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  1. i just got to host a bounty for once so i could confirm that hosts retain necramech experience BUT every time i have used my necramech as a client it does not retain said experience (even after the .6 hotfix).
  2. that is not my argument. my argument is that these abilities are not just crowd control. they are disposable minions, an extension of your power. they are meant to fight for you until they die or the ability runs out. they can't do that if they are immediately murdered by other tenno or if they can't even deal with their previous comrades. and yet other abilities meant exclusively for CC have no such limits as the lost: gaze or enthrall. they can be recast, they can affect any number of enemies (barring nekros' terrify which is a weird one tho it's hard as hell to reach his cap anyway)
  3. it's true that grineer are worse but it still does apply to corpus and infested. by the time they could kill each other tenno could have killed them and others many times over. it makes such abilities fairly pointless and relegated to being solely crowd control abilities which generally have much better ways and far less limits in other abilities than conversion abilities. the armor isn't so much the problem as the scaling. as for crowd control, like i mentioned: they're not crowd control abilities. if they were, they wouldn't have such strict limits. hell, melee is better crowd contro
  4. i'm not super sure about their scaling, haven't really tested either of them. mostly mentioned xaku cuz they can also convert enemies in a similar fashion to revenant. well, even if they got exactly our mods they wouldn't do crazy damage but they would do damage rather than the effectively-nothing they've got going now. it might be possible to do that but they could also just give enemies a specific "converted" damage value to use when acting on tenno's behalf so they just do way more damage to match our own weaponry.
  5. wot? i mention him right at the start and a few times throughout.
  6. so yaknow how revenant, nekros, nyx, and now xaku can make enemies turn into allies? there's some problems with this as it currently exists. the first problem is that enemy damage dealt is scaled for players being hit while the damage they are designed to receive is far greater. the result of this is that an enemy turned into an ally will, at best, simply act as a distraction for a little bit before they go back to murdering you. this doesn't feel very good (especially on nekros and revenant whose kits are basically designed around it) so i would propose a change to these abilities.
  7. for example, archwing. guns can be used in missions but melee is still AW mission only. i think that necramechs are a great opportunity to employ both archwing weapon types into base game content... however, necramechs are currently only available for use on deimos. i think that DE could very easily implement archwing firearms as something you can equip to necramechs in non-0g environments. similarly, archmelee could be incorporated fairly easily as they're big and bulky mechthings and as such they don't need fancy stances like warframes do. so, create a basic melee animation for necramechs an
  8. in case it's not clear what i mean: when mining, sometimes you will see a thin extra node which maxes out that spot's ore value and gives you an extra gem. i think that when these show up in an ore node it should give the region's rare ore first then a gem on subsequent bonus nodes. so hesperon for the vallis and thaumica for deimos annnnd i cannot rightly remember what the plains one is. so, uh, thoughts?
  9. any chance of addressing thaumica rarity? i spent a few hours yesterday mining and only found 4 or 5 nodes with it... i have way more of everything else including the rare gems as far as actually getting the drops are concerned
  10. equipping Exodia Brave on a scythe zaw then using its heavy attack on a high level enemy is the easiest way to demonstrate this.
  11. crap. hope it saved that last run's stuff, got an argon i needed finally :< edit: woot! it did. also got the crafting of the thing started so now i can go to sleep. and hopefully wake up in like 6 hours so i dont screw up my sleep pattern too much.
  12. i have no idea what the F*** this is but it made me laugh harder than anything i've seen all day XD
  13. just getting literal here, but the latest introduction will be given by a player from closed beta just before warframe's death.
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