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  1. Why are there nerfs to range to 3 out of 4 hydroid abilities?

    Even if you "Cast" to make them similar to pre-nerf("Rework") You take ~3 seconds to cast 


    Why have you changed it to go against/not fit into this games fast paced combat? These long casting times create lulls in combat and result in a higher chance to get killed. Unless your specific aim is to make Natural Talent a practical "must have" for most hydroid builds?


    Was puddle too OP pre-nerf? If not, Why have you attempted to focus on an ability after you've nerfed its range by more than 75%?

  2. Still no fix for absurdly high Hema research costs


    Ways to describe the Hema's research costs: Shady, snakey, back-alley, crooked, extortionist, expoiting, foul, underhanded, villainous, devious, ruthless, fraudulent, insidious, scummy


    If you wish to kill clans made of long time friends that aren't 100% active, just make a announcement, we all know how much you guys don't want to put even the most minor spotlight on clans or clan dojo's in general. But this is a pretty roundabout way to say that

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  3. 11 hours ago, Pegasy said:

    Do you plan on supporting clickable http(s) links? I don't mind typing out links the few times someone sends something but most don't do that and I would still prefer to just click them.

    With how chat works now, that could be used by spambots to make you click malicious links, I wouldn't recommend it


    I really dont like the emotes (but I dont like emotes that arent plain text in general) and that the tabs are icons, overall this doesn't really look like an upgrade to me so much as it seems like a sidegrade. This could be that im used and fond of the chat right now, but I do think the clickable join links would be nice for clan/alliance chats but would be absolutely horrible for recruiting chat as it would be like bait for leechers (Ex. Hosting T4 Defense, and someone joins with a Rank 7 Nova + low rank weapons) just looking to get free XP, while they cant really do anything themselves. 

    I think it could do well if a filter was added so you only get messages with "X" or hide messages that contain "Y" (Mainly thought of for trade chat, but would work in recruiting also) [ex. they want to do T3 and T4 missions so they put "T3,T4" in a menu/textbox and any message with those show, or simply "WTS" so you only see sellers or "WTB" for buyers)

    or if it was possible maybe a /currentX (X being weapon name equipped) and if clicked it gives a hover-over of mods used + forma'd polarites being italicized. (some way to share builds easier) my suggestion was just a quick made-on the spot 





  4. DE say they want to reduce grind walls one day and nerf legitimate ways of grinding next day. Never change, DE!


    I couldn't of said it better


    and if this is a reactionary nerf to how ridiculous farming ophelia and the 4th natah mission is, the problem isnt that hydroid/nekros combo can make ridiculous loot, its how often the enemies spawn in that tileset, and that the heavy gunners seem to have a guaranteed rare and mod drop. I was farming there and enemies were spawning 30 meters away without being behind a door or anything, they just appeared. Combine that with a never-ending stream of enemies that drop rares extremely often and you can farm it extremely easy..


    although not anymore. 

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