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  1. well that's unfortunate. guess ima go see where else i can throw this...
  2. so i finally got the tatsu and started using it cuz of its sweet skin from the radio and overall it's pretty solid. however, when doing a ground finisher it seems to align your warframe like 45 degrees off to its left and so usually misses said enemy (on account of the small hitbox). testing with a few other weapon types didn't show the same thing happening so i assume it's tatsu/2h nikana/wise razor specific. so, uh, is this a known bug? if not, send help! if so...woops. ps: seismic slam (200% inc slam damage mod) doesn't seem to work at all or at least it didn't seem to work on the tatsu or gram prime.
  3. make it so like holding alt fire (channel button) with melee out will switch which melee weapon she's using. this kind of mechanic would also open up the possibility of properly two stance melee weapons like the dark split-sword was supposed to be. so, uh, thoughts?
  4. Sol Gate left click damage ramp up only ramps up while the beam remains on an enemy and resets once it moves off of said enemy. it also doesn't seem to increase the energy cost over time while ramping up but rather increases it by a flat amount once you start holding left click.
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