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  1. Personally, I think Grendel is a really fun frame and I enjoy using him. However I'm going to get right into the abilities and problems that I have with them and some possible solutions. Passive: Not a worthwhile passive on its own. The buff is not good enough to forgo modding for armor. Maybe bump it up to 75 or even 100 armor per enemy in Grendel's belly. I believe this would be a meaningful passive that allows for the player to choose whether they wish to mod for armor for upfront tankiness or mod for efficiency to keep enemies in Grendel's gut to maintain their armor and survivability. Feast: Honestly, this is fine as is. Just a minor personal gripe that teammates sometimes kill the enemies during the animation before they are swallowed into Grendel's gut. Maybe some kind of short invulnerability phase during the animation that prevents them from dying, similar to Inaros' Devour. Strips armor nicely and the damage on the hold feature is actually pretty good. Nourish: I have noticed the same general annoyances with this that many others have reported. The ability icon is too small and is easily covered by the duration counter. Its difficult to see what buffs are currently active and the duration is just not long enough and not really worth modding for. Myself and many others use this primarily as a heal. As for the buffs. Nourished energy: it's hard to tell if this buff is doing anything really. When you pick up an energy orb it still shows the original amount of the orb at the bottom of the screen, not how much energy was actually restored. Maybe include a UI indicator that shows how much additional energy the ability generated so players feel like it's worth casting. Nourished Strike: added toxin damage is fine as is and does it's job as a damage buff nicely. Nourished Armor: again, it's hard to tell if this buff is actually helping much. The additional armor is nice for teammates, but the armor for Grendel doesn't feel impactful. Damage from the toxin cloud is miniscule and the energy effects are hardly noticeable (if there are any at all). Perhaps a small heal for allies in the radius would also help Grendel fill a certain niche in a squad. He's supposed to be a "compassionate and generous soul" but that is not displayed in his ability set. I have also seen some suggestions to add a cycling mechanic similar to Ivara's quiver, but I think that a single ability cast should grant the respective buffs for each enemy type in Grendel's gut. For example: if Grendel is holding a single Lancer he gets the energy buff as normal, but if he is holding a butcher in addition to the Lancer then he would get both Nourished Energy and Nourished Armor for a single cast. This would eliminate the need for cycling which can be clunky and disruptive to gameplay. Also a single cast is more fitting imo because all the enemies are in his stomach anyway and they should all theoretically be digested at the same time, right? Regurgitate: Don't really know what else can be said about this ability that hasn't been said already. I mainly use this as a way of managing the constant energy drain from Feast. Perhaps an additional effect beyond damage like a forced proc or a mechanic similar to the Caustacyst that leaves a gooey trail or area on impact that damages, slows, or strips armor from enemies that walk over it. Would give Grendel some unique zoning tools to manage enemy flow without totally disrupting it. Meatball, I mean Pulverize: This is a really fun ability, but not the most useful and I'm okay with that. Once you get a hang of rounding corners and parts of maps where you get stuck easily you're good to go. However I have noticed doors tend to have a little lip on the floor and you cannot move over them without first gaining some momentum. It does respectable damage to enemies in his gut and in a decent radius around the impact. Overall a fun frame.
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