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  1. Having this same problem once you captured 6 animals that's it it stops working after that I don't care where you position yourself
  2. So...they have to be on your warframe friends list and the challenge doesn't say without life support, is this a typo I can take. Screen shot and post it need be bit the challenge doesn't specify that life support cannot be touched it doesn't say that " complete a survival Mission reaching at least 60 minutes while playing with a friend or Clan mate" that is literally verbatim What the night wave challenge says
  3. Okay I'm doing night way and I'm having trouble the challenge says and I quote complete survival with a friend or Clan mate for at least 60 minutes it does not say do not touch life support it doesn't say anything of that nature I've done this twice with a friend and I'm not getting the challenge what am I doing wrong I've literally have him on my friends list but I'm not getting the challenge what where am I supposed to accept friends through the PlayStation Network or through the Warframe chat I've done both and I'm not getting this challenge I don't know if it's bugged or not
  4. how does she fair against infested people been saying she is trash against them are you finding it easy around the infected boogers! is toxin one shotting you like everyone else is saying?
  5. damn, I was hoping it would be out by before Thursday, right when SEKIRO is coming out sooo many choices
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