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  1. 2 minutes ago, Reconsile said:

    Nothing ever on the open world planets was mandatory for the core game. 

    Are you serious? 

    So the extra grind for resources on these open world's aren't needed to craft weapons and frames? Are weapons and frames NOT part of the core game? 

    If they weren't , the game wouldn't be called Warframe lol..... 

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  2. Host migration at end of Deimos bounty before you can extract? You lose everything, spawn back in town.

    Host migration during bounty? Mission Fail, spawn back in town.

    Host migration before you even get to the first point in a bounty? Bounty is gone, go back town and start bounty again.


    This on top of the usual increasing grind and time gates, yeah... very fun game.
    Just came out of a 4 month break actually playing the game for more then 5 mins.
    Forced myself to play 3 hrs today and it already feels like time for another extended break of 3-6 months.


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  3. 4 minutes ago, Deadoon said:

    When a single section has 100 times the grind required than other parts, something really needs to be done. When that grind is timelocked rng based it is kind of off putting.

    Now onto the problem with fishing not even giving the components it is supposed to causing the same issue.

    This x10000

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  4. Just now, Chaos0Frenzy said:

    This new system standing system is trash the whole thing. This system is in no way fun or interesting. It's designed to force players into doing things they hate to progress. all other open world systems have many ways to progress so it doesn't get boring. Hart of Deimos on the other hand railroads the player into doing tasks they dislike. I will not be playing again until they fix this boring uninteresting grind fest. 

    Exactly this

    This token system is terrible. 

    Absolutely hate doing fishing/conservation/ mining. They have no place in Warframe yet they get constantly recycled into "new" content.
    Ive taken long extended breaks from the game, and I just dont have the will anymore to grind this game.
    Especially forcing me to do things I hate in order to "progress".

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  5. Just did a 15 round ground mission when the host migration kicked in. It took a while and my whole squad was gone.

    Was able to extract but the points did not count... Awesome...all that time wasted.

    I stopped playing a lot of this game because of the amount of grind.

    This events grind is so bad on its own, now add in losing everything with host migration just feels so bad. Its a good reminder to why I stopped playing. 

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