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  1. amalgam organ shatter simply doesn't show up in the modding menu for the shadow claws.
  2. so like, impact. kinda useful, can stagger some dudes and maybe open them to finishers...but you can do that with any melee weapon to greater effect by slamming the ground. puncture! also kindof useful, can reduce enemy damage output... you can also do that with any melee weapon by slamming the ground reducing their damage to 0 while they flop around on the floor or float away or whatever. not really a good thing when an entire mechanic can be made totally irrelevant by the existence of another mechanic. personally? i'd prefer buffs to nerfs so bringing up other status effects to around the same level as slash would be great. granted, the relatively recent viral/heat/toxin/corrosive rework was good for those four so they're probably fine right now... that said, magnetic, gas, and blast (and to a certain extent, radiation, though that's more of an issue with enemy damage/health scaling) are also in a fairly bad spot when compared to the other status effects. magnetic is probably the easiest to buff without making it broken: allow the proc to disable certain enemy skills, like how the proc can remove all of a warframe's energy and thus leave them without their abilities. so like, heavy gunner aoe slam? gone. corpus gunner's drone spawn? gone. infested goo moa shenanigans? GONE. this change would make the proc functionally useful outside of simply stripping away shields so players could make effective use of it against non-corpus entities. (maybe let this one re-enable status effects on enemies which normally are unaffected by them like liches/sentients?) blast would be pretty easy, too. make it deal a small portion of your weapon's damage in a small radius around the point of impact with some gnarly falloff. additionally, have blast procs interact with explosive weaponry differently than other weapon types, increasing their radius when a hit procs blast. (this one would be trickier to implement but would feel so damn good on explosive weapons) gas should be reworked cuz, yaknow, whatever its backend shenanigans are it ain't workin great. maybe have gas function the same way as the proposed blast, aka like the torid fart clouds of death but smaller? not really sure what DE even wants gas to do so it's hard to make suggestions for it. impact and puncture are a little bit more difficult... it might be easier to simply buff them, but i think the best solution would be to change impact, puncture, and slash all at once. in this idea, all three should be able to inflict the same physical DoT effect but have differing effects for how said dot deals damage. in impact's case, the damage should be based on the damage dealt rather than the damage of the weapon, as well it should force a tick of the dot(s)s to pass with bonus damage against shields (like 3x or whatever). in puncture's case, it should work similarly to how bleed procs currently work in that the damage is based on the damage of the weapon rather than the damage the weapon dealt (thus making puncture-bleeds effective against armor instead of slash). and in slash's case, it should base its damage the same way as impact as well as increasing the damage of all bleed-dots for every slash proc on an enemy (death by a thousand cuts!). with this kind of trifecta, all three would be desirable for different purposes without needing to remove the current effect the procs have and would let people use melee weapons other than the ones that currently have assured slash procs. this would also make a bunch of assured impact/puncture weapons a lot stronger since they could get in on that sweet crimson goodness. so, thoughts? also, is gas secretly op? cuz every time i try it that's not the case...
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