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  1. Drops are always a mess, its not just a DE thing. I'm not sure why anyone is surprised.
  2. Ugh how sad. Figures this would come out a day after I buy the sledge. Thankfully I bought it from a non-greedy trader for a low amount lol.
  3. Yeh I haven't been in yet to see the butchered version but it sounds pretty disappointing, he could of been great.
  4. I like him. I like the way he looks and sounds, I enjoy that he appears "imposing", I just wish there was more to him. I was hoping for way more detail to his story and a proper boss battle.
  5. Yeh my zaw seems ok at the moment (Dokrahm). Im not liking the auto-block at all, its interfering with my shooting of all things. I don't really need it dumbed down like that.
  6. This looks horrible... and awkward, and not fluid at all. I'm scared to login and find my fav aspect of the game (free movement) destroyed.
  7. I was thinking of the singular market price (20) my bad
  8. Why aren't you just buying 3 packs for 35p instead of paying plats to rush 1?
  9. This. Not everything should be available for credits.
  10. You said it in a way that made sense. I did not. lol
  11. If youre a vet surely you realize that none of those mods are exceptional or "strong". They aren't going to make or break a frame or weapon. I'm personally tired of things being made easier to get, and its not because I dislike people getting things, its that the people who have remained consistantly loyal whether by JUST logging in or logging in to play, are starting to get slapped in every direction.. because we have most things (or everything) so we aren't as important as people who don't. I'm looking forward to my stupid day 800 syandana, because only day 800 people have it, and I have eve
  12. Make it 10 days, so I can get my 800 day syandana too lol
  13. I mean.... I'd really like to irradiate all 3 of em with my Loki and watch them fight each other to the death while I do octavia dances @[DE]Rebecca pls
  14. There are just... Too many relics. It's ridiculous and going to get no better. Off-topic. You're welcome. :)
  15. Oh thats just painful. Im lucky enough to have them all now but still.. what a mess. lol
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