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  1. Will we be seeing more of Alad V? Are you planning to provide him some more character development? He's kinda dropped off the radar altogether since his appearance in the Second Dream, and his more sporadic appearances in the Acolyte events. Is he getting/can he get a redemption ark perhaps? Also, can we have more lore on the Acolytes?
  2. I wonder, are you planning on making a Revenant skin?
  3. Considering that Dargyns have full support for us to fly around in and all, Is there any possibility of us getting the option to build and use our own Dargyn in-lieu of an Archwing?
  4. Following the departure of Lucas and Lysandra, it left Hemlock within the company of Falon and Aria. Scab too, o'course. Closing his eyes and taking a step backwards, he reached out through the void's calamity and transferred back into the Nidus he had arrived in earlier - culminating in a reflexive crack-and-stretch of his neck and arms. Hemlock would then turn to the other two before him - Not before prying Scab off from Falon's back, soliciting a whine of discontent from the overgrown-mutant-puppy-creature. Clearing his throat to garner their attention, he began to speak. "Not to cut our little assembly short, but it appears that two of our newfound associates have departed - I must say, would it not be expedient to, Ahem, 'Hit-the-pub' as it were? I imagine that's where our friends would'a scampered off to." Hemlock stated, crossing his arms as he had no actual intent to loiter around the hanger when he knew there would be alcohol present on this damned station. "I for one don't have any intent to li...Goddammit, Scab." The Nidus stated derisively as he gazed down at the oversized-mutant-pup who had manoeuvred his way in front of Falon, and in between him and Aria and was attempting to get some more attention by grovelling at their feet. Which was kinda hampered by his Metus-pattern decorative armor, with all of the spikes and winglike protrusions keeping the charger within a fixed axis of movement as it squirmed on the floor in an attempt to draw attention to itself. In regards to Hemlock however, he had pinched where his nose would be in an expression of begrudging acceptance.
  5. A considerable deal had traipsed past Hemlock's notice in the last few moments. A few details had slipped past considering that his short-term memory was altogether poor, but he caught the important bits - Lucas was fine, Bananasandra was along for this ride, Felon was a cocky felon, and this other Tenno was babbling on about his...modifications. Ah well, time to meet them properly, and in the proverbial flesh. "I wouldn't fret too much, Aria. You ain't the only Zariman 'ere." Concluding his handshake with Lucas, and stepping his Nidus backwards, and it's frame glimmered not with the coppery-poison of it's energy but a rich orange-red shimmer that heralded the Zariman within it. The young lad was little different then he was back at the yards, save for the fact he was wearing a full set of navy-blue Koppra attire with the tell-tale latticework that screamed Composite-Weave, and finished in it's metallic regions with a simple gunmetal-grey sheen. As for for his facial features, they were rather stock for a seemingly 18-year-Void-demon-that-was-really-in-his-1000's, with a mid length crop of unkempt, dark blonde hair and grey-blue eyes that lacked any of the typical glow that most Zariman children possessed. But that's as far the term 'Stock' goes, for present upon Hemlock's skin were two things - The golden somatic pins and links signature of all Zariman children, and a vast amount of gnarled, bark-like void-scarring around his eyes and their sockets, in varying shades and tinges of steel and pink, not unlike the infested derelicts lurking in the depths of the dark sectors. Now, garish character descriptions aside, let's get to what he's intending to do, yes? As he gave everyone present a quick once over, he slightly leaned back and crossed his arms with a simple little smirk on his face, before chuckling softly. "I must say, Felony, you're a gauzy one indeed. Openly stating that you even considered taking a mark on a Tenno in the first place, let alone say it to-his-face. That sorta stuff takes a bit 'o gall dunnit?" His smirk changed into a small smile. "I think we'll get on right and proper. And Lucas? If you're wondering why I'm so amicable right now, It's cause we're nowhere near that little hamlet that's been the analogy of home for me. That, and two folk I consider good company are here, even if there was that initial little hiccup back at the yards." He continued, before turning his attention onto Aria. "And before you begin, I caught onto some of the babbling from earlier. You haven't seen a Nidus Warframe before?" He asked, his tone almost derisive in nature as he gestured to the warframe behind him. "Though, to-be-fair, You aren't exactly half wrong either." Following this and another quiet chuckle, Hemlock's face returned to a neutral game-face. Just what was he hiding? Certainly not the fact that Scab was currently investigating the two newer faces - Currently preoccupied by Felon's boot, the mass-of-mutation was getting acquainted with the various scents of the new people. It might be an infested kubrow, but a Doggo was a Doggo and should Felon not notice it's presence it would rear up and attempt to get closer to his head. And by 'Closer' that implies rearing up on its hind-legs and placing it's forelegs onto Felon's back for support. Problem? It was a techno-organic golem much like Nidus, and was made of various fleshmetal composite materials. It would be more than heavy enough to accidentally push him over and pin him to the floor under Scab's own weight. How fortunate, then, that Scab had entirely different agenda than 'Din-Dins' on this occasion.
