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  1. So then just nerf a few mods, they're making a mountain out of a mole hill. and besides the abilities are what make the warframes fun to play, if loki had no invisibility noone would want to play loki. If vauban Couldn't cc no one would have used him back in the day, if saryn Couldn't kill large amounts of enemies (In a game where you fight amounts of enemies ) no one would enjoy playing saryn. You have to take into account that the abilities are what allow for the wide variety of playstyles that exist, just going through a mission without using any abilities would be boring. , thats why stong abilities exist, and thats why they are an important part if the game
  2. The problem i have with melee 3.0 is that it just doesn't seem important to me, here we are starved of content and DE is putting all this effort into fixing/reworking things when they could be using that time for giving us the content we want. They need to get their priorities straight, i'll bet empyrean would come MUCH sooner if they focused their efforts. Nobody asked for a complete rebalancing / overhaul of the melee system, to make people happy they could just nerf maiming strike and be done with it. (thats literally the only complaint most people have). DE is not getting lazy at all like other companies, their problem is the exact opposite, they keep biting off more than thet can chew, overcomplicating things and leaving the game in content droughts.
  3. Just learn how to mod without rivens, you dont need them especially given how easy content in the game currently is
  4. agreed , DE , keep qdding more to the leverian i love it too
  5. Infamous did an amazing job. Its sad that we haven't seen any new games from it for so long
  6. So? Thats chromas niche. Nobody complains about frost only being used in defensive missions, so why complain about chroma being a boss fighting specialist? I dont get it
  7. Nooo i wanted a devstream ... *sad tenno noises *
  8. The warframes did have personalities, but most of them lost theirs, umbra is the only frame that was able to hold onto his memories(he was forced to), still there are many quests that show frames with personalitys ,limbo was a mathmatitian who blew himself up because he was too eager to test his theories , and mirage loved combat so much she died laughing
  9. An update comes out that is so good that warframe finally becomes a household name and gets the recognition it deserves, other companies soon follow suit, and learn from warframe's example, realizing that you can still be successful without treating your fans like crap and stuffing your games with unessessary loot boxes and microtranactions. And the gaming industry is now a better place
  10. Alad v is a very confusing character for new players to understand, especially since he cant make up his mind as to which faction hes in. He was corpus then switched to infested then went back to the corpus, then started working with the sentients, he really needs to make up his mind , if he were to join the grineer he would effectively been in every faction in the game at one point
  11. Once both gauss and grendel are out then my ornstein and smough cosplay will be complete *laughs maniacally*
  12. Empyrean will come out shortly after valve releases half-life 3
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