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  1. It’s a decent start, but still not great compared to the rotations my friends have been seeing. Indifferent of the stat, the issue remains that I’ve seen no rotation of the stats.
  2. I’m fairly certain it’s a bug, but wasn’t sure what it would qualify as for that section of the forum so I opted to post here. For some reason, the tenet weapons at Ergo won’t change. Every four days I check the stock and sporadically in between, but they’ve been exactly the same each time (stat for stat across all four weapons). All four are electricity, 38% stat on grigori, 28% stat on livia, 22% stat on exec, and 28% stat on agendus. I bought the grigori once hoping it would shake the cobwebs loose, so to speak, and it may have swapped stats at the next cycling, but as suspected it made no difference. Naturally, this glitch wouldn’t bother me as much if the weapons had better status percentages, but let’s face it even the 38% is a bad start when it can random roll in the 50s. I’m by no means upset, just tired of hoping it will actually roll the stats with one of the cycle periods and wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this. As a note, I play on PS4.
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