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  1. I would've bet money on Zephyr being next, along with a rework because she needed it so badly. I dislike her more than any other frame and actually had high hopes for her finally being improved, but alas, DE reworked Mirage's 2. So Mirage is the next Prime, and rightfully eligible after Zephyr.
  2. Change Ember

    My Amprex riven only fit into the build because it naturally gave increased clip size, fire rate, and electricity damage so it was literally everything i wanted out of it in one shot lol. So, I did some testing last night with Ember and tried out a few things, and even Forma'd Ember again to improve my build I was already using (still not focused around WoF) but decided to switch up the play style to focus more around her weaponry since I had always thought of her as an 'ability' frame, rather than a 'weapon' frame. I was definitely impressed, using my corrosive+heat Arca Plasmor, although surprisingly not as much with my viral+heat Ignis Wraith as I had hoped. I plan to work on a heat build with Lesion and max status+Condition Overload to try out with her, or Silva & Aegis Prime to see how that goes. I'm definitely enjoying her greatly with this setup, so at least it fixes the boring aspect to her playstyle compared to before. I'm having a bit more trouble with survivability than before but I can work on that. But with that said, I still think she needs the "Modernization Rework" that frames are getting to stay up to date in the current game but not necessarily the overhaul I had hoped for before so thanks for the info.
  3. Titania 4th : Please give her Afterburn

    Most maps don't allow for that fast of movement with her controls. Even at her current speed she doesn't handle well in most maps. Not to mention, you're actually faster and have more control with sliding and bullet jumping. She's a tiny fairy with archwing style gameplay, but she is still just a warframe.
  4. Change Ember

    I rarely use Amprex actually lol. That post was just for a test in the plains to see how well it would work against the armored units that are airborne. I'll give it a try though. I never build Ember for WoF because it's not a fun play style. Maybe this will be more effective.
  5. Change Ember

    I wasn't aware her abilities scaled with her firearm mods, good to know. Unfortunately that doesn't mean anything. Limbo was, and is still one of the most powerful frames in the game. It hasn't stopped his rework or additional requests for rework because people couldn't figure out how to play him or play with him. Inconvenient frames are often as trash as useless ones.
  6. Is 'Skywing' not well balanced?

    That's only one example, and not one of the main weapons i use. Unfortunately the main problem i come across is is the range and lack of hitscan. Typically i use Rakta Cernos, Lens, Phage and Scourge. So they all suffer from that problem. I'm guessing I'll just have to get used to this then, because I'm not willing to use exclusively one type of weapon for the entire time sink expected for the largest update in this game's history just to solve an issue with one aspect of the update. I play every frame that exists, with various loadouts depending what works for the content. But that's usually based on specific missions, not entire regions. So I guess I'll be stubborn on this one. Lol
  7. Change Ember

    Ember isn't as powerful as the other frames but she still needs a rework. In her current state she's not even as good of a frame as any other post rework frame, in either damage or control. So I'm not sure why anyone that actually likes Ember for more than level 10 farming would turn down a rework to make her better.
  8. Is 'Skywing' not well balanced?

    My Amprex does have a Riven, and even without it has 125% crit chance, and i have 6.8x crit damage. I tear through sortie enemies with it regularly so it's not a weak weapon. You are right though that it is not a status weapon, and that could be a problem in this situation. I have several status weapons i use regularly but they are either short range or not hitscan so they're not the best to deal with rapid moving enemies.
  9. Mirage and her new RE-work!

    It would be nice to have light sources and shadows more intensified now that we have a couple frames (including Gara's passive) with abilities dependant on lighting. In the plains, with intense enough shadows you could make use of mountain and rock terrain. And enemy lamp stands could supply lighting at night.
  10. Trinity changes pls

    Trinity definitely needs a rework. Yes, her 2 and 4 are good. But it's possible to be too good at what you do and yet have useless abilities. That's how Ash got reworked. Her 1 needs to be unique from her 4. Currently it's a wasted crowd control ability that actually makes the target harder to kill and has a weaker, redundant heal effect. Keep the hold effect on the enemy, but maybe make it turn the enemy into a beacon that buffs your allies in range. Give them status immunity or status resistance and give shields a form of damage reduction to incoming attacks while in range. Her 2 needs balance, whichever form that takes. She should not get full energy back on her own ability use, at least not at once. Either a % of energy spent returned with a cap, or more energy but over a longer time to keep it from being as spammable. Or better yet, learn from zenurik and make it entirely energy over time to affected allies. 3, and 4, i think, are in a good place other than typical QoL improvements like casting while moving.
  11. I've been using my archwing in the plains over the last couple days trying to find better solutions to dealing with the airborne enemies than the methods I've tried as a Warframe in Bounties above tier 2. From what I've been finding it seems the airborne enemies do infinitely more damage to our archwing (and our Warframes) than we can deal to them even with archwing abilities. This seems especially unusual considering how efficiently I can handle the same types of enemies when in actual archwing missions. Using my archwing, I've flown up to some of the aircrafts and pumped entire rounds of a 6 forma Amprex with pure Corrosive damage into them barely dealing a scratch (I'm aware some enemies have weak points). And enemies like the Ogma will chase you for miles constantly zooming around bombarding you with missile attacks unless dealt with. What methods do you use to deal with this in the plains other than only bringing tanky frames? Should 'Skywing' receive a damage and durability buff to airborne enemies to give more incentive to archwing combat that costs resources to even summon? Or, what am I missing?
  12. Best and worst frames

