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  1. The main issues with this mechanic are: 1. No amount of tank will save you from getting hit. This is okay, but it basically means nobody should build defense if their defense means absolutely nothing. We have defensive mods and frames for a reason, and many frames have cast times which makes it impossible to avoid getting hit by these on occasion. If someone builds for a ton of defense and sacrifices their offense because of it, they should be more resilient to attacks. 2. The cue for these attacks are extremely difficult to see. If you're lucky, you see the projectile slowly growing
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  3. I might be misreading you here (and if you know about this I apologize), but you can trigger the rewind on command simply by hitting 4 (rather than holding 4). Holding 4 cancels it, pressing 4 triggers it. It doesn't let you stop it midway, but aside from that it does what you want.
  4. Agreed. When I first played Protea, I was like, "oh, turrets, that's going to be really cool!" My gut reaction upon seeing that they last 2 seconds was, "who the hell designed the frame like this?" However, she was still fun enough for me to want to forma her, and by the end of my 6th forma I was actually glad that she wasn't designed the way I was expecting because she ends up playing really well with the skills she has. I'm really looking forward to these changes because it'll help some of her pain points (50% longer turrets that ramp up their multiplier twice as fast will be aweso
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