  6. "Jacko?! Excuse me what-the-fu" As the rickety goxcraft continued to burn out, the Nidus became more and more visible - And though the stance betrayed something on edge, it was likely because Hemlock was on fire, and had a dozen or so bits of shrapnel and debris poking out of him. 'Course, that'd fail to stop a Nidus-type warframe in the first place, but that part isn't important. The actual important bit was that all three figures ahead of him -Scab aside- were now readying themselves as if he was about to do something violent - Fortunately for everyone here, violence was the last thing on Hemlocks mind. Raising his arms in a mock surrender pose as he continued to stride towards the rag-tag group of independents ahead of him. "Easy now, I know I made a less then acceptable entrance but I can assure you-" Intoned the technocyte-golem as it paused mid stride, casting its sight back upon the burning ruin of the Gox before returning his eyes to the party in front of him. "-My intentions are very much far from hostile." Hemlock resumed in a concise and curt manner, as he kept moving forward. "If I was hostile and had an intent to harm, I'd have my gun upon you by now not sooner, right Lucas?" he asked, remembering that one situation back at the hanger of the salvage yards. Hemlock would join the group proper - If any tried to threaten him he'd just look and give a dismissive shrug at the notion, coming towards Lucas himself. And would extend his hand in anticipation of a handshake, only to cast a glance at at the blood-covered appendage, pull it back and wipe off the blood onto his right thigh and extend his hand again. "Considering our situation it is nice to see a familiar face. Barring your little nickname for him, I imagine J'kotal would be rather stoked to hear you are well. How have you been, and who are your new friends here?" He'd turn his head to look at the two present. "Would you be so kind as to introduce me?"
  7. In a lonely isolated facility at the equator of Venus, there stood a facility. Quiet and in most respects it was of no particular note. It took damaged goods and reprocessed them into other goods for other uses - Essentially a glorified recycling centre, the Hystuc Salvage Yards remained uneventful after taking a fairly hefty financial blow from funding a mostly dry foray into piracy. But that isn't important right now, even with the Obelisk slowly drifting into its mooring with coffers full and storage stacked with salvaged metals and equipment. Because in one of the many underground chambers resided the large form of an Orbiter. It remained unfastened or bolted down, because it was a visitor and provided a considerable mote of logistic support to the company and housed one of the most murderous beings in the system. A child of the Zariman. As the Orange-and-Grey Taxon that Aegrimon inhabited drifted up to the somatic pod, he wondered how his charge was faring now - having spent some time in good company by Corpus standards - Might have improved his mood considerably. "Operator!" He chimed, but to no response - nothing new to Aegrimon at this point considering the morose nature of Hemlock. "Now, Hemlock - No need to shy away, come on out - It's almost time for your lunch and you haven't eaten today!" The Taxon chimed again, this time slightly more worried, considering the silence and overall lack of a reply. "Oh for the love of- Open up allred-" A forced command to the Somatic pod revealed a startling sight to the Cephalon. Where his Star-Child would be, was a tuberculous, pustule ridden mass of red-to-grey fleshmetal, construed into a facsimile of Hemlock's own vital signatures. In short, before the looming realisation of everything else hit him - Aegrimon just realised something very very bad. He'd been duped. The resulting digital-screech incurred a fatal-exception error in anything less advanced than a railgun-moa, making the Techs sad and the MOA units very dead. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Look J'kotal, I know you and your kindred have a thing with honor or like drinking but please don't do that next time! This is the third time now that I had to reprimand you for challenging a full-blooded human or corpus individual when your dialiitic implants are out of commision." reprimanded the venerable Doctor Saijek, who was angrily venting at the Grineer for his escapades and love of alcoholic drinks. And promptly rolled his eyes and groaned in discomfort, after all - When your liver implants stuff up and you're recovering from a drinking contest you tend to be forced into the uncomfortable experience that was Dialysis. "Gghn. Aight doc, but how was I to know they'd break then of all times?" J'kotal asked the man, only for the doctor to shoot him a glare with a free complimentary scowl. "J'kotal, no excuses - This is the third time need-I-remind-you, and you have neurological implants that should be able to keep track of all this! Look, I'm a busy man and I've other patients to see to, and you're all set for now. One week, no drinks, alcohol or drugs that I haven't given you the All-Clear for. Got it?" "Got it. Thanks 'Doc." "You're welcome, now come along - There's more than a few people in the waiting line." