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  1. if you change any of the d-pad key binds on duelsense 5 to show player list that button will no longer function in menu's e.g. if you change the right arrow on the d-pad to show player list you can no longer move the cursor right in the menu. up, down and left will still work but right wont same issue if you change it with any of the other d-pad inputs. does not seem to effect other key bind changes e.g. changing right arrow to quick progress view the right arrow movement still works in menu just fine playing on PS5 with PS5 version of warframe
  2. not really molts 500 health over 10 seconds my operator using magnus elevate can match that pretty easily in fact it can actually out do that really easily and inaros abilities already out heal that 500 health every 10 seconds by a lot molt on high health frames is pretty useless tbh
  3. my only request with this is that the lower the cost of warframe bp and parts from simaris as 100,000 standing for a bp and 50,000 for a part is really steep especially when you can only hold 130,000 standing and daily standing is capped. rebuilding the frames from simaris only to sacrifice them is gonna be painfully long and unrewarding even at mr29 its 4 days of capped standing to buy 1 wf blueprint and 6 days for all parts thats 10 days of maxing out your daily standing just to buy the blueprints to build the frames
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