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  1. UPDATE got the necramech statue, was directly put in my inventory, script is running so we should all get it soon. Thank you DE
  2. Same here no necramech statue, everything else got
  3. Checked that as well and still not in there, I guess I will just have to wait to see if I get it
  4. I have gotten everything apart from the Necramech statue, will this be placed in my inventory or will we receive an email with it attached?
  5. Took a while to get hydriod, got the pistol but but still no staff or decoration, was in the relay like everyone else the whole day, submitted a ticket we shall see as of now still no answer
  6. Is it a stave skin or a polearm skin? thanks
  7. With the whole twitch drop backlog i was wondering if anyone actually received the Lemnas skin, while following the requirements, i know others who were in the tennocon relay through the whole stream and never revived it including myself
  8. Could it be possible to return the lotus ephemera for those would didnt get it last year
  9. I second this would really love one, heck it could even be an heavy blade skin as well if for what ever reason if its easier
  10. DE despite the leaks where is the next prime access announcement? should have been here by now if I am not mistaking
  11. Dont know if you fully testing the so called "shield gating" its not all that great and damage is still taken and even one shotted as well, so my comment is still valid
  12. If this is the standard for most if not all frames then can we have this addition to Revenant's Mesmer skin, as he is not invulnerable while casting and can die with that long casting time animation.
  13. STILL NO FIX, REMINDER #6 Ash Shroud Delux Skin Please fix the shroud skin, while its still new without been DElayed for the next two years, the accent colours are everywhere and should not cover 90% of the frame (yellow), and not one section are tint-able or able to be coloured as metal. This will be a posted every time a new hotfix or update goes live to remind you that a section of your update is bugged and needs to be fixed ASAP until this is resolved or a confirmation that the style and colour channel was intend for the skin https://imgur.com/vPBuMcn (Ash Shroud Deluxe
  14. The skin maybe bugged so i am asking for clarification, the skin colour channels are messed up and all over the place, you compare this to all skins in the game it is not in any league compared to the rest, so either it is bugged or either this was the intention, in which confirmation would be appreciated
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