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  1. I like your improvements, but it has to be mentioned how bad Shuriken is without the augment. We can't let a good augment overshadow the uselessness of a base ability. Shuriken costs more to cast, and with far less damage than a mark of Bladestorm. So it needs to have more use beyond damage since is inferior to any other method of damage in his kit.
  2. I've been asking for this feature for primes since Hydroid Prime came out with non-water tentacles. Yes please. +1
  3. He doesn't need an exalted. He just needs the ability to be good without relying on a stat stick. I don't think the abilities need to be switched around, but I do like most of your added suggestions, mechanic-wise. I think those examples are exactly why the Rumblers' strength needs to change. Both of theirs are based on 1st abilities. Wukong's is indefinite duration with access to all of your weapons and great AI compared to normal NPCs. Equinox's is duration based, but uses your weapons but at 300% of the damage. Certainly a base 4th ability should be superior pets than 1st abilities, even augmented ones.
  4. The trick to Ash is to not depend on your clones for everything. When there are a lot of enemies, mark half of them with clones and kill the other half yourself with your weapons. Shuriken, if you're not using the augment, is pretty useless except taking out cameras or picking off a weakened enemy. Bladestorm is far cheaper and far more damage per mark so more efficient in every possible way except for initial casting speed. Don't expect to use Smoke Screen all the time. It's meant for short bursts so the duration isn't useless as it is. He has high health and armor so he's more durable than typical "stealth" frames. I use him with Rage, so i actually benefit from enemies attacking me to gain energy. Then use Smoke Screen to escape if you take too much damage during the fight. Teleport (with augment) will only be needed for quickly moving to new enemy groups and taking out heavies like Nox/Eximus, etc. Bladestorm, as mentioned is amazing to supplement your damage and allow you to "be in multiple places" on the field at once. Don't don't expect it to do all the work alone. I personally use him with Dread (my most used weapon in the game), Catchmoon (previously Rakta Ballistica), and Venka Prime (it passively gains combo counter faster so it synergizes with him well. I previously used all of the Nikana family with him for years). You can use just about whatever weapons fit your playstyle. If you use the augment for his 1 then you have even more ranged weapon versatility, but I focus more on melee with him so I never needed it. My build: Steel Charge, Power Drift, Rage, Primed Flow, Fatal Teleport, Steamline, Primed Continuity, Intensify, Vitality, Rising Storm For Arcanes, I recommend Arcane Trickery and Arcane Ultimatum (for added stealth/armor if you want) but I'll likely be using Primary Charger when I get that updated on console so I can superboost my Dread from my frequent melee kills. Hope that gives you an idea which direction you might want to go. As I always tell people, other players' builds can get you in the right direction but you should always personalize it for what works best for you.
  5. I think what he is suggesting is that the Titania buff "Thorns" applies statuses to enemies it reflects damage to based on your equipped weapon. I don't personally like that exactly as it is, but I actually love the idea of all damage reflection/redirection in this game having guaranteed status proc based on the type of damage it redirected. Since the amount of damage is meaningless against enemy scaling, status would be far more useful if they were constantly proccing their own damage type's statuses back on themselves during the reflection. It could make something like Absorb more useful too, by dealing all status procs of the types it's absorbed when it explodes since it can barely scratch enemy health.
  6. I think Energizing Dash, and it's predecessor, are the worst thing DE has ever added to Warframe. Ideally, a more perfected secondary resource system would be the best replacement for the current energy economy. Have frames build up their resource through certain actions/abilities and consume them through others. It can create a more natural flow of gameplay without feeling forced like some of them do currently (even without secondary resources the existing energy economy creates just as much forced gameplay through energizing dash and pizzas, and syndicate weapons and rage). The perfected secondary resource system doesn't even have to rely exclusively on abilities. They can use any encouraged action to contribute, like weapon headshots or melee finishers or wallrunning, etc. Some weapons/abilities would probably be exempted from contribution though. For example, the benefit of Arca Plasmor is easy aoe damage so it obviously shouldn't contribute to being able to cast your nuke as well just because you happen to get 4 headshots with one projectile. Either that or a cooldown system combined with a system like Onslaught: Spammable abilities within a time frame before they go on cooldown.
  7. The reason is likely to avoid more afk gameplay. Any action that doesn't require regular input means less actual playing.
  8. I can say the same about Arca Plasmor, Catchmoon, Lesion, a half decent Zaw, Dread, and just about any other high tier weapon. Simply doing damage is meaningless when the same can be said by everything else. Other frames can bring equivalent weapons AND do other things.
  9. The umbra effect is overrated anyway. That is at least partly to do with the near unanimous backlash regarding how difficult and shortlived the echoes were meant to be. It's literally not worth the effort. The whole concept implementation may very well get overhauled.
  10. That could be interesting. And could definitely be expanded beyond the typical resources and affinity. They could have weekends that allow regular content a chance to provide cryotic, mutagen samples, focus, kuva, or vitus etc. drops where not typically able.
  11. I partially agree with this, but all non-cosmetic items are actually obtainable in game without buying....they just need to better express that in the market to help people who don't know that. Maybe have it tell you where to earn in-game before you confirm purchase. I can't give input on these. My new game experience was before the current iteration. We also didn't have the MK-1 weapons back then. I mostly agree with this. It'd be nice if more gameplay improved the quantity and rarity of items in some way. If repeated runs of something in a given time frame had higher chance for rare rewards and higher resource drop quantities. I've suggested a similar idea for endless missions providing higher quantity/rarity chance the longer you stay. Too many people enjoy the hoard style game play, so we don't need fewer enemies. We do completely need more stronger enemy types like Nox incorporated into common gameplay to switch up the flow and encourage things other than aoe kill frames. We need more enemies with specific weaknesses and resistance to aoe damage, and damage in general unless certain circumstances are met.
  12. Banshee, despite not being one of the more flashy frames these days, is effective overall. I think she could use a modernization rework like many others, but this isn't the way to go. I'm going to have to say no to turrets. Switching from one afk-permitting ability to another isn't going to improve her.
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