    Best, I'd say for overall effectiveness in all content would be Nova. But I think several other frames are close behind. Worst, in my opinion, would be Zephyr. Half of her powers are the most useless in the game, and her 4 is unreliable crowd control at best, suffering from the same problem as the pre-rework Hydroid. I own every frame and I've used them all in Sorties just fine, so I am fully aware that every frame has potential to scale past 50. Now, if you said some clearly scale better than others past 50 I would agree. The thing to remember is that not all frames are balanced for every type of content. Some may not be as good as others in certain missions, but excel in other missions. Also, not every frame is able to be the best at everything with only a single build, or with all weapons. So in that regard, you're right that some frames have it much easier than others, but play around with different mods and weapons on the frames you like. There are even good Zephyrs and Embers out there...just rarely.
  13. Remake Peacemaker

    Her 4 already drains energy per second. I'm usually the first in line to suggest balancing overpowered frames, in opposition to the "NO NERFS EVER" crowd. This isn't one of those cases. I think the previous Peacemaker rework has balanced that ability well enough to leave as is, despite her not being one of my more used frames. It roots you, drains per second, shrinks in target-able area while increasing in damage, and forces you to manually change aiming direction. It's meant to use in reasonably short bursts and it works very well to that end. Now her other abilities I agree should have a revisit to make them more consistent and synergize with her 4 better.
  14. Limbo Feedback

    Limbo is one of my top 4 most played frames so I have a good amount of experience with him. In his current state he is incredibly powerful and neigh unstoppable when you go all out. Unfortunately, due to the way his mechanics work I can rarely go all out with teammates around. It works well with friends because I've explained to them how to handle things with Limbo's powers. "If Stasis is up, fire at each enemy and move on or melee", "I phased you out, dodge roll if you need to get out". I'm not one of the Limbo's that keeps Stasis up 24/7 when allies are around barring specific scenarios. I set up my kill, then start time again. But I agree that his abilities can be a burden on other players. My solution: Make rifting allies into a buff on them that instead converts their dodge into Limbo's passive for the duration giving them full control over which plane they're in. Also, possibly make Stasis into a 95% slow instead of full stop so that projectiles can still reach their destination with a clear trajectory trail (think Matrix) so that players can move out of hostile projectiles way as necessary. Also, I think making his Banish into a cone was a bad idea (probably only because of the other flaws I outlined with teammate interaction, changing those might fix this complaint as well). Perhaps make it a small area around your target, or all enemies in a straight line to better control who you're dealing with. Currently it encourages having Stasis up at all times since you are creating hostiles that can hurt you in a wide cone even without a lot of range mods.
  15. [Warframe Concept] Coriolis, The Kinetic Warframe

    The damage created by this ability comes exclusively from the affected enemy, so our allies and other enemies do not contribute to the damage either. It's used as a crowd control method as much as a potential damage source. In combat you may, for example, cast it on the Heavy Gunner or Bombard which will prevent the damage he deals to your allies while redirecting a fraction of the damage to all other enemies near him instead. Leaving it mobile gives him the opportunity to move around potentially creating new victims if no other enemies are near him. As far the finisher damage, that is only suggestion. Abilities that stop being useful after a certain point in the game was a common problem for a long time before recent reworks, and is still a problem in some cases so I was hoping to avoid that stagnation. I don't think it would need to deal a high percentage of the affected enemy's damage as finisher damage but would still be useful across all levels of the game as well as be useful against heavy hitter targets as well as rapid fire targets. The other line of thought was that Kinetic energy does not fall exclusively in line with any other damage type that exists in the game. It is not Magnetic or electric, though those do produce kinetic energy, but so do water and wind and fire for that matter. Even Atlas' Bolder creates kinetic energy. It's created by any form of motion even down to a molecular level. Blast would likely be my next closest suggestion of damage type for it purely for the impact of the energy on the enemies, but I'm not sold on the damage type, more so the utility since it's designed to be a support frame. I tried to design unique concepts built around mechanics that already exist in game that are not frequently utilized. Many Warframe powers are a rehash of mechanics from other powers simply because it's easier to code I'm assuming. With this in mind, the game provides it's own inspiration to a degree while giving familiar, easy to learn play styles that can be coded into the game with a smaller group of employees. I don't tend to use specific values only because balance is already a nightmare in this game and I frequently see suggested values torn apart by readers. My thought would be low numbers so that it could increase more based on the number of enemies affected and have a maximum buff cap. Doing it this way would make sure movement stays at consistently manageable speeds (I'm not one of the people who minds max power strength Volt Speed though) but also doesn't overshadow Volt's ability. Based on your feedback i reworked the 2 to combine 2 and 3 for this effect, allowing both to have noticeable boosts without being overwhelming. "*cough* curse of avernus *cough*"- I don't understand this reference. I do agree those abilities are a little too redundant, I changed the 3rd power to something more diverse, and hopefully unique "enough" for his kit. Sorry, my wording was unclear for that. The enemies will be slowed while in the area for as long as they are there, but the debuff will persist for an amount of time after they leave as well. This will be useful in the case of groups of enemies that skirt the edge of the placed area that would only be affected briefly otherwise and will allow them to still contribute to the damage meter keeping it from being entirely wasted with smaller groups that generally avoided the ability zone.