damage type converting ability and doesn't mention status at all.
  5. Added affect that if you get disarmed by a enemy that you can zoop it back XD
  6. Removing centralized casting is what you mean? Or did you mean fire *rate which is cast speed basically? Or are you talking about the range which the weapons target stuff at. Last one seems most likely.
  7. The passive: I don't like the passive being overwritten. It is basically designed to not exist if you are using the ult effectively and with the changes designed to encourage keeping it on rather than flipping it on and off for the damage and slow it deals I think the passive is now bad enough to be worth complaining about. This is one of those small but annoying things that would bother everyone all the way up tell xaku gets their second rework in the year 2025 or something. Right now how the passive interacts with the 4 and other dodge related mods isn't very understandable. To fix the
  8. I had a forma already installed on the weapon and I came back to only having 2 polarities installed, the base V polarity and the extra V I installed myself so the base dash polarity is missing. I have negative 2 mod capacity now XD.
  9. Thats only true if the community didn't agree with the choice after testing. Which they probably won't yeah. Thus we have come full circle to this being a terrible choice.
  10. Hey it would still be a bad idea to do it, but at least they would have given us the actual chance to test it and be ignored rather than to be ignored before we even have a chance to pretend to be involved. If you are suprised that gaz would be honest with his opinion if the end result doesn't change then I don't know what to tell you.
  11. I don't care about this. You guys wanted to make this end game players only and I think it was silly to come in with that mentality considering how much players are hyping themselves for this at all levels. It will however make newer players confused and complain about the costs so either way it seems like you guys are in for a good amount of complaining so in the end I wish you had stuck to your guns and gone with whatever you had decided. Nerfing abilities based on "feedback" when what you meant was "speculation" that was probably not intended to guide you toward the decision to nerf i
  12. I think my irritation at the thought of more newbie rhinos might be in the way of me giving this suggestion a fair chance.... so that's a no plz.
  13. Your changes to contagion are pretty boring. What you're saying is turn it into a player centered aoe damage ability?
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