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  1. This is still a non-answer. Why does this rule apply while in private groups and solo? As an example: The rule applies in public groups to help prevent people sabotaging random people's games by joining on underleveled frames. In this case, there are no random people; anyone joining knows the players they're playing with and it can be assumed that the usage of lower-level frames is intentional. On my 100th forma on a frame, I don't understand why I should have the restriction when soloing.
  2. This is not useful. Explain why the restriction should exist in private groups and while solo.
  3. It doesn't make sense to cut out the ability to progress and forma your Warframe when you're in a private group. If I'm going to solo an Arbitration on a rank 0 Warframe, that should be up to me, not an arbitrary rank requirement. Every new piece of endgame content comes with this arbitrary restriction. Leave it on for public groups where it's actually useful and not just an annoyance, let us ignore it for our private groups. Re-leveling frames is clearly intended to be a core gameplay mechanic, so it doesn't make sense to not be able to participate in that while also doing challenging content. I know this issue has been raised before, but as more content gets released with this restriction, it gets more and more obnoxious to deal with, so I feel that it's worth bringing up every time a new mission with these restrictions is introduced.