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  1. An Aquarium and a Lake scene for the fish. Maybe some catch and release fishing...
  2. It was here before drift mods, I feel like it's just been missed.
  3. No, I think everyone can understand where you're coming from. Your ideas are not bad and the wording is fairly on point. I think it's just that Zephyr is so lackluster, role-awkward, and generally unappealing that it feels like she needs more help than your suggestion seems to offer. It's also hard to visualize what kind of impact she'd really have on the group or on the targets of her abilities after we min-max the heck out of her Mods. My point is this, keep adding to this, update your idea, and eventually (as the community already knows Zephyr needs a rework) you'll have a highly detai
  4. I'm fine with this but I think Zephyr's problems are a bit deeper than just abilities. Her role is not quite right. Her crowd control is random and detrimental to the way warframe works (like Khora's piniata dome), because the cc'd enemies are being bounced around there's no practical way to get headshots or even hit them with anything that's not Area of Effect oriented. So should she be considered a CC warframe? How about the role of Tank, Turbulence is a strong ability and you gain speed and potentially projectile speed with an augment...However, her other abilities don't really do anything
  5. My only gripe with thrown melee weapons is that the "explosion" tends to kill the user outright, This really shouldn't be a thing for a melee weapon but I guess it gives it a bit of a timing skill factor...
  6. Some kind of Warframe (non-operator) energy regen waybound would be nice. Maybe tie it into the amp-energy regen waybound.
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