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  1. Yeah, as a PVE game with a bow that shoots cluster-bombs that red crit...I actually can't fathom what difference it makes to allow a Reactive Mod that replaces a flat multi-shot...NVM, too much nerd rage over nothing...LOL, yeah, should have seen it coming.
  2. I'm heavily disappointed in this "bows only" mod that doesn't work on most bows... With what, a 2 second window in order to aquire a hit consecutively all the while losing accuracy...also, no Split Chamber. Any bow it made sense to put this mod on basically got the "no-go." The bows you need accuracy on can have it, the ones that don't can't. It's a counter-intuitive decision. Collector's fodder.
  3. Maybe Zephyr should have had an indefinite aim glide?
  4. Oops, I was thinking of the Vent Kids rep, the short races are good for that. Leveling is just tricks and pipe-grind. Sorry, a less than helpful moment for me.
  5. It varies. After a new release, there is loose plat out in the market, people are buying so those prices may change. Vaulting can change that too. Rarer parts might be worth as much as a whole frame from time to time. It just takes patience. Also, yes, there are alot of cheapskates, LOL!
  6. There are several mods that can help with The Grind (also the name of my K-Drive). Double jump, air time, and I believe there's a trick score bonus mod that can help. Truth be told, it's faster just to run K-Drive races on console, like the one just outside Fortuna. It's boring but it gets the job done. Simple predictable fast K-Drive EXP. I don't envy you having to tackle this one but I do wish you the best of luck!
  7. I've been saying this for a while now. Polarizing enemies to make opposites attract. The range and force could go up with stacks. Corrosive with Disarm might be too much, maybe a forced reload, or a unique animation where they scrape the gunk off their weapons.
  8. Nothing is really set in stone.(except Atlas, he's all stone) I like the notion of additional Umbra Frames for the sake of the individual story. Excal-Dax and Ballas made a compelling emotional story. I couldn't say which Warframes and the "people" they were made from would have a valuable story to tell, what emotion would bind them to Orokin servitude, but we as a community could still push for new Umbra stories.
  9. I actually agree with you. DE doesn't seem to know what they want to do with Archwings... Open world areas would be more fun if there was a crossover synergy between Warframes and AWs but those rockets are non-stop knocking you out of the air. Half the purpose is mobility around the map, so who cares if players spam blink?
  10. I could use some pre-built forma or catalysts, Kuva is nice, Resource X2 boosters are a great choice for weekends, as a collector I'd love to nab all the arcanes available...Rivens are nice but I greatly disagree with your "that's all they'll pick" opinion. I've usually got 120 on hand outside of a good trade week...
  11. I'm up for a change to Sorties, I've had enough of sculptures as a reward. I think there should be a simple "elite" currency, rewarded for completion of a variety of mission types and redeemable for most end-game rewards. Nightmare missions:1 token Sorties:3 tokens ESO tiers: 2 tokens per round Arbitrations: 2 tokens per round Requiem Relic missions: 1 per round/mission Eidolons: 1, 2, 3 tokens respectively (6 per hunt) These tokens could be exchanged for Arcanes, Cosmetics, Sortie Rewards, Kuva, and other similar rewards with considerations for rarity/value.
  12. Also, the ability is Well of Life not Pool of life, which is the augment...clearly I need more coffee...
  13. Maybe they could lower the full armor stripping cap from Pillage from 400% power strength to something halfway reasonable...like 200%? I actually like Hildryn but she is dependent on certain mods to make her really effective or certain support frames to keep her alive at higher levels. Being able to use Pillage or a primary/secondary weapon while in power 4 would help. Greater base range for Balefire would be nice.
  14. Trinity's Ability 1 is lackluster and redundant. She's a healer and defender. So what would you replace her Pool of Life/Ability 1 with, given that it should be something that compliments the healer/battery/defender role? Suggestion: Lifedrain- Trinity empowers her weapons with Lifedrain, damaging enemies activates a 3X stackable health regen of 5HP per second per stack. Weapon damage gains a scalable 1% of enemy max HP damage per stack. (At full stacks that's 3% of enemy max HP in damage per attack.) Augment: Lifepool- Holding down Ability 1 applies the Lifedrain weapon empowerment effect to Tenno within 15 Meters. Just an example, what alternate ideas do you have to improve Trinity's kit?
  15. Warframe is nice all around because the challenge is optional. You choose what weapons to use: Skana or Reaper Prime, Braton or Acceltra, Lato or Kuva Seer. You choose what Warframe to use and what Mods to put on. You choose how hard the game is and how you go about it. If you want a challenge use underused weapons and Warframes or try out Skiajati stealth builds(these are really fun BTW!). Sure some things could use a balance adjustment, but if you make everything perform on the same level you destroy the power fantacy element and choice becomes a moot point. It's a PvE game. If it's too easy (you're bored), try something new.
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