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  1. definitely more than a visual bug as DE bug thread suggests "wreckage markers still showing after being picked up in railjack missions" is BS i have literally uploaded a video to the mega thread when reporting the bug and in the clip you see me kill a enemy that enemy drops wreckage i fly up to it and cant collect it and no wreckage appears to be picked up between the enemy dying and dropping wreckage and several seconds after attempting to pick it up, that and Ive had missions were Ive done multiple runs counted 8 pieces of wreckage dropped but cant pick up and then returned to dry dock an
  2. TYPE: In-Game (PlayStation) DESCRIPTION: sometimes unable to pick up wreckage in corpus and grineer railjack missions have consistently had 2-4 pieces of wreckage that i cant pick up makes the sound of picking it up when flown into but wont actually pick up wreckage and not all the time VISUAL: sorry about video quality psn ruined the video when uploaded EXPECTED RESULT: pick up wreckage and added to inventory OBSERVED RESULT: wreckage doesn't get picked up REPRODUCTION RATE: frequently. Have had fairly consistent 2
  3. I'm losing on average around 2-4 pieces of wreckage per mission in corpus railjack missions simply because i cant pick it up and its infuriating and killing my motivation to play the new railjack missions which is a shame because the rest of the update and the new railjack stuff im really enjoying. Btw haven't really tested but is this only in corpus railjack or are people getting this in grineer railjack missions as well. Edit: yes yes it affects grineer missions as well
  4. on the official warframe site page where they announced it it says near the bottom "Don't miss your chance to add these iconic Weapon Skins to your Arsenal. The Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle is available to claim until December 24 at 11:59 p.m ET. For Tenno on console, we are hoping to make this bundle available on all platforms in the future! Every Tenno can take part in celebrating Warframe's launch on the Epic Games Store with a Double Credits weekend on all platforms, starting December 11 at 2 p.m. ET to December 14 at 2 p.m. ET. Unleash the carnage of Unreal Tourname
  5. when holding any primary weapon and using the wisp noble animation on a frame with feet the feet are positioned as if standing on something and just looks wrong the feet positioning is fine when holding a secondary or nothing at all
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