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  1. OP: You're stupid redtext.

    Redtext: Leave me alone, I'm busy



    If I were OP I'd have saved myself some dignity and not posted this.

    hah! that's where i tricked you :D i have no dignity

  2. It was me who angered redtext and i have the screens to prove it.




    All i can do is beg for redtext's forgiveness, and to do so i have written this song entitled Ode to Redtext:


    Oohh reeeedddteeexxxttt such a glorious beauty, We live to serve yooooouuu.

    Tenno's Ray of the new dawn, with faith in your desire.
    It's an Honor to be your chosen one, As nothing holds a candle to yoooouuuu.
    You wish to fill warframe with creative beauty.
    We will serve faithfully.
    My Eternal Queen of Darkness.


    let my public chastising commence

  3. Overload is Op it doesn't fair up with most of top Frames Ultimate. Let's start nerfing again..

    yes, you are right Varukan23, volt does need to be nerfed.

    Personally i preferred the previous way volt's overload worked.


    Everytime i use his overload now all the enemies who aren't special drop to the floor in an instant and the sound effect lasts for a second at most, leaving me to hover there for like 5 seconds doing nothing especially if there is an electrical device nearby. The old way i at least got to listen to explosions and watch my enemies slowly have the life burned out of them, and wasn't a sitting duck for anyone with a really strong shield.

    I like the new color but that's about it, i now rarely use Overload anymore seeing that it's more of a liability for me.

  4. It's easier to do if you stand in a corner and crouch.

    It's kind of hard to do that in the heat of battle tho. Outside battle you can crouch and glance at it but you won't see how much health it has left because of the shield bar covering it up... Unless you just ducked behind a crate or into an empty room and happen to catch it's health before the shield bar swallows it up.


    In summation...


    *falls to hands and knees*


    plz plz PLZ give us a sentinel HUD, I'm not too proud to beg D:>


    *crawls over and kisses the Devs feet*


    I can also do tricks!!


    *rolls over*


    and speak!




    Have pity on this Grand Master :'(

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