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  1. The melee changes in my mind are absolute unnecessary "optimization for the sake of optimization," brought in because it sounded like a good idea on paper and nobody put more thought into it beyond that. There was nothing wrong with having the separate melee modes and now people who primarily were fans of the quick melee system are forced to use the clunky, awkward movesets that are associated with the stances. In a single sweep they've destroyed the appeal of dozens of weapons and inadvertently encouraged the spin-2-win play style again because that is the swiftest and most effective way of attacking with a large number of them now. Playing on controller is an awful experience, so much of these changes were done with the excuse that it improved the "flow" of combat but I am constantly finding myself having to hit the weapon swap button so that I can go back to aim gliding. This was a massive swing and miss in my books and the very least that could be done is give players the option to return to the old control scheme. We want MORE choices, not less.
  2. Quick Melee was the only way to make some weapons viable (without wasting Forma on them to change polarities) because their combo sets were absurdly slow but the quick melee made them passable. I have a Zaw that I loved because it was like a weed wacker I could swing around haphazardly; now it's like watching someone stuck in slow motion. It feels bad, I have no other way of putting it. I feel like this is optimization for the sake of it with not enough regard given to wider reaching effects. People have been quite happily enjoying either using quick melee or the combo system and forcing players into using the one that many argue is inferior is a backwards step that I hope they correct.
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