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  1. I agree with you in general. Railjack was supposed to be the means to connect eveything and make it flow in general. I think it's still possible to make everything connected a bit better. Why not have endless integrated missions, where you can choose to do (let's say 3) different activities (ie- a spy node, a mobile DEF, a capture, a rescue/escort, hyjack, or exterminate)? When you complete the task you get a little reward and 3 more random things pop up. You could tie in bonus rewards for consistently choosing the more difficult thing and/or meeting bonus requirements (like not setting off al
  2. Yeah, it did get a bit "Twilight Zone" pretty quick. However, I'd collect a ton of them for my Dojo!!!
  3. Boss mecanics are a bit dated due to the development of the Tenno arsenal. Phases can be okay, but having time dependent phases is a hassle due to the natural pacing of the game. I like the notion of tagging weak spots or keeping priority support hostiles down to move through phases. Even dong small puzzles in between phases could be okay. We have a really varied arsenal, why not make us use them as a whole? Maybe a rotational debuff disabling all but one (primary, secondary, melee, archgun, and operator weapons) and adjusting the expected damage input for that type to the boss specifical
  4. I always liked the alt fire Dead Space style saw blade...a shame it never felt like an effective weapon (the alt fire mode specifically) because it had potential to be fun.
  5. Due to the fast nature of the game and these kind of errors, Vacuum type mods should be integrated into the warframes, pets, operators. As a mod, it's a must have if you actually want your loot. Alternatively, DE could have just added a Vacuum range modifier to all pet/sentinel mods so that as you equipped Health/Active Abilities/ETC you'd gain range on the Vacuum effect.
  6. A horizontal fan of buzz-saws hovering in a frontal fan would have been nice too. For whatever reason, I thought the radial part was going to be some kind of disc rotating around the player while using the secondary (imagination got the better of me).
  7. The secondary fire needs it's damage cranked up a good deal (via rate of fire, crit/multiplier, base damage, and slash proc chance). The primary explosions are nice but removing the ricochet/punch through to gain that benefit (at such low damage in general) really dosen't make it worth it. For a prime weapon, especially one I really was excited about, it already needs an overhaul. Just my opinion at first glance, so to speak.
  8. Improved stealth bonuses while crouched, aim-gliding, and wall latching/running. That is to say that I think the capacity to notice a Warframe doing these actions should be significantly reduced. I'd also like to see MODs that make you invisible while crouching or wall latching for a short duration which would be extended by getting stealth kills. It should have a cooldown that can be shortened by stealth kills, minimizing exploitation by run-'n-gunners.
  9. The Soma is a great all around weapon (a bit dated but still good) that is Crit based. It is a good choice.
  10. Coffee just shot out my nose. It's too early to make me laugh like that! Loot skills are not really interesting IMO. It's like vacuum, why do I have to waste a whole spot in my MOD options to get minor loot that fell through the cracks (literally and metaphoracally)? Building these concepts into something more interesting could work. If the extra loot component was already part of the ability or if Vacuum was part of commonly used MODs (Health X and +5 Vacuum, Shields X and +7 Vacuum) then it wouldn't be a detriment or a crutch.
  11. I agree. I can't remember which Dev is in charge of UI but he's the one who'd be interested in this sort of thing. Also, this could go under Fan Concepts as Feedback is for existing and present things in the game, this is a suggestion. So the general idea is that you want a damage meter(UI) to more specifically track your damage output within the testing areas (Simulacrum).
  12. The Helstrum companion weapon ceases to fire entirely quite often. It doesn't matter what companion you equip it to, after targeting 2-3 enemies it just stops firing. In addition to this, the Adhesive Grenades mod is available but appears to do nothing. (functionally, this could have been fun/interesting) As a side note (feedback/not the bug), the Helstrum could use a review on it's damage output, it's low rate of fire next to the rediculous magazine size makes no sense, the area of effect is pretty low for it's bad accuracy and low projectile velocity. *wishes Tether Grenades w
  13. I'm having the same issue as well as some PSN disconnects. Who knows...
  14. Get something tanky (Atlas, Valkyr, Grendel, Inaros). Throw the glaive/Xoris and reactivate it to make it explode. Do this after you wear down Protea and she enters the time reverse phase. Repeat until you win.
  15. I'm not a fan of this but there's nothing that can be done to stop or negotiate the decision to bury a good thing. No one was forcing anyone to use the Xoris, it just complimented a handful of things making them more powerful than they already were in a game where power fantasy is the name of the game.
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