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  1. I think it is related to the halikar wraith disarming alcolytes.
  2. This is why they don't let everybody off the streets get a say in design. You honestly need to work on your reading comprehension and your ability to hold a genuine view point. My response to everything you bothered to write is one of three things: "No U", "learn to read, then reread my comment" and "you know nothing". Apply them in whatever order or place you like. Completely done speaking with you and I accept your request to leave this pointless topic so it can fade off the forums like it deserves. If this were reddit you would have already been down voted out of existence lol. I certainly
  3. He did address this. Said it was too complicated and adds menu clutter. I personally think the extra clutter worth it if its such a issue and have been a big fan of all the smaller options that have been added such as the entire hold to cast section but thats just me.
  4. Do you want a cookie? You won't acknowledge the niche appeal of this whole subject and have gone about it with the entire lack of concern required for avoiding sabotage of everyone else's enjoyment. At this point you are victimizing yourself so hard with every comment being made that doesn't agree with you that its laughable. I am more than capable and willing to justify anything I damn well please. I constantly discuss this games design but the premise has to reach a stay within a minimum threshold level of absurdity. I gave you a chance to explain the issue and read your support of e
  5. I empathize with your aggressive lack of concern for others, or at least what he says it is you are doing. Basically if you don't agree his problem is worth making changes to fix then you are a borderline heartless person lol.
  6. This dude thinks its a good idea to make every player do a backflip to toggle on speed every time its cast rather than have him toggle it off when hes the one with the problem. He keeps talking about empathy while trying to screw the ability for people who like it. For a constructive feedback bit why not just have a toggle option in a menu somewhere that flips the opt out to a opt in on backflip so at least its not forced on players or better yet just let the opt out come with a minute long timer or so to prevent reapplication so you can choose to accept the buff later in the mission if y
  7. You've spent this whole post pretending to misunderstand peoples view points. Speed isnt disruptive. People claim it is because they somehow cant control being faster slightly. I don't make any pretense at this point, yes I dismiss your concerns, not because your concerns are not listened to but because you think the solution is to make it my problem rather than yours. I noticed the irony of pointing out a lack of skill but in this case as I pointed out, its literally because people are unskilled at operating at even slightly above normal tempo, and its not particularly insulting to say that y
  8. Sorry but no it isnt a downside on rolling guard. rolling as a animation basically has no effect on rolling guard the mod. however if you make rolling the cancel you basically make volt players unable to roll. But just make the casting volt unable to roll out of it? thats how we get spaghetti code lol but fine do it. This whole argument is silly anyway. It basically comes down to people saying "this buff effects how good i am at the game" in which case this is one of the rare times were a "geht guhd" argument applies. 8.5/10 people are on board when they get a speed buff and 9/10 statisti
  9. Was using ivara and acomplishing some scans and finishers for a riven i was doing and suddenly had a akvasto equipped instead of my zakti
  10. It was before and no longer is. This has prevented the single best part of her rework (hovering dance emotes) from working.
  11. Lol ok. Use bad numbers for fun. Call it "my problem" all you like. You seem like one of those people that have to touch the burner to see if its on. If something changes with the mod in the future we can care about it when it actually happens.
  12. Don't play semantics about it. The mod is clearly bad and he's expressing his feelings on that. The mod is a noob trap for any weapon that doesn't have forced procs. Where it competes with hunter munitions (non shotgun primaries only) it would need to reach more than 45% base status chance and be 100% impact base damage for any weapon over the 2.5fr bonus effect to compete against hunter munitions on any weapon capable of reaching 100% crit chance instead. This math is done with the consideration of running two dual stat mods to get viral 120% and status 120% and no other status mods sinc
  13. I saw the buff and the only thing I said was "oh cool a vectis prime buff" cause thats literally all it is.
  14. Their need to avoid xaku becoming a weaker ember is making them push buffs into strange areas when they really need to rethink the role they want xaku to perform. If its not supposed to be room clear then let us buff the damage with abilities so we can make it extra strong supplemental single target damage, and for god sakes give deny like 10 buffs. They should have Toei Animation calling for copyright infringement after they get done with it (creators of dragon ball z if you where gonna be too lazy to look it up XD) I wish it provided a stacking on kill buff to all powers so you could he
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