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  1. (PS4)Riko_113

    Quick Limbo Tweak Idea (QL fix)

    I like this too. My thought was to allow allies within affinity range to benefit from his passive as long as an enemy is in the rift, but this is a much better way to prevent allies from accidentally ending up rifted when trying to pick up items. If allies are unhindered by rift mechanics then every Limbo would just run max range and duration and Stasis everything with allies to wipe maps with no risks whatsoever. It has to lose some benefit to lose some drawbacks.
  2. (PS4)Riko_113

    Baruuk needs self-healing somewhere in his abilities

    He has damage avoidance and reduction. Why does he need healing as well? Wait for him to come out and try him before deciding he doesn't work.
  3. (PS4)Riko_113

    Nyx Passive shouldve been like this

    This is an interesting concept. Mechanically, it could be useful for her passive to provide a chance for targets to hesitate when engaging with her causing them to accidentally friendly fire on another target within a conal view (or melee range of her and the enemy for something like a Butcher). It provide the same benefit of the accuracy debuff with a little extra benefit.
  4. (PS4)Riko_113

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #120!

    I've been arguing in favor of more purpose driven exalted weapon combos for a long time. They should be more than just damage oriented because weapons get replaced when better weapons come out. That shouldn't be a risk with abilities. I'm thrilled to see the new exalted weapon combos each accomplish a distinctly different goal other than just alternate cosmetics for dealing damage. I'm hoping all exalted weapons get a re-look with that in mind. Edit: I got to mention how ecstatic I am about the upcoming Nyx changes and Limbo Deluxe. They're 2 of my top frames. Thank you!
  5. (PS4)Riko_113

    Limbo needs a new 3rd ability... Hear me out.

    So much yes. Please. I'd rather his first be a targeted AoE instead of cone for better control, and a secondary function to remove all enemies from the Rift. As far as Rift Surge and space themed replacement, based on the black hole and vortex sort of suggestions, maybe a group Teleport sort of ability on enemies in a radius around him hurling them together violently where you're aiming in one quick burst. It could do additional damage for each enemy affected (so it will still be more cc than anything in lower quantities) and would still work with the augment as is (based on total enemies affected). Teleport a group of enemies into a wall, or into Cataclysm or just grouping together for making it easier to attack. Here's a poorly made example (sorry, I'm at work).
  6. (PS4)Riko_113

    Please add a block-filter feature to chat/Auction House

    Maybe they could allow an Auction House board to post your listings and asking price, only while you're online, but you still have to send and receive messages in response to your listings and manually trade. The listing can show how many people are currently interested in that item from you so you have room for price negotiations just like you do now. Most of the process could be exactly as it is now, with some differences being that it's infinitely easier to find buyers or sellers while you continue playing the game. If you've settled on a buyer you flag the listing to let others know it's unavailable and preventing them from clicking the listing to contact you about it, and it auto removes the listing once you've met up and traded. If the buyer falls through (which happens) then you just un-flag the item allowing for buyers to contact you again.
  7. (PS4)Riko_113

    Veteran players VS Endo

    Yup. Not to mention it will be a little different for newer players leveling up than veterans. Newer players will be able to access Arbritations before maxing out most rank 10 mods, whereas the rest of us had literal years of farming and leveling before the easier methods came out. We may not be able to make much use of the endo from it, but I'm sure most of the newer high level players can make much more of it (catching up in a fraction of the time...).
  8. (PS4)Riko_113

    Improvements to the app

    Giving it enough thought is exactly how we can come to the determination that the point is to make you play the game more, not less. Giving you a way to skip more gameplay and time-sink aspects would be counterproductive from DE's standpoint because they want players in-game for as long as possible. Nitain Extracts were designed to create a time-gate on crafts that require it while forcing increased play time to avoid missing out. Allowing something like that, for example, through an app would literally remove any possible purpose for the way it was designed to be obtained. The same applies to Invasions. This isn't the type of game where those rewards are merely contributing to progress towards an end. The journey for acquisition is literally most of the game. Resource Drones were put in the game largely because of how many you need from across the solar system for all gear in the game (and is never ending since more comes with every update), but acquisition in mission and through the drones is purely random so it's not necessarily going to lessen gameplay by a large amount. Being able to send followers to do content for specific rewards on your behalf would be bad when those specific rewards were designed in a way to limit their accessibility without playing.
  9. (PS4)Riko_113

    Companions should gain stat scaling vs enemies lvl

    I definitely appreciate the concept of having sentinel weapons serve another function other than competing levels of dps, I wish more of that existed for Exalted weapons as well. I don't tend to have too much trouble with companions dying though because I choose them according to the Frames I can synergize them with which helps tremendously for them and the frame. But I do admit that I lean towards a select few when it comes to high level content. My Huras Kubrow doesn't really die because of link mods working well with average to high health/armor stat frames and he can usually take out almost any enemy he comes across by himself. Having Hunter Recovery + Pack Leader also generally makes them a melee frame's best friend since they can sustain each other indefinitely. I frequently use Shade for added survivability on squishier frames which also keeps himself alive (and now he's even better with his Simaris precept). I use Djinn for crowd control, which also benefits himself (and again the Simaris mod makes him invaluable for high level endless content). I only use Wyrm for Nova and Mag for added support to keep enemies off of them (and it's hilarious how potent his knockback is). The only sentinels I don't use on any loadout are Dirgia (because for CC I just find Djinn more effective) and Deathcube (because pure single target damage is a waste for me in a game where I can wipe the room in seconds), but once I get a hold of his Simaris precept he could become useful in sustainability.
  10. (PS4)Riko_113

    Limbo needs a new 3rd ability... Hear me out.

    The augment for Rift Surge is amazing, but it shouldn't be needed to make an ability worth a 3rd ability slot. I agree that Rift Surge should be reworked, but not into a black hole damage ability. Also, thematically, I don't believe he actually manipulates time and his ability doesn't say he does. He does manipulate space specifically within the Rift, controlling everything in the Rift Plane. Stasis suggests he is stopping them, but that could be that he is halting movement in the Rift Plane (while leaving the enemies entirely conscious-which would also explain why they don't miss a beat when Stasis wears off and we're all in different locations. Lol).
  11. (PS4)Riko_113

    Lotus Noggle Glitched

    Same issue on console. My Lotus Noggle looks like her helmet was ripped off and her head turned inside out and exploded, unless you look at her from just the perfect angle.
  12. (PS4)Riko_113

    Improvements to the app

    I'd be happy if Set mods actually showed up on the app. I had always assumed it just wasn't updated yet, except Umbral mods show up on there which is far newer so that isn't the case.
  13. (PS4)Riko_113


    I've always hated his hats too, despite him being one of my most used frames. I'm just waiting for him to do away with the dapper gentleman and go boss mode like the Merchant, Renon, in Castelvania. XD
  14. (PS4)Riko_113

    Focus: Assigned in loadout?

    I've literally been asking for it for years. It's hilarious that you ask for it the exact day they announce it's coming to PS4. XD I'm glad others understand my plight though!