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  1. (PS4)Riko_113

    Make Ember Great Again, Please

    DE's issue isn't with the fact that it can be done, simply how it's done. It's not about kill stealing as much as it is about not actually being able to, or having to, actually play. Saryn's Spores are insanely powerful, but they have been tweaked multiple times to try to make sure they require extra work to propagate them without them burning themselves out too quickly. Equinox's limiting factor is time and damage build up that makes it more effective to release the build-up rather than killing purely by proximity. In the case of Equinox, I actually think the initial damage of her Maim aura should either be Puncture, or Slashing with no bleed proc for the exact purpose of preventing passive kills when she is already so effective at killing at higher levels as is. The released damage build-up can stay Slashing. Again, Volt can quickly move through a map with Speed, but that doesn't kill. You need additional input to make things die. He can hit 4 in each room to wipe them out at the cost of 100 energy each. Ember was capable of doing that with a single cast of her 4th more effectively with less than 100 energy cost in an entire mission for most of the starchart. That's how they are different. Opinions are fine, but that isn't a substitution for facts. Giving her that status back just because it's what you think she was only good at is completely irrelevant. Suggest changes that fix the issues she has in the scope of the entire game so that she can be better than what she was...not revert her back to the same limiting speed-run frame.
  2. (PS4)Riko_113

    My disapointment and changes for Nyx

    I agree they don't all need to be dps oriented, but if they have a dps oriented ability it should be effective. Without useful dps, her 1 was just giving her enemy invulnerability and without useful DPS her 4 is just paying energy to pause the game. Combined with her 2, I'm enjoying her 1 aside from A.I. issues. Her 4 (without the augment) is useless since it still takes too long to charge up enough damage to kill due to enemy scaling. I used her with 130% power strength in the +300% Nyx Arbitration and still couldn't kill most enemies with her post-rework 4. I'd really rather just be able to charge up the damage myself at the cost of additional energy honestly. I do like this idea. If they don't change the way the damage is calculated then I would want it to still deal full damage on those targets that attacked her, but if they improve the damage I don't mind it being just cc on those targets outside the damage range.
  3. (PS4)Riko_113

    What Frame

    @KnossosTNC is right. Best to save platinum for things you can't earn otherwise.
  4. (PS4)Riko_113

    Is Khora good? Is she worth the plat?

    She's more than good enough, but you're always better off farming base frames instead of buying them. Save your money for Prime Access and cosmetics. :)
  5. (PS4)Riko_113

    At a loss what to do next...

    Gaining Mastery XP is always beneficial and long term. Work towards leveling every weapon/frame/companion in the game and do all of your mastery tests if you haven't. Outside that, when you decide which gear you've enjoyed leveling you can research builds for them (I recommend http://warframe-builder.com/). Any mods you don't have for those builds (or copies of those mods if you need a different level of them) become decent short-term goals while you farm for those. Personally, to keep things fresh and make sure I have ongoing goals, I have several loadouts I use in missions and 5 main frames that I use most often. From one mission to the next I tend to switch loadouts so I don't get bored playing the same one over and over and I use different sets of weapons with each of those loadouts to vary my playstyles. I recommend getting a hold of the Ignis Wraith if you can, as an upgrade to yours. With the added stats and a decent loadout you can make it viable in any mission, especially if you use a weapon damage-boosting frame like Rhino/Ember/Chroma etc. I use it with Saryn for easy spore popping and the added damage with her Toxic Lash.
  6. (PS4)Riko_113

    Ability variations

    It's been proven time and again in this game, it's not like it's just on paper. And yet it's a common complaint brought up by players. The discrepancy between the overly effective frames and weapons, and the marginally usable. And that's what augments are for. Yet, more evidence to support my claim. Half of them barely serve a purpose, whereas many others are considered essentials due to unbalance within the kit and overall better than not having them equipped. Those have led towards popular or meta builds more than creating diversity in options. Many frames and weapons are so powerful that there is absolutely no reason to heavily change build according to the mission. How many people actually take off Corrosive Protection when running high level Corpus missions? We're strong enough to defeat it even with the wasted aura.
  7. (PS4)Riko_113

