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  1. I do think the current structure of the new vaults should change as well. If they wanted us to do the Iso bounties once to permanently "unlock" the new bounties that you could select from Mother then sure (that's what I thought it was when I first read it) but having to do a bunch of Iso bounties to get the option to start the new bounties every time is rough. Especially if you wanna get a full set of arcanes or something.
  2. I agree. If you wanted to make sure players had done the original isolation vaults to unlock the ability to do the new ones sure, but a lot of players doing the new vaults only want to do the new vaults and making them do the old ones every time feels like padding. Imagine if you had to do Profit Taker Bounties 1-3 before each Profit Taker run?
  3. I started a new alt account just to get that new player experience and see the new tutorial quest. I tried going to Cetus in-between getting the foundry back up and going to get the Corpus cache of resources so you can remove the ascaris. Cetus said it required Vor's Prize to be done to visit but when I clicked it, it let me visit. I went and talked to Konzu about the Prove Yourself bounty, was able to take it. It put me back on my ship when I tried to go on the plains to complete it and got a message from Lotus about using the navigation console when ready but nothing on the ship worked, no n
  4. That was a change DE made on purpose with the patch
  5. PLATFORM: PC DESCRIPTION: Rank 9 Vapor Trail Mod and Rank 10 Vapor Trail Mod have same effect listed in item description, rank 10 still has a higher drain REPRODUCTION: Rank (or preview) the mod Vapor Trail to rank 9 and compare to rank 10 EXPECTED RESULT: The rank 10 mod would have a stronger effect than the rank 9 mod OBSERVED RESULT: They have the same listed effect REPRODUCTION RATE: Seemingly 100%
  6. Clan name: Angels of General Wishy Clan tier: Moon Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Warlord Feature image: Throne of General Wishy: The Concert Hall: Mt. Wishy: Moa Gear: The Most Dangerous Game: The Thinker: Undersea Vent: The Creation of General Wishy: Kavat: Highway to Hell: The Bar: Trophy Room: Heck's Chamber: Build a Floof: Old Clan Hall:
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