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  1. But it would change. Credits are just another resource that keeps people in game farming. Less time in game is bad, for the game. Not everyone enjoys or does index. I did, but credits are used in everything, for a purpose. Look at them for what they are, a resource - like everything else you mentioned.
  2. Do you really not pay attention to what credits are used for? Basically.. everything.
  3. I've always thought we were pretty awful even before operators popped out.. Mindless, running around killing things on command for someone who was only ever a transmission. I still think that. We run around slaughtering everything just like the other factions, mindlessly carrying out orders. We're horrible evil things, just like I always thought Lotus was. (Thats why I liked her from the start)
  4. This made me sad to read and then I realized.. this is exactly how I felt when I reached 30. That's not a good thing indeed. 😩
  5. Cheers for this info. I was feeling pretty deflated only having seen him less than a handful of times and getting 1 drop, good to know I still have a chance to get his weapon once the series is over.
  6. 15 creds was sad to discover but I wouldn't want rivens in there. Kuva and Endo maybe, no normal creds and no wolf creds though. Rivens should stay well away from this mess.
  7. I mean.. You did it, and then you realized you had no idea what you were doing so you either - learn from it and do it properly or - rant about how bad it is because you couldnt do it instantly.
  8. Generally, if you want to find all the syndicate medallions/marks etc, youre better off going solo or with a friend who wants to do that too. Many people just bumrush everything and aren't going to stop for others in pub mode.
  9. They should stick some half-pipes on the open maps and then just leave them for people to fool around on lol
  10. Personally I only ever saw them as a fun side thing.. to be used for fooling around on. That standing is connected to them is really the only "issue" with them but it doesn't affect much currently. I'm not entirely sure what people expected from k-drives to be honest, it was clear from the start they weren't meant to be zapping people across the maps instantly.
  11. I'm almost at rank 30 in NW and I'm just as bored as I was at the beginning of it. I login, look at what I need to do and kind of just sigh. I do want the cosmetics. I do want the umbral forma. I like the arcane too, but getting there has been mind-numbing and Im literally going to be forcing myself to finish.. which isn't a good thing. I have seen the Wolf about 4 or 5 times, and he has dropped a common mod I have hundreds of, all but 1 time when he dropped 1 weapon part. The Wolf and his weapon is literally all that exists while this "episode" runs for me (someone who has everything) and I can't even get it. For new players who maybe havent done everything over and over already it's probably ok, but for me it's just things I've done and had hopefully put behind me. In saying that, this is a horrible system for new players in terms of needing to make too many choices, and hindering themselves in the process. Do they get nitain, a potato or an aura? Can they enter into fashion frame or go stock forever while they debate which resource they need more? We know they can't get a bit of each anymore, when they could before. None of this stuff should cost anything. Not a single cred. This might be fine and dandy for new players in active clans, but we know that not every clan is active, and not every new player finds themself in one. It's just not enjoyable. It's a chore that is slowly pointing me in the direction of other games.
  12. My post was responding to your post therefore it was relevant to your post. Basically exactly what you did, genius.
  13. If they "wanna get what is free" for free, then they gotta do the work to get it. (Thats part of taking the free route, ya know)
  14. This. People are expecting everything immediately, and then complaining there is nothing to do. It's a grind game. If anything this should encourage people to get through their MR grind so it's less painful to do.. everything, rather than want it all handed out.
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