    Ability variations

    They have a hard enough time balancing a single kit within a frame. Given the way this game is, there will be 1 right combination for each frame anyway jumping back to 1 kit. Might as well just design the frame with that 1 set of abilities.
  8. My Huras can one-shot high level Nox. A pitiful Crewman doesn't stand a chance. Not everyone is using sentinels with badly modded guns. And it's not just you and your pet that causes concern, since not all targets are kind enough to spawn off the beaten path. You have a full squad that may attack them without noticing and all of their companions as well while on the way to the mission objective. I personally solo simaris targets to avoid those issues, but since they can spawn in any mission they're eligible to be in it's not entirely avoidable if you don't intentionally solo them immediately.
  9. They did say in Melee 3.0 they had a goal to streamline combo input. They could make all standard button spam the standard quick melee with no benefit beyond simplicity and make the special combo input provide combos with benefits. Of course that's under my optimistic assumption all combos will actually get a benefit outside of simply alternate attack animations like most of them are now.
  10. (PS4)Riko_113

    Just overbuff the underwhelming frames

    As far as damage scaling, DE could learn from certain MOBA mechanics. Any ability that is considered to be for damage primarily that has no method of scaling should do an un-moddable percentage of enemy max health in addition to it's typical moddable damage, even if the moddable damage is reduced to compensate.
  11. (PS4)Riko_113

    Is there a way to make Ember work?

    No problem. Some builds can improve upon it, but don't expect to be able to get too much more out of her than what you're getting. She hasn't been the "pyromancer caster frame" for a long time but they still try to play her that way which is what makes people think she can't keep up. Like Chroma, she is currently designed to buff weapons - through 50% of her abilities. If you want to use her, easily, in high level stuff then she would need to be played "correctly".
  12. (PS4)Riko_113

    Is there a way to make Ember work?

    The tip for putting her to best use in her current state is to pretend World on Fire doesn't exist. She is insanely powerful as a weapon buff frame, putting the damage multipliers from her Accelerant and Fireblast to use. Use a weapon loadout modded for fire damage, and using her Accelerant augment helps the team damage output as well but isn't necessary. I regularly use her in Arbitrations and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught so I promise that she is viable beyond level 40, but WoF is not part of that equation. You'll only use that periodically to quick added bursts and minor cc. I'll edit this to add my build if I can find it. (I'm at work at the moment)
  13. (PS4)Riko_113

    An idea on how to make Warframe more difficult

    I'm not sure DE wants the game to be difficult. They gave us Nightmare mods, then made it worse with Corrupt mods, then threw challenge out the window by giving us Rivens. We were already powerful enough for everything in the game before Rivens existed. I won't even use Rivens and I still do fine in all content with 95% of the frames. They give some semblance of challenge with Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, which caters to the most offensively powerful weapons and frames, but not until they gave us one of the most powerful Frame reworks ever seen (before balancing it back a bit). They tried to balance it a bit by limiting abilities in Arbitrations except the Drones do all the damage for you when they die and all you have to do is just bring wide-area weapons with punch through. I forget where I'm going with this... Oh right! This game is insanely unbalanced between Warframes and their opponents, on both sides. Either enemies scale to a point where they one-shot us and we can't scratch them, or we use the standard broken meta builds that became common due to broken enemy scaling and all content is a breeze. Then they continue to further balance around that instead of working backwards to simplify numbers again. Lol It's a painful cycle. I still love this game though...
  14. (PS4)Riko_113

    Ember buff ?

    This is her new normal until further notice. We're not getting the passive-kill Ember back, and we shouldn't. Her 4 does need a rework though just so it fits a 4th ability. At the moment it's it feels more like a 3rd ability sort of thing. It's one of the few abilities I think should just be entirely replaced, but that probably won't happen. The charge up on her 1 should also be faster. Other than that she's actually very powerful as a weapon buff frame with her 2 and 3.
  15. (PS4)Riko_113

    Ash: Ability Upgrades

    I love most of these. Anything to make Shuriken have a purpose again post-Bladestorm rework (without depending on the augment). I also forgot to mention in my post my idea for a Shuriken/Teleport synergy. It won't be game changing, but could be useful. Teleporting to enemies affected by Shuriken bleed procs will cause ash to send out a flurry of Shurikens in an AoE to enemies near his position.