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  1. Having this same problem once you captured 6 animals that's it it stops working after that I don't care where you position yourself
  2. So...they have to be on your warframe friends list and the challenge doesn't say without life support, is this a typo I can take. Screen shot and post it need be bit the challenge doesn't specify that life support cannot be touched it doesn't say that " complete a survival Mission reaching at least 60 minutes while playing with a friend or Clan mate" that is literally verbatim What the night wave challenge says
  3. Okay I'm doing night way and I'm having trouble the challenge says and I quote complete survival with a friend or Clan mate for at least 60 minutes it does not say do not touch life support it doesn't say anything of that nature I've done this twice with a friend and I'm not getting the challenge what am I doing wrong I've literally have him on my friends list but I'm not getting the challenge what where am I supposed to accept friends through the PlayStation Network or through the Warframe chat I've done both and I'm not getting this challenge I don't know if it's bugged or not
  4. how does she fair against infested people been saying she is trash against them are you finding it easy around the infected boogers! is toxin one shotting you like everyone else is saying?
  5. damn, I was hoping it would be out by before Thursday, right when SEKIRO is coming out sooo many choices
  6. 😞 😞 😞 why this pic RIP china! yea hildryn pretty beefy I cant wait FOR ps4 release SHE'S MY NEW MAIN!! I been so bored playing with other warframes
  7. Well, thanks here are my other concepts if you wanna take a look
  8. grinding has literally mentally taken me out of this game I want the vox amps but its not worth it! DE got to change this!
  9. Lithe Lore: The sentients rebellion seemed to be very problematic for the Orokin after the capture of Lua, Ballas and his team of Scientist began to develop certain warframe units that had high adaptation abilities in close hand-to-hand combat to battle the sentients these units are known as Lithe, These Warframes underwent special conditions before deployment. The Lithe units integrated high gravity, and zero gravity in their training to increase evasiveness, and elusiveness during combat, these units have a unique Narta fighting style called "Chatur Parvat" woven into their abilities which the Tenno had to undergo intense combat training to master this Warframe; Lithe units where put into high gravity chambers that could simulate an Event Horizon; after adaptation to the immense gravity. The Lithe units would be transferred to the zero gravity program to counterbalance the high-gravity regimen. after Lithe harsh combat training was proven to be beneficial the lithe units would show results of nimbleness and elusory in combat in normal planetary gravity; being able to jump higher than any warframe during parkour. Lithe is equipped with to anti-gravity Ultrasonic vibrational blades that can slice through anything. These blades float around her elbows by using gravity controlling orbs that are used during combat and within her power set. Mastery Rank 0 Health 75 (225 at rank 30) Shield 100 (300 at rank 30) Armor 100 Energy 200 (300 at rank 30) Sprint 1.20 Powers and abilities Introduction: "Hello, Tenno, meet Lithe, death warrior from Lua; agile, and nimble, she uses her enemies as leverage in combat reflecting and counterattacking in combat she is small but fierce" - LOTUS Passive: soaring cheetah - when Lithe bounces off of walls, enemies, terrain, etc her launching speed during bullet jump increases significantly faster Passive: Reaping Sever blades - Lithe has two sonic elbow blades that are used during her that utilize parkour techniques and elbow attacks that incapacitate enemies at high-speed attacks can use her blades and her unique martial style Chatur Parvat Narta and stance: Slicing Peacock if a melee weapon is not equipped. 1) Piercing G-force - Lithe dashes at sonic speeds with one of her blades extended forward goring her target creating a shockwave that knocks back all enemies standing in front of this attack. 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 meters at a speed of 40 / 42 / 44 / 48 meters per second. Enemies within the sonic boom path 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.8 / 2 meters are knocked back. Lithe blades are dealt 100 / 125 / 200 / 250 slash damage. Energy Cost: 25 2) Repelling Divulge - this ability allows Lithe to parry and reflect enemy attacks with her elbow blades; any long-range attacks that are deflected back at enemies reveals weaknesses on their body with a multiplier of 150% / 250% / 350% / 450%. , also, any enemy melee attack on Lithe while parrying will open enemies to finishers Duration of 10 / 15 / 20 / 30 s Energy Cost: 50 3) Zero Gravity - Lithe marks her targets and becomes faster, evasive, nimble, and more acrobatic when enemies attack her making it extremely hard to hit her doing combat becoming light as a feather enemies after parkour able counterattack press this ability again Lithe will perform homing attack that will either, stun, stagger, or knock down after leaping off her enemy, Energy per Marked Enemy: 10 ⦁ When Lithe performs certain maneuvers such as, side roll, Backspring, bullet-jump, sliding, dive kicking, double or Jumping, wall dash, she will have a perfect 360° evasion to all her marked enemies 130°/150° / 180°/360° (evasion angle) marked enemies or subjected to special parkour Homing attacks where Lithe can launch herself off of her enemies; Lithe will still have 360° evasion until marked enemy is killed. ⦁ (Note: DE) If possible would I love a unique set of acrobatic maneuvers such as Moonsault, leaping spinning vaults, backward somersaults, cartwheel almost gymnastic-like movements when she does the parkour off of her enemies giving her a longer aim glide when airborne or doing aerial acrobatics. (Reasoning for special acrobatics) after seeing Hildryn and Wisp it seems D.E. are trying different things like certain types of movement 4) Executing Geyser - Lithe slams her elbow blade Reaping Sever into the ground she causes a slicing plasma wave that erupts and travels in a six-directional path with lithe being the starting point. That slice anything in its path causing massive slash and bleed procs; Range mods increase how far and tall the plasma wave extends; charging this ability expand the targeting area, release to send Lithe slicing waves toward each target in the area. Energy Cost: 75 - Slash Wave / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 ( Slash damage) Lithe's Reaping Sever Blades Statistics Weapon Slot Melee Mod Type: Exalted Weapon Utility: Attack Speed: 1.1 Channeling Dmg: 1.5x Block Resist. 80% Disposition: Unknown Normal Attacks Impact 5.8 Puncture 10.8 Slash 52.4 Total Damage: 72.0 (Slash b 70%) Crit Chance 12% Crit Multiplier 2.0x Status Chance 30% Other Attacks Slam Attack 130.0 Slam Radius 5.0 m Slide Attack 390.0 Wall Attack 260.0 Stance Mod: Slicing Peacock - Lithe has her own unique stance when using her elbow blades, consist of elbow strikes spinning 360 aerial attacks
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