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  1. because everything good in this game gets nerfed to the ground, we saw this with M4D. I imagine the company meetings of DE: "guys, what should we do? we create some new good content or we nerf everything else to the ground? nerfing looks a good idea, lets do this"
  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaay a new useless necramech, because there is no content to use they :DDDDD also, for what i saw on the test build, necramech melee weapon is worst than using your very own hands to punch someone, there is no utility on his exalted blade. Btw, some content for Railjack, like, new railjacks, modular railjacks, new maps, new planets, something to make you want to do RJ is going to be nice, pls, do not let RJ die, do not let warframe became monotonous like, "farm weapons and rush maestry" that is the game right now, im on MR 20 and im beginning to let warframe aside because there
  3. it seems that this Protea will take control of the corpus corporation with his big moustache and dominate the world with it (nef anyo will be trapped in the granum void, with his father). Unedited.
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