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------His walk to his respective 'Dorm' was uneventful as it was casual. With a grunt he turned the airlock-bulkhead-pressure-door-abomination and stepped inside, closing it behind him and entering the somewhat damp and dank cavern. Alas, it was not stone nor steel that was the common sight, but pots upon pots of plant specimens from all corners of the system. It would be a minor understatement to say that J'kotal considered himself a gardener. If he felt like it, chances are he could probably set up a decent plant nursery and turn a tidy sum but for now he was content to meander about his quarters and tend to the various greens that were potted, hung, potted-and-hung and anything else that escaped the criteria. As he sat down next to his pride and joy, a now rather healthy looking Mulberry tree, however small it was. He was in the middle of harvesting the latest crop of berries when his comm-unit fired up abruptly, startling him and causing him to crush the large handful of berries in his hand and eliciting a great deal of exasperation from the man. After cleaning said hand, he picked up his comlink and made the critical error of hoisting it to his ear. "N'yello?" And was almost deafened on the spot by the screaming Cephalon on the other side. Erring on the side of caution, he remotely set the comm-link's sensitivity to 'Maximum', grabbed a megaphone and scampered to the other side of the room. What followed was a back and forth between a Grineer and a nigh-psychotic Cephalon as both parties would try bridge the gap between "Chillest-guy-on-the-planet" and "Digital-Exterminatus" over the course of an hour. By the end of it all, J'kotal knew what he had to do, and begrudgingly picked up the comm-unit again and went to his contact list. The man was the last person he wanted to talk to at the moment considering he drunk J'kotal under the table and left him nursing both a headache and an extended spell of sobriety. "Hello? Lucas? Sorreh' to barge in on ya like this but-ah, We've a wee bit of a problem...You know where Hemlock is, by any stretch 'o the world?" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The patina-stained Nidus sat in the control seat of what was arguably the most rickety ship he'd ever seen in his life. The only reason it was working now was because of his special friend tying it together with strands of metallic-meat-moss and technocarcinoma. Hemlock leaned back in his ship and looked upon the Helminth's masterwork of making this thing space-worthy again. 'You did a good job here, Helminth, It's quite appreciated.' The child mused, knowing that the body inside his body heard him clearly. The distant murmurs and groans in the back of his mind seemed to bely a degree of acknowledgement from the pestilent entity. It'd been a few hours ago that Hemlock had caught the signal dispatched by the Reaping Olympians and had known that Aegrimon would adamantly refuse to send him there, let alone give it a second thought. But Hemlock was bored out of his mind, and had been in a pretty bad spell - As far as he was concerned now, he may as well try improve his day in the same way as most Tenno do - By ruining the days of countless others by murdering the ever-loving-shiet out of them. The Gox was approaching the hangar bay, now being visible in the distance - The personnel would indeed be getting the right details and the invitation, but it would be standing out amongst a sea of technical gibberish and...groaning? The audio feed from the craft was awash with junk-data and all the sounds that screamed "Infested" and "Bad News" and most definitely "Nidus" The only intelligible part was a guttural, wet, legionlike voice intoning two words. "WwWeE CoMmE." And then be able to realise that the Gox itself was only detected when it was too close to the hangar bay to actually be shot down or otherwise intercepted. They would see that as the craft neared, it's lights and emission systems flickered constantly, and was covered in all manner of dust, rust and of course - Technocyte Meatmoss. Lots of it, holding the Gox together in a manner not unlike stitches and muscle tissue. It was also going quite fast and towards the hangar bay - Moving with a haphazard but purposeful course, it would indeed reach the hangar. But it certainly did not enter gracefully. As the craft was ascending, one of the gun-arms would catch on the lower lip of the docking bay with enough force to