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  1. I will definitely agree that Railjack needs a MAJOR speed increase to most elements of the gameplay. The controls are very solid and flying feels good, but any time you're not just dogfighting a swarm of Fighters you're back to feeling like you're driving a fully-loaded dumptruck as you slowly creep toward objectives that spawn 16 kilometers away, which should take no time at all to reach in a spacecraft. Instead, the spacecraft feels like you're basically piloting a giant Warframe without legs as far as movement speed. The fact that Archwings all easily outrun the freaking spaceship that they launch out of is a little nutty. If the ship is so much slower, why not just not have it in the equation? It should at least be able to keep up with or outrun Archwings.
  2. DEFINITELY need to get my hands on that, then.
  3. Is Void Hole really that essential? I still only have Seeker Volley.
  4. I'm honestly just confused at this point as to how there are this many angry posts still. I've only done two Veil missions today, both of which dropped multiple GOOD wreckage drops, a smattering of avionics, and far more resources than I'd ever gotten before. The enemies were much less annoying to kill, which made all my weapons feel far more useful. Are some of the people still having issues running with less than 4? I'll admit I have a dedicated crew at this point that synergizes VERY well, so that might be why I'm not having the same issues.
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