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  1. my biggest success on forums is.... DUM DUM DUM not getting banned by all the jokes i made since CB my dream is to make heated discussion about "LoliFrame"
  2. Nyx - Loki = Mosh pit around a female monk with Glowsticks Excal - Rhino = Flare into Stomp Roar into Sword Hell and many more....will post later coz i gtg atm
  3. LoliFrame this needs to happen
  4. Kickbot is my friend he kicked alot of mean ppl from my chat :D
  5. ......wha....ho....jesus christ.... jus....ahh...nvm
  6. This also happen in the breeding grounds event people asked for plat pay for taking people into the mission for guaranteed 48 points(think they charged 15 - 30plat)
  7. Saryn "Has the ability to produce deadly poison" "Dies if hugs a lvl 50 TOXIC ancient"
  8. well if he wants the payment after the mission you could just leave and never see him again lol if he wants it before the mission he can leave with the plat, but he then gets reported and banned i dont see how this can work....either way lol
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