send the Gox into a tumbling spiral. The next few seconds would involve the quiet of the hanger being interrupted as the ramshackle craft somersaulted into the bay, and began cartwheeling in a spectacular show of self destruction - As if each spin sent it into a faster-and-faster spiral that crumpled the ship like a can, scattering debris and steel left right and center as the ship shook itself to pieces - with the secondary-gun arm breaking off no more than 2 seconds into the scene. For the savvy they could see that despite the seemingly uncontrollable cascade, the ship unnaturally steered away from any inhabited or otherwise full spaces - tumbling towards an empty area of the bay even as the ship burst into flames and became a hellish boulder of unreasonable rudeness as its primary weapon-arm broke off and set the ship into a now clockwise spin in regards to its bow. Finally stopping a good 75ft into the hangar, it sat there for a good few seconds - before a modest explosion ripped a section of the craft open, and consumed it in a blue-orange inferno of plasma-fire and, well, regular fire. It would seem like the ship was still, only for the signal of a Moros-Phenotype charger, adorned in its respective armor to lunge out of the burning craft - yelping in its distorted manner as a bit of its posterior was aflame, only for the flame to be smothered by its impressive regenerative capabilities. Didn't stop the thing for running around in circles for a few choice moments before it picked up a familiar scent. Whilst Falon wouldn't know who-in-the-damn-world this hell-mutt belonged to, Lucas on the other hand would almost certainly recognise it, and by proxy who it belonged to, as the Charger promptly forgot about everything and anything - confidently trotting up to him and began sniffing at his boot and trousers, tail wagging furiously and seemingly unable to contain its excitement or anticipation for scritches. It was also at this moment that his comm-unit would begin buzzing with a call, and when a patina-and-grey arm launched one of the smouldering panels from the Gox, as "Mister-War-Crime" otherwise known Hemlock hauled himself from the Gox's mangled, burning remains and begrudgingly plucking bits and irregular pieces of shrapnel from his armoured carapace before locking his proverbial 'eyes' with the man and began walking towards him, still fishing out the metal fragments sticking out of the Warframe's body. As for the Gox? It's earlier detonation wouldn't be anywhere near potent enough to harm the floor it crashed upon, save some scratches and scorch marks as the flames consumed the craft itself. Curiously, the earlier signs of Infestation were now dying off completely - Any visible bits that weren't obscured by flame lost their organic lustre, and any of the glowing, scale-like formations to dim entirely. Though on a more positive note, the cleaning staff wouldn't have to work *too* hard. Just had to clear the gradually-less-burn-y Gox in the bay. For dockworkers, they've probably seen worse. Probably.
  8. Name: Hemlock, Alias(es): Callsign is 'Stain' - Known as "The Hystruc Hangman" to the personnel of the company in question. Species: Zariman Tenno Gender: Male, Z Apparent Age: 18-to-19 Mental Age: Seemingly varies - Typically that of a 30-years male, occasionally broken with bouts of immaturity, root-cause suspected to be of from indefinitely prolonged late teenhood. Biological Age: Active service life of 1400 Years and counting. Personality: Once upon a time, Hemlock was an upstanding champion of the Meridians ideals - having dedicated himself to their visions of protecting the innocent. But that was the boy of yesteryear, and if you asked him about it now he'd dodge the question or just kill you on the spot. Because something happened one day, and something deep inside Hemlock got broken so badly that it changed his entire worldview - Hemlock now is staunchly utilitarian, going about his tasks with an uncaring, clinical approach peppered with a dash of childlike pettiness and cruelty with a side of apathy and hopelessness. He is obsessed with the notion that he's stopped 'Pretending' like before, and has become a nihilistic fatalist that recklessly chases its own demise. Despite the pitfalls, there is evidence that some small shreds of the kid he used to be remain - Occasionally shows a kinder side, but is most known for his Loyalty to the squad he is assigned with. Even after his fall, there is recorded evidence of Hemlock marching through the flames to ensure no one is left behind, or that everyone receives equal cover. Appearance: Young human, Short messy crop of dark-to-strawberry blonde hair - Eyes are pale blue and do not emit void-light on the visible spectrum like other Zarimans. Somatic scarring is heavy around eyes, cheekbones and jaw. Resembles copper-patina staining in