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  1. T H R O U G H T H E F I R E A N D T H E F L A M E S
  2. Lot a fire-using fellas here. Too bad, you're getting another! One semi-hardened Grineer defector, coming right up! Name: J'Kotal Miinek Alias: Faux-Nox, Capn' Cook, (Titles granted by personnel at the Hystruc-Salvage-Yards.) Otherwise, no significant titles. Species: Human-Derivative (Grineer, Bombard Strain) Gender: Male Apparent Age: Late Forties. Mental Age: Late Twenties, fairly healthy by Grineer standard. Biological Age: Approximately thirteen years since discharge from cloning facility. Personality: Boisterous and with a spot of good cheer, J'kotal's personality has enabled him to mesh well with a variety of crowds and audiences. J'kotal might seem an oblivious idiot at first glance, but this is a deception - He maintains a positive spirit and a Go-Getter attitude to problems presented to him, and failing that, enough grit to see matters through, as any Grineer that can survive past their first or second year of life can attest. He's generally one to try be aware of matters before speaking, but his tongue gets the better of him at times and occasionally back-talks folk, even if they're much higher on the chain than himself. Additionally, he'd not be out of place in the steel meridian - He's a good-spirited individual, and will oft treat others with a degree of kindess, even if he's taking the piss out of them. However, he's prone to Good-Samaritan-Syndrome, and should something go awry on the field he's among the first responders. Appearance: Standing at about 7-to-8ft tall, as per your average grineer bombard, he shares the same generic face structure, black & orange eyes and an aged appearance as his legions of kindred. The only difference being that he has a healthy crop of black hair, cut short into a loose crew-cut, with intermittent bits of white. A darkened splotch of diseased skin plagues the lower left section of his neck and jaw, whilst a set of crude Grineer implants in his temples and along his back. His lower right leg was amputated at one point, and features the prosthetic typical to Nox-units. Various cuts and scars line him, some from wounds whilst some were from surgeries past. A stitch can be seen across his left eyebrow from a removed melanoma, but other than the aforementioned, he looks almost like your average Grineer footslogger. Brief History: Equipment: J'kotal has a variety of gear bestowed upon him for this operation, though some bits here and there are of his own acquisition. They are as follows: Skills and Abilities: J'kotal, as a grineer, comes with all the traits and hurdles that entails - Crack-shot aiming, superhuman physiology, combat implants and imprinted combat training. J'kotal compliments this with field-experience, an ability to grit his teeth and soldier on through harsh circumstance and a degree of good fortune. He's well geared for work in all environments, and has some friends with benefits, even if it's only to a degree.
  3. Will we be seeing more of Alad V? Are you planning to provide him some more character development? He's kinda dropped off the radar altogether since his appearance in the Second Dream, and his more sporadic appearances in the Acolyte events. Is he getting/can he get a redemption ark perhaps? Also, can we have more lore on the Acolytes?
  4. Considering that Dargyns have full support for us to fly around in and all, Is there any possibility of us getting the option to build and use our own Dargyn in-lieu of an Archwing?
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