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  1. (PS4)Riko_113

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    I haven't had the chance to play Arbitrations yet, but I've never had an issue dealing damage in Sorties with Ember. I've never liked WoF, even before the rework, and I'd be happy if it was replaced. Her damage comes from the insane weapon damage boosts she gets from Accelerant and Fireblast. With those her damage output is still better than most frames. With Quick Thinking and Arcanes I don't have an issue with survivability, but without those I won't really disagree with her squishiness. Forcing you to stay in Fireblast to get bonus damage can be counter productive but i usually drop it on less mobile allies to force the damage boost on them to bring up the team damage overall...since it's a multi-player game and it's not all about me (*hint hint* to Chroma that think Vex Armor is still all about them).
  2. (PS4)Riko_113

    vacuum mod for frames

    Kubrows are very viable. My Huras one-shots things many of my teammates can't in Sorties and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, and he doesn't need to be revived nearly as often as those players either.
  3. I wouldn't mind QoL adjustments that all frames deserve as the game evolves, but a lot of the complaints seem to come from not knowing how to play the Frame. I recommend reading over his wiki page ability info thoroughly. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Inaros
  4. (PS4)Riko_113

    Player Veto of Foreign Buffs Still Needed

    Opting out of buffs should only be an option if it's all or none. Opting out is just a band-aid in itself to avoid fixing the root problems and DE would likely fix those issues anyway when they see everyone just permanently opts out of specific buffs so it would be pointless. Volt is constantly an issue? Change Speed to have a power strength cap on allies. It won't matter how much power strength Volt has if the ally portion of the buff no longer scales beyond +50% power strength (for example). Limbo's rift being unwieldy when it comes to ally interaction shouldn't just be ignored when there's countless good rift interaction improvement threads. Disabling the rift on yourself won't make things any easier either. What happens when Cataclysm is up around enemies or they are rifted and you physically can't be? You literally have to use abilities to kill them or wait out the fantastically long ability duration. No exception.Then you couldn't play Trinity, Harrow, Loki, and (possibly after rework?) Nyx, and several others depending on their build. Opting out of buffs has been suggested many times, and it's still not a good solution. It does nothing to actually improve the game. Just keep making threads pointing out mechanics and abilities that are an issue and offer solutions instead of taking the lazy way out.
  5. (PS4)Riko_113

    Please move Khora's BP to the Market.

    It's called RNG. It took me a fraction of those runs. Again, RNG.
  6. (PS4)Riko_113

    Saryn changes make me go Vay Hek

    Your example is not even accurate for this situation. Oh, you're one of those people... I couldn't figure where this quote came from lol...This synergy didn't come out when she was released... It only came with her rework a few months ago. That's how long it took to find out.
  7. (PS4)Riko_113

    Reworking Old Warframe Drops

    I actually like your idea, but the droprate would have to be lowered drastically. Currently the droprate is per mission since one guy is the only one that can drop it. So it would be like 4% drop chance from the boss equals 4% drop chance from the mission. If you make it possible from anyone in a mission then 4% per enemy with hundreds more to kill in a mission would basically guarantee the drop in every mission. It would also decrease the overall farming time for all of those frames since you'd be doing all of those missions naturally before getting to the boss which makes people fly through content much faster if the rate is kept the same. So that's my only thought on that one. Also, I like the idea of the boss being involved somehow so I think it would be nice to always have the Neuroptics drop from the boss with their current droprate, then the other pieces have a chance to drop from their perspective halves of the planet.
  8. (PS4)Riko_113

    Encouraging console rivalry .

    Yeah, I did a search. I also regularly watch the streams so I'm aware they mentioned they might but only with Nintendo Switch. There's been no further update to that that I could find which is why I was confused when the first sentence of the OP stated it as fact. I was just making sure I hadn't missed something.
  9. (PS4)Riko_113

    Encouraging console rivalry .

    2 things. 1. Childish, toxic platform rivalry wouldn't contribute anything to gameplay worth having. FFXIV has PC and Playstation working together and for years I never saw an issue where someone was concerned with which platform the player was on. Now that I think about it, that could be because we didn't have XBOX in the mix too. Lol 2. Can you please link where you may have found this info? Because as far as I've heard it's been said it will never happen. I must've missed that stream somehow... The issue isn't specifically DE's choice so much as XBOX and Playstation's. From what I've read about it XBOX has a very invasive port of XBOX Live that it requires on the other platforms in order to crossplay, and because of the invasive nature of it Playstation refuses to allow it. I'd love if it was true, but I'll believe it when I see it.
  10. (PS4)Riko_113

    Please move Khora's BP to the Market.

    You get more mastery xp for Khora than any other frame. I think working for the blueprint is justified.
  11. (PS4)Riko_113

    Can pls make PC players play wif Console players?

    To translate: "Console players enjoy having game-breaking bugs found before we're subjected to them." Lol
  12. (PS4)Riko_113

    Wouldn't it be nice if... [Rivens were Balanced?]

    This. They were originally introduced as an idea to allow any weapon to be as viable for content as inherently more powerful weapons so that there was more weapon diversity options. Really, all it did is make most players farm or trade for Rivens for the weapons they already liked or ones that are already powerful make them even more powerful. Because power creep... I'd definitely give up uber Rivens for everything to work out more balanced. Decently modded and equipped players are already too powerful for most content, and high end players tend to complain about the hardest content we have since it's either boring or not hard enough. I still dream of the enemy scaling rework that was mentioned so long ago so that everything can finally be balanced around that. I still dream.
  13. (PS4)Riko_113

    Fed up with Sayrn being so stupid OP

    This is what I was going to say regarding Ember.. Everyone always argues "Well, she was only overpowered on the star chart!". They always seem to disregard the fact that it's most of the game, and that high end progression forces players back to low level areas constantly...in every update. That's why it was an issue, even if it fell short in the top 3% of content...
  14. (PS4)Riko_113

    Volt 2nd ability (speed) rework

    This part is terrible. If you want a nerf to yourself that's one thing, but you want the drawback to actually make your teammates slower so that you can be more immersed in the game? That would cause more outbursts than the max speed boost on allies frequently does. Lol Nezha and Volt don't exactly compare here. Fire Walker speed is locked at +25% movement speed. Volt gets double that at base power strength and can mod his up to 206% speed boost. So even with the duration they have Volt can run to the finish line and back before his timer wears off in the time it takes Nezha to get half way there. Lol
  15. (PS4)Riko_113

    Ash Sucks

    Arcane Ultimatum and Trickery work beautifully on him since he can trigger them better than just about anyone. With those he can take more than enough hits to make use of Rage. Ash is my main and that's what I run with him, along with Naramon and my abilities are always available when I want them. The damage scaling with Naramon makes your melee much more efficient which means you kill quicker which means less spamming of abilities in order to get kills for energy orbs to drop so if you want Naramon along with spamming abilities you're kinda working against yourself. I've used him in everything from Mercury to Raids to Sorties to Elite Onslaught, so there's no more issue of his stats falling off than about 95% of the other frames in the game. If you insist on exclusively soloing while being capable of doing any mission then you have to be willing to make some sacrifices on which mods or weapons or gear you use. It's called coming prepared... I agree he could use some more team utility. I'd like his Smoke Shadow augment effect to be inherent, and change the augment to something else. His Bladestorm could use work for QoL but it does work at least, though not necessarily conveniently. You can quickly marks groups of enemies for thousands of finisher damage remotely while you're taking out other groups yourself.