coloration, and closer inspection would reveal tiny infested buboes hidden among the charred and necrotic tissue. Skin is white in coloration. Brief History: Hemlock has been very bored lately - Looking for an opportunity and excuses to hurt people and potentially hurt himself in a more-than-lethal fashion, He managed to catch wind of the Reaping Olympians and their task. Previously, Hemlock was laying low at the behest of caretaker Cephalon Aegrimon but has managed to hijack a Gox and depart manually. Normally implausible, if it weren't for the fact that he has had the Helminth directly grafted to him, and confirmed to this specific substrain that the Boy, not the Frame, is the master. With time to kill and an itchy trigger-finger, He's made his way across the spacelanes in a rusty Gox held together by sheer spite and the technocyte strands of Helminth. Equipment: Nidus Phryke has become his favored warframe as of late - taking into account its capability of defiling vast swathes of the environment and projecting control over it's, and now by proxy Hemlocks, own sub-strain of the Helminth-pattern Technocyte. Utilises a Tigris-Prime for sheer damage output and monstrous status application, Euphona Prime for the same reason as the Tigris. Utilises a pair of Nami-Skyla set for status infliction. All weaponry come equipped with ammunition-mutation equipment to significantly prolong field life. Noticing a trend here? Companion is a Moros-Type Helminth Charger. Displays same mannerisms of a domesticated kubrow as expected of a Helminth-strain charger. Personality is that of a proverbial cuddle-bug, starkly contrasting his master. Though to note, he has abandoned his Orbiter completely - Managing to sneak out undetected by his Cephalon and the Hystruc facility security systems. His wits and weapons are essentially all he has. Skills and Abilities: Though Hemlock's void capabilities are rather sound, you see - Hemlock has a predicament. He would very much like to Die. Be it execution, happenstance or being worn out to dust, he just wants it all to end. Problem is, is that Hemlock is not only a follower of Unairu teachings but implacable as well. Even hurling himself into the nuclear furnace of the sun failed to kill him, as he merely manifested on Mercury an indeterminate amount of time later, yet unaware that his very stubbornness and ever-moving nature cheats himself of the death he craves, and is too unyielding to simply keel over and die. And to top things off, A good deal of time ago he coerced his Cephalon to confirm to the Helminth of his orbiter that Hemlock himself was the master, not the Nidus. Then he had it integrated into his body, manifesting as aposomatic mimicry of the Somatic scarring on his facial features. Physical attributes conferred are production and control of infested nanoculture from his own flesh, the ability to use said flesh to grow neural-networks for subverting targets and conferring ever more physical resistance and vigor. Can be utilised with higher efficiency from the Nidus itself, and grants both incredibly potent regenerative qualities. For Hemlock, it just seems like he will not die. And that's quite the predicament, really.
  9. Have you ever considered making the various warframe Deluxe skins open for Tennogen variants?
  10. Hiya, Devs! Any progress on allowing us to wield the buzzsaw that the Rictus Ghouls use? And anything more you can show us of that Dadao (Dat two-handed katana) you keep teasing?
  11. The Ghoul-Sawmen, their Buzzsaws, Can we wield them? Do you have any progress on them if that is so?
  12. Are we getting that Sawman Ghoul Buzzsaw? Do you have anything to show off about it? Are we even getting it anymore? PLEASE, I NEED DAT BUZZSAW. P L E A S E
  13. Can we get some form of automatic handheld crossbow? Can we get a one-handed Claymore/Bastard Sword? At the very least, with all the one handed melee weapons we have, can we wield our pistols with them? Also, do you plan to buff some of the other weapons (Quartakk?) to address the fact that many aren't even relevant to utilize? Please?
  14. Hello again, DE - I have a few questions. Firstly, can we get a Glass armor set? Secondly. Transference. In game, we use it to do three things. To enter our warframes, and exit them, and to possess the Golden Maw. I was thinking, is it plausible for you to expand transference a tad? To give it mechanics similar to the Typhon mechanics in Prey? Can we eventually use it to transfer into inanimate objects to hide from opponents? Could we eventually use it to just outright ASSUMINGDIRECTCONTROL demonically possess a target, like a random Grineer? There is a lot of potential for Operators, and to that end - Are you planning to expand the focus schools with additional nodes in order to define each school?
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