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  1. You get access to Arbitrations. Enjoy. 2/10 troll post - too obvious, you can do better.
  2. Considering no one has to watch for 5 hours, they don't have to.. even if they want the drops they so desperately need.. apparently. It still doesn't excuse people being so damn rude all the time. Community is turning to Thanks, PoE.
  3. Don't care about the streamers? Don't expect the goodies that come from their stream and then go moaning about it when you get zip. It pleases me when drops don't work for people who say things like this so I really hope it continues not to. This type of entitled behaviour is all too common now. It's this type of thing that kills streams and communitys, it's not the streamers or the games.
  4. Then it should match-make all the people who just want to stand around together, so none of them get "rewarded" for doing nothing while other people do all the work.
  5. I mean, there were plenty of us that hated suddenly being children (regardless of age, they are) and the game didn't die then. I look forward to not being a grommet, if that is indeed what will happen.. we don't really know atm.
  6. If I knew, I could help them fix it. I reach 10k/10k and nothing happens, relog and it's gone and so is the whole level. It never comes back and I don't skip anything.
  7. Nightwave is always eating standing and has been since intermission started. Please fix it before the aura forma is 1k out of reach after 10k has been eaten, never to be seen again.
  8. Again with the forma requirements.. Spare a thought for those of us who have everything built and forma'd and dont feel like basically wasting 3 more on something that doesnt need it. Same goes for any "gild or build" ones you may add into season 2.
  9. To be honest, I don't even really understand what Reb said, stuff like that always goes over my head, but I AM happy that exploiters are being punished. Why should people playing clean come after people who clearly shouldnt be playing at all, since they can't without cheating apparently. How lame.
  10. Ropalolyst (normal node not invasion) Forever falling bug MK2 I had fallen off the edge of the central platform and was respawned on it a few metres away from the edge but I continued to "fall" anyway, even though I was on the platform. I had to pop into 5 and back again to get it to stop.
  11. It likely means via alliances, but that would probably also mean you need to be IN an alliance BEFORE it began/begins.
  12. Ok so, degrindification ... means, increasing the amount of time you have to spend in onslaught - possibly the most boring type of mission in the entire game. Why couldnt it of just been made 4 rounds? Nice and even and not tediously long. The place doesn't even have drops (resources). Can you please remove the gild missions or make them worth less points so it doesn't matter so much if you skip it - its pretty lame having to build something you've already built, re-rank it, and gild it... just to throw it away again. (We arent all new) The same goes for building moa's or anything like that. Please don't go down this path. Forgot to add - hope petting includes pups and kittens, because Im not growing my ship pup up 😄 The cred cost of potatos is too high (for noobs - think of the starving noobs)
  13. @[DE]Helen Which pack would you need to buy to get the volt prime / loki prime noggles? I have all the other stuff.. but I neeeeeeeeed the noggles >.>
  14. The revives idea sounds ok, but it shouldnt be auto pickup as mentioned throughout this thread. You may need to restock your own health before picking them up and youd be out of luck doing so if they auto latch to you mid-fight. 10 minutes per round is still too long and too boring. Difficulty comes a distant second to boredom.
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