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  1. IMO ever since Bladestorm turned into a clone-thrower, it has outclassed Shuriken in every aspect. Why even bother with using a mod slot to augment for armor stripping when Bladestorm can *bypass* armor, with *lesser* energy cost. Shuriken has gone the way of Well of Life in kit redundancy, and iterations of Bladestorm have ignored feedback calling for more interactivity not in the targeting, but in the *execution* (from watching a cutscene to watching clones). I'm also pretty sure Shuriken hasn't been "impaling enemies to walls" per its description for at least the past 3 years. Could it at least disarm targets? Aside: Speaking of Shuriken and Well of Life being outclassed in their own kits, these older warframe ability sets seem to be stuck in the MOBA mindset that the game tried to emulate in its not-so-earlier days, when Dark Sector pvp matches required players to level from 0 to 30 every match and 4th abilities were only usable late into the match. Perhaps it's time to properly move on from that.
  2. All this great work and yet... Missed an opportunity for calling it 'Empty Hands' (karate) I am so ungrateful 😭
  3. Really loving the new Nyx direction. The new passive is so much more in character. Yes! 'nix' and nullify the enemy. Titania's Spellbind and Lantern seem to crossover even more now. What if Lantern was just cast as a separate object (Will'o'Wisp style). Perhaps then it could be considered a companion, and synergise with Tribute/Fullmoon. Looking forward to see where this goes. :)
  4. What if all of Ember's hair/head parts are actually floppy, but strong thermal convection keeps them up? #embertruth2017 Or maybe she just always needs a heat-sink to protect her neuroptics. *continues imagining*
  5. Loving these Hydroid changes! So many things added that the forum community has been discussing. You listened, you really did!
  6. Feedback: After having to field similar questions from others in-game, I believe there is no in-game info to direct people to visit Ergo Glast to exchange beacons for rewards.
  7. Thank you! ♥ So much happier for Oberon *cries health orb tears*
  8. *imagines Lore reason* Maroo has been using all the credits to pay into a secret Corpus savings account, which is now generating enough interest to retire on forever.
  9. Does wielding the Ohma grant electrical resistance? Because that would tickle all my things.
  10. Because I am a nerd, I would probably have called this debuff: "Overvalued" to borrow a similar term in describing stocks. The more Index Points you carry without capitalising them, the more you are "Overvalued" because while you have high potential value, you have not yet actually realised that value (by capitalising the points). And just like Overvalued stock, its price will 'crash' while you bear the cost/losses of holding on to them (just like your HP and Energy going down). Meanwhile, other investors are eager to 'short sell' you... with lasers. If you do manage to finally capitalise, the losses you already incurred stay with you until you recover them from another source (with health/energy pickups). ./end nerding
  11. I was just about to write up a feedback post about how amazing and free-ing the innate 6m vacuum felt to play across the whole range of Sentinels; and that it was great that Carrier finally had a precept that was strategically unique. I was even looking forward to see the play data that came from the change -- but alas this moment was short-lived. Options are always good. I too would really second the idea of an optional mod for range extension on an innate vacuum.
  12. Not quite sure if this post belongs here or should go straight to bugs, but Hyekkas summoned by shadow clones of Hyekka Masters become permanent allies.
  13. Yes! I notice that Vacuum draws items towards the frame anyway. We do not have to "throw the baby out with the bath water" so to speak. A slightly wider innate pick-up radius on the frame similar to Archwing could ease those frustrating "close but not close enough" drop -- and then leave Carrier's Vacuum wide radius as-is for those who still prefer to play that way, or if a particular tactic or ammo-hungry gun warrants its use. I feel this would restore at least some balance. It would make selecting which companion to bring an actual choice between sacrificing one ability for another, without one being overwhelmingly the 'best'.
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