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  1. (PS4)Riko_113

    The Bonecold Warframe

    The point is that neither of them should really be frames, it's not supposed to be about the story of an individual frame. You might get minor pieces of story about some of the newer frames but because the info is so limited their theme needs to be clearly focused since the game will never tell us all of the complex reasons for each of the apparently random aspects tied together. I don't think he does, but the Gore frame coming after definitely does.
  2. (PS4)Riko_113

    Nyx's third ability proposal : Mind Link

    I suggested making Psychic Bolts her new passive that has a chance to trigger when an enemy deals damage to her. But it could also be kept as her 2 with the added effect suggested in the OP. Targets hit by psychic bolt become linked, sharing damage inflicted for a time.
  3. (PS4)Riko_113

    The Bonecold Warframe

    Could you do me a favor and replace all instances of Bonecold with Bat Dad?
  4. (PS4)Riko_113

    Nyx passive - Psychic Bolts

    With everyone planning the replacement for Nyx's psychic bolts I started thinking more about her passive. As bad as psychic bolts is, it's actually more useful than her passive in most situations. My thought, just make psychic bolts her passive. Each time an enemy deals damage to her shields or health Nyx has a chance to passively generate a psychic bolt targeting that foe. Perhaps, bolts generated due to health damage have guaranteed crit/proc chance. She has limited survival stats, and takes no damage during Absorb so the passive will not really be exploitable or excessive.
  5. (PS4)Riko_113

    Different approach to Limbo

    @skbenga That's true, but what I meant was that in standard usage by most players (on a team) the convenience of Cataclysm supersedes usage of Banish in most scenarios. Banish is definitely a good supplement to Cataclysm and Surge, but on it's own is more detrimental than anything when not soloing.
  6. (PS4)Riko_113

    Different approach to Limbo

    I do enjoy it when solo, but I agree that for most players they are much more likely to choose the 2/4 combo purely for the convenience of ally interaction rather than the extra steps and headache that comes with ally plane location.
  7. Oh I wasn't referring to the animation lock, I could've clarified that better. I'm not bothered by that necessarily, it's more of the fact that the current dodge is quickly moving you out of harms way while doing rifting vs standing in place or walking very slowly. I'm not sure how it is on PC but the console controls for a hold ability action while doing more than basic movements is infinitely worse than the problems that Limbo has with having to dodge to rift. I was just suggesting the double jump as a way that hopefully wouldn't be worse for 2/3 of the platforms since Limbo depends on the rift plane and his mobility for survival in most content over level 3 without the use of Quick Thinking or Arcanes. Lol
  8. (PS4)Riko_113

    Different approach to Limbo

    He said "in" and out. At the moment allies depend on Limbo putting the extra effort to get them into the rift to interact with rifted enemies. Even when Limbo does put that effort, many times allies didn't actually want to go in the rift at that time so your premeditated buff was actually a hindrance to them. Remove the portal completely. Give him something like "allies gain Limbo's passive within (x) meters of him" or "attacking an enemy on the opposite plane gives you the ability to dodge into/out of the rift for (x) seconds". It would be much smoother gameplay in high levels where Limbo doesn't always have the necessary time to catch his super speeding Warframe targets with Banish or they can't clearly see your dodge portal due to ability color/tileset color contrast.
  9. I think the delay from the hold action may not be fast enough in some cases, but i would still be a good QoL change from what we have. I've been trying to think of what would work conveniently for all platforms that wouldn't get in the way of common gameplay controls. It might be just me but I don't use double jump very often compared to other maneuvers, except activating my Zaw Exodia. Maybe double jump would be a useful place to put it, that would allow for the useful evasion and mobility of dodging without losing the useful movement that comes with changing planes currently since standing still is never recommended for Limbo unless he's already in the rift and Stasis is on. Hehe
  10. (PS4)Riko_113

    Revenant 4th ability

    Seriously, i wish people would quit asking for everything to be exalted. Weapons are already the most common method of killing. Your abilities should make you unique, not just give you another stronger weapon. More importantly it's supposed to fit the frame theme. He's not a "weapon" themed frame.
  11. I'd rather it just be innate with his passive considering it's integral to interacting with him on the team. I've been suggesting since his original rework that they let allies benefit from his passive for the same reason he needs it. Although i think the activation button should be something other than dodging personally.
  12. I don't know that it would be good to allow damaging abilities to work without limitations. I'd say maybe having phases where damage abilities work but with a damage cap or high health/armor with resistance to bleed/corrosive damage (and unaffected by Corrosive Projection). I'd prefer additional enemies with special mechanics that can't 'simply' be one-shotted. Like if a Nox and Kuva Guardian had a spider shaped baby together...<.< Immunity until they're made vulnerable, then high damage resistance until we "break" something, like the Nox helmet. This is only to prevent the talentless hack 'n slash spam-fest that this game so often rewards. With that said, the grind in this game also makes traditional game challenges a nightmare to think about. I wouldn't mind if these encounters were more like a traditional MMO raid bosses in some regards. With that it would probably be difficult to master and high chance of failure until you've got it down. It'd be more time consuming per encounter but with a much less diluted reward table (I've captured hundreds of Hydrolysts and still don't have all the rewards possible from Eidolons. Eventually I reach a point where I can see captures in my sleep and I'm not sure I care enough to try for them any more). In the end it may take longer before players successfully complete the first one, and longer to complete them each time but with the same total effort you may be able to get the rewards you want with 20-50 successful runs rather than 400+ runs. With that kind of set up they could probably justify making them 8-man fights as well barring system limitations.
  13. Any frame can be viable for all content in the game if modded appropriately. Some excel at certain content more than others but they are all usable. Your weapons and mods will be more important in determining your capability in harder parts of the game, and to a lesser degree your skill. When it comes to Eidolon captures players will likely have more specific preferences for which frame you use, but Oberon and especially Trinity are actually among the few that are accepted.
  14. (PS4)Riko_113

    What is considered Prime Junk?

    Less specifically, any part for a weapon/frame you no longer need for mastery is junk that you can trade for ducats or plat. More specifically, any reasonably obtainable part from relics.
  15. (PS4)Riko_113

    we truly want the trials back

    Officially they have only been removed from the game temporarily pending a rework. They were generally a mess and DE said a very small number in the community actually participated in them due to the clunky mechanics. Elitism and toxicity was a huge issue with Trial runs (Tridolon caps as well), and usually did require specific Frames and builds (not as badly as Tridolon caps though). And Trials had the exact same issues of disconnection and failure due to slip-ups. The trials will be back, but only when DE feels they're in a good place. They did the same with Solar Rails and look how long those were out of commission. Lol. We're assuming the new Railjack system is tied in but we have no clue to what degree if at all.