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  1. Frames that can get better

    Yes, it was the OP that said the augment just opens them to finishers and nothing else. I was correcting him.
  2. Frames that can get better

    Except it doesn't just open them to finishers...it makes the enemy receive an additional 200% damage from the finisher as well. Trust me, he's been my main frame for years. I know his augments. Again, based on his skills he excels in high level content, or solo. Not low level content. Let the Embers and Banshees take out the weak enemies. For the most part you should focusing on Eximus units, and Heavy Gunners, Bombards, Ancients, etc. That's how you play Ash. If you want a frame that takes out a hundred trash enemies in a couple seconds then you're playing the wrong frame. It's literally not what's he's build for.
  3. Frames that can get better

    Fatal teleport does even more damage than Bladestorm. Ash is an assassin, that excels in high level content. When you reach that point where no one else can effectively keep up with the kills he'll still be one-shotting enemies with Fatal Teleport. It's insanely high damage single target attack. If you want AoE you literally have Bladestorm for that. If the room is dead by the time you fatal teleport to an enemy then you are most likely wasting his skills is too low level content. And he has higher than average armor and health, invisibility and invulnerability in his kit. He has more survivability than almost every other non-tank frame. Attack speed increase should affect the animation speed, yes, which would result in more damage per second. That doesn't mean he needs to do more damage per hit as well, that's flawed rationality. I agree about the reticle, for quality of life, definitely. I don't use his Bladestorm enough for it to have become a nuisance to me and serves my needs when i use it, but it would definitely be a smoother process if you could mark more quickly. I also suggested in a separate thread to have the option to hold his 4 to automatically increase the number of marks on each marked target to max so you don't have to swipe back and forth on them to get 3 marks on them, which I think would be nice.
  4. Putting univac to rest (SURVEY)

    I use mostly Kubrow, because i can pick up my own items. Universal vacuum would be nice, but i will not change my play style just to get it. Also, this poll didn't indicate anything about that lol. By the way, they are reworking all pets to have each type have a unique desirable niche according to DE.
  5. Frames that can get better

    I like the Loki switch teleport idea. As an Ash main, the teleport change is very excessive and unnecessary, as are any damage increases to bladestorm damage. It's one of, if not the most powerful damage ability in the game already. I like the bladestorm aoe reticle idea. For Ash's passive i actually would rather it dealt the same finisher damage over a shorter time rather than longer, but that's just me.
  6. About Nerfs

    That's true, but it's a step up from literally going to microwave dinner. Lol It's a step in the right direction.
  7. Maxed focus trees and pool

    Interesting idea. It makes sense, since there is a max amount needed for Focus in the long run, while kuva has the potential for infinite need....unless DE gets the terrible idea to start having Focus as a crafting requirement. DX It could be pretty decent though, as long as the conversion rate from Focus to kuva is scaled correctly.
  8. "hey kiddo" ,

    Well, I mean happened to me once outside of the scripted one after the quest. Hehe
  9. "hey kiddo" ,

    It's happened to me once, ever, and I did the Harrow mission the day it came out. :( My friend, however, has it happen almost every single day....I think he's broken...lol
  10. Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    I know you mentioned that comparing the old stats and new stats were apples to oranges, but for the sake of our understanding can we have the current stats+beam calculation=effective damage vs. new stats+beam calculation=effective damage? That way we could understand what we're actually seeing, otherwise the weapon stats didn't really need to be posted at all. Edit: I have to wonder, if status per second is actually removed like people are suspecting what formula would I use to determine the actual status per second of a particular beam weapon? For example, if there's 12 projectiles per second, each with 35% chance of proc...what does that actually come out to in a second for one of them to proc?...I never studied probability. Or is that not now it will work?
  11. About Nerfs

    DE doesn't always get to fully test how an ability will work in all situations, so they go with what they thing will work until they find out otherwise. Unfortunately it often takes them a long time to get back around to fixing or changing things depending on their projects because of limited staff. Them changing something later is proof enough that is "not what they planned". If they only used Chroma for that then he wasn't good in the first place and needs his whole kit reworked... I do agree the WoF rework was done the wrong way, but it did need to be changed without a doubt. I'm not sure Soundquake is in the perfect place or not, but it did fix the issue of people being able to play 'afk' in that case, since it requires constant interaction. DE often makes new problems when they fix old ones, but it doesn't mean the old problems didn't need fixing.
  12. Ivara Cloak arrow Broken

    Try exiting your Warframe while in a Limbo Cataclysm. That one is especially fun when enemies are firing your way and you're literally the only thing they can hit. Warframe abilities do not benefit Operators, as others have mentioned. With that said, there are some interesting questions that come to mind, lore wise, about why abilities affect rescue and sortie defense targets. I guess that is just further confirmation that they are not Tenno, as has been speculated in the past. Also, you can remove the PS4 tag, and please put up a Spoiler tag for others that have not unlocked Operators.
  13. Please Stop Making Non-cosmetic Item Exclusive

    I was thinking the same thing. WoW had exclusive, retired items. So it doesn't defend his argument at all...
  14. Please Stop Making Non-cosmetic Item Exclusive

    This. They aren't exclusive, and DE is reworking the Tribute system so drastically reduce the time it takes to get anything. If I recall correctly, everything will be divided into 50 day tracks, with one of the unique tribute items at the end of each track. Since all of the complaints have been debunked except Founder exclusives it sounds like the OP is still angry about that, contrary to his declaration of forgiveness. Nothing else was actually exclusive.
  15. Idea to make bladestorm more useable

    Well, people's biggest complaint wasn't actually about the cutscene, that was the next biggest. The biggest complaint was that, with only occasional input, it was able to 'mark' 18 enemies, give long periods of invulnerability and deal the highest single target damage in the damage all at once, while actually making the 'marked' targets unkillable by anyone else on the team. It was spam-storm, worse than Ember's WoF. It needed to be changed in some way to address all of those issues. As an Ash main, i hated it in that state. In it's current state, i think it's closer to 'perfect' than it's ever been while addressing of the exploitable mechanics and balancing the amount of input required from the player to deal those massive amounts of finisher damage. It only needs QoL adjustments now. I think a combination of these two ideas would be amazing. Give an area reticle to mark targets targets it passes over just once, and holding to charge it increases the number of marks (with appropriate energy cost) on all currently marked targets. That way you'd have a nice energy and gameplay balance for speed, cost, and damage. You're deciding between marking a lot of targets with a quick swoop or marking a few tougher targets and holding the charge to increase the number of marks they all have instantly, up to max.