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  1. hi :) i want to sell a rank 3 magus glitch for 60plat. maximum. DM me in game first come first served
  2. hi :) im just curious on a gud node for farming scorpions? cuz i want the sand yellow pigment
  3. to clarify its: "Granmu Prism" (3), "Shraksun Scaffold" (2) and "Certus Brace" (7)
  4. hi. i got a recommendation on a 327 amp in a discussion in-game? you guys know a amp arcane that would combo well with that combination?
  5. ye. ok. im just havin a hard time waiting of longer periods. cuz i dont know the scale of tickets they get Xd
  6. hi :( ive waited about a week for a clan emblem request and sent a ticket in support with no response anyone know what de is up to? they seem to ignore me D:
  7. im just curious if i will be able to get it reviewed over weekend thats all xD
  8. isnt it DE/dev team that aproves/reviews such things? or arent they pretty much same? sorry i dont know much of these things
  9. hi anyone here know if any at DE works at weekends or have freetime currently? cuz im waiting for a clan emblem review
  10. Hi :) WTS Transient Fortitude rank 8 50plat | WTS Blind Rage rank 8 50plat cheap deal whisper in game
  11. hi im just curious if there is any swedish artists here, cuz i need clan emblem and cant draw x_x i wanna discuss in DMs
  12. what tier of lense? regular, greater or eidolon?
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