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  1. It would be nice if we got small amounts of wolf credits (say 5 or10 it doesn't have to be alot ) every time we rank up, then every 3 tiers we get a larger amount, the rewards are worth it, but i feel we should be getting credits a bit more frequently.
  2. i was against nightwave at first , but i decided to give it a chance, now it doesn't bother me it just took some adjusting, this is not as bad as some people are makinb it seem to be
  3. Theres a clan in my alliance ran by an Australian warlord, message starwolf2015 over psn and see if he'll recruit you
  4. or OR, it will become an extremely common complaint , that will persist long after the update, and DE will be have to do something about it, you dont know
  5. Alerts were FAR from perfect, but neither is this, it needs some major changes in the amount of credits you get, and how long it takes to complete, and its no fun either, just a headache
  6. Thats not the point, its just not fun , it feels like a chore, i have more "fun" doing my college homework than this, games are ENTERTAINMENT, and are supposed to be enjoyable, this is just a headache
  7. Yes but its normally a fun grind for me and i Dont even notice im grinding, this is the ONLY update in the past 4 years that has made me struggle to pay attention, and this isnt something i can just ignore either its a fundamental game mechanic that i need to do or else i dont get anything
  8. Its not hard for me its just tedious, and completely unfair for newer players , its a good system on paper, but it was poorly executed, and not fun at all
  9. Dont worry we just need to keep complaining and DE will eventually fix it and make it easier and fairer
  10. I know how u feel. Over the eons that ive played this game 95% of the friends ive met have quit the game
  11. what I don't like about the update so the night wave update is here and honestly I dont like it at all. It is by far the grindiest update I've seen and I have been playing nonstop for 4 + years and have over 9000 hours played. for the first time ever an update has come that is too grindy for even me to handle. I have found myself struggling to pay attention long enough to get any of them done I feel like I'm being forced to play game modes that I've never found fun. I dont like sanctuary onslaught (Some players like it and I know it is good for leveling so thats just my personal opinion) and its just not a mission type that suits my playstyle. The amount of missons you have to do for each of the tasks I think needs to be lowered (5 invasion missions would be better instead of 9 for example). What I do like about it The rewards here are actually pretty good, 20,000 kuva is great and is something that i would use, warframe and weapon slots availabe to aquire without spending plat, Awesome! an easier way to get reactors and catalysts Great!, There is a long list of other useful rewards here and most of them are good but listing them would take forever. plus being able to choose the rewards you want with less RNG involved is a massive improvement How I think it will effect newer players A lot of newer people who aren`t used to grinding may find this mountain of tasks to be overwhelming and may leave the game early with out even trying it or they may not be patient enough to finish enough of it to get the good rewards. Which is bad because nitain extract is required for building a lot of things. Also, eidolons really?! how is a new player suppposed to be able to do that? How I thnk It will Effect Veterans As an mr 26 with thousands of hours put In thats been playing every day ever since around the time regular mirage came out I think I am qualified to answer this. a lot of veterans may find this excessive grind to be very annoying and may quit or just ignore nightwave alltogether and just continue doing their normal routines in the game. A lot of them may not find it fun either and just see it as a boring chore that needs to be done as quick as possible. Potential solutions And improvements - lower the amount of missions required for some of the tasks ( for example instead of 9 bounties lower it to 5) - give players more tasks to choose from so they can choose tasks they would enjoy doing and rank up at the same time so thats what I think of the nightwave update. I'm not saying to just hand the rewards out to players without any effort all all, but I thnk the amount of effort rquired should be a bit lower
  12. Please tell me sanctuary onslaught isnt mandatory now , i really dislike that game mode , i dont want to be forced to play it *Bangs head against wall*, Is it possible to skip some of the tasks and still get the rewards i want?
  13. Yes I completely agree , no more syndicates, we have too many
  14. Agreed NO mod should ever cost 1,000p , its ridiculous
  15. This is 3rd person shooter diablo in space, we're supposed to feel powerful, the lore even says that we were almost gods seeing as though we were able to defeat the sentients , which was far beyond even the orokins power,
  16. So how would the controls for melee change on console? For example on a PlayStation or xbox controller ?
  17. Theres is no "best" frame, it all depends on playstyle, want stealth? Buy ivara ( getting stealth kills in a survival is ridiculous) , want a lot of damage? buy mesa or saryn and murderize everything . Prefer to be tanky? Get rhino or inaros, prefer to be more supportive ? Get Trinity or oberon,
  18. 1. Guandao 2. Gram prime 3. ??? 4.??? 5.??? I forgot other melee weapons existed(Tempo royale is the only stance worth using change my mind)
  19. That tower is called the unum and it Protects cetus from the grineer. You cant go there because your tenno is too short to ride
  20. And we all farm together , through the cold grind, till we're sleep deprived together
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