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  1. (PS4)Riko_113

    Zariman kids should have shields

    I agree, i wasn't saying we don't need or deserve them. Hehe
  2. (PS4)Riko_113

    Zariman kids should have shields

    I wouldn't mind shields. But ya, with way bound nodes and magus my operator is more durable than my frames... And i heal my frame in operator mode, and my operator every time i dash. Lol
  3. (PS4)Riko_113

    Limbo & Prime, Team friendly rework

    You misunderstood. To clarify, I didn't mean that it would slow the actual system down. Blinding players along with limiting who they can interact with will make missions take longer because they can't easily locate enemies to move to after their current targets are dead, and have to switch plane before they can see enemies to even start moving in the right direction to continue fighting. It creates the exact same problem as we currently have except players spend the extra time finding targets instead of attacking the wrong targets.
  4. (PS4)Riko_113

    Limbo & Prime, Team friendly rework

    I like the idea, and I'm not concerned about the system requirements, but i don't think this would be very practical in combat. Limiting player visuals on top of limiting their ability to interact as the rift already does would just slow the game down and piss everyone off. It would fