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  1. Lol? This game is nothing but complaints... A good chunk of those are legitimate like the OP's. The bad thing is that those legit complaints fall largely of deaf ears.
  2. Now this is the most classic thing there is. Ppl always defending DE no matter how badly they do things. 👏
  3. Oh hey, they added stuff that should of been there yeeeaarrs ago. Classic DE 👍
  4. Glaives still exist? DE has more important things to do like release more skins and work on shadows. Also, leaving things broken/barren and moving on is their signature thing.
  5. The usual nerf bats and salt tears along with more pointless grinding. Thankfully I hardly play wf anymore so... meh. I just browse the forums for salt. Anyways nothing to see here , move along.
  6. This alone is laughable. I'm not even going to bother with the rest.
  7. Daughter and son (especially son) tokens are cancer...
  8. Are you serious? So the extra grind for resources on these open world's aren't needed to craft weapons and frames? Are weapons and frames NOT part of the core game? If they weren't , the game wouldn't be called Warframe lol.....
  9. Host migration at end of Deimos bounty before you can extract? You lose everything, spawn back in town. Host migration during bounty? Mission Fail, spawn back in town. Host migration before you even get to the first point in a bounty? Bounty is gone, go back town and start bounty again. This on top of the usual increasing grind and time gates, yeah... very fun game. Just came out of a 4 month break actually playing the game for more then 5 mins. Forced myself to play 3 hrs today and it already feels like time for another extended break of 3-6 months.
  10. Exactly this This token system is terrible. Absolutely hate doing fishing/conservation/ mining. They have no place in Warframe yet they get constantly recycled into "new" content. Ive taken long extended breaks from the game, and I just dont have the will anymore to grind this game. Especially forcing me to do things I hate in order to "progress".
  11. Lore/Quest But that's over in less then an hr. so here's to another year waiting for the next quest. The rest of it is just more plains of grind-o-lon. I'm way to burnt out on grinding Warframe even with months of breaks at a time.
  12. OH BOI Getting ready for primed disappointment
  13. Endgame is where you finish the game and uninstall or don't play anymore.
  14. Its just another island lol... also the whole relay thing was very confusing. Did not get to see anything
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