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  1. If you pay close attention every data vault has multiple ways of getting to it, sometimes theres a breakable vent hidden in the room that leads right to the vault for example
  2. Heres a classic example from history, two people of different religions arguing over which book of theirs is correct, neither of them want to admit they're wrong so they never change their opinions, they're stubborn and just keep shouting at each other and it gets them nowhere
  3. We need a shapeshifting frame that can copy enemies
  4. Gee if only such a frame existed *Cough* mesa *Cough cough*
  5. Your opinion is wrong from my perspective , just as it is with any argument with differing opinions, and 99% of the time its impossible to change someones opinion unless they themselves choose to
  6. I cant change your opinion, but i Can say your opinion is wrong, change my mind
  7. I didn't read things very clearly an misinterpreted things, srry for wasting everyones time
  8. Oh so the fire button will still instantly switch back to your gun?
  9. It just felt much better to me to be able to instantly switch from gun to blade at the press of a button, it just felt more fluid and gave me an actual reason to use the stances, before, I used quick melee 100% of the time, because i HATED being locked in melee mode unable to fire my gun, if i wanted to go back to firing my gun i would have to press another button,(It doesn't seem like much but in a fast paced game subtle things Can matter) it felt like an extra unnecessary step to hold down a button to wait for a 1 second animation just to use a stance that doesn't give you ANY major benefit (Technically there's a third step if you want to fire your gun again ) . We should be able to toggle the instant switching in the options menu and choose how we want to use our melee. Idc if i'm the only who likes melee 2.99999. i like it the way it is now and i dont want to be forced to go back to the way it was
  10. Guess i will NEVER use stances again, the instant melee switching just felt better, now quick melee is all i will use 100% of the time,
  11. I remember the very 1st fomorian invasion, back then there weren't enough players to protect a relay and we lost quite a few, the playerbase was tiny back then on ps4, and 8 out of 10 of people you would ask probably had never heard of warframe, i am one of the few people i know to have finished operation gatecrash and cryotic front on my friends list, the game is niche now, but it was even nicheier (Idk if thats a word) back then
  12. It's just part of a normal cycle, the numbers will probably go back up once we get a major update , its always been like this
  13. It wasn't a mobile defense terminal it was a mobile offense terminal
  14. If the terminal was capable of killing you then it clearly could have defended itself
  15. So then just nerf a few mods, they're making a mountain out of a mole hill. and besides the abilities are what make the warframes fun to play, if loki had no invisibility noone would want to play loki. If vauban Couldn't cc no one would have used him back in the day, if saryn Couldn't kill large amounts of enemies (In a game where you fight amounts of enemies ) no one would enjoy playing saryn. You have to take into account that the abilities are what allow for the wide variety of playstyles that exist, just going through a mission without using any abilities would be boring. , thats why stong abilities exist, and thats why they are an important part if the game
  16. The problem i have with melee 3.0 is that it just doesn't seem important to me, here we are starved of content and DE is putting all this effort into fixing/reworking things when they could be using that time for giving us the content we want. They need to get their priorities straight, i'll bet empyrean would come MUCH sooner if they focused their efforts. Nobody asked for a complete rebalancing / overhaul of the melee system, to make people happy they could just nerf maiming strike and be done with it. (thats literally the only complaint most people have). DE is not getting lazy at all like other companies, their problem is the exact opposite, they keep biting off more than thet can chew, overcomplicating things and leaving the game in content droughts.
  17. Just learn how to mod without rivens, you dont need them especially given how easy content in the game currently is
  18. agreed , DE , keep qdding more to the leverian i love it too
  19. Infamous did an amazing job. Its sad that we haven't seen any new games from it for so long
  20. So? Thats chromas niche. Nobody complains about frost only being used in defensive missions, so why complain about chroma being a boss fighting specialist? I dont get it
  21. Nooo i wanted a devstream ... *sad tenno noises *
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