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  1. I forgot to add context that I've been playing since like 2014 and I only JUST NOW tried to do it. I'm only a little bit slow.
  2. ...when I discovered you can type viral, corrosive, blast or magnetic into the search while modding to get mods that make those elements.
  3. The coordinate for the keys is tied to invasions, endless Deimos missions and if you're a masochist, Hive Sabotages. The key itself isn't the issue when trying to get Mesa, it's the ingredients.
  4. You just got supremely unlucky and it's okay to be frustrated at that, but it happens to a lot of folks and isn't a sign that something is inherently broken. It took me 6 years of playing this game on and off to finally get Hate to drop from Stalker. Just because something has a 22% chance to drop doesn't mean you're guaranteed to get it within 5 tries. You also don't mention specifically which frame you were trying for there. *EDIT* Keyshare didn't tip me off to it being Mesa, it has been a long time. While it does suck trying to get her parts, you should have set your expectations with how the keys were acquired that it wasn't something you could get done quickly.
  5. Simplest solution; Deimos Hema, Deimos Hirudo. The lore? Someone dropped them in the Cambion Drift and it mutated. Put them inside special infested relics along with some other misc goodies and call it a day.
  6. He's going to be there for a week, a handful of minutes of you not being able to grind isn't going to mean anything
  7. ...know that you're not alone. I've been playing this game on and off for over 6 years and I've only JUST gotten Hate to drop. I'm fairly certain I've gotten the Scimitar Engines (1%) to drop TWICE before this. If you've got your own tale of woe, regale us Tenno.
  8. They explicitly said during a Dev Stream beforehand there would be small amount of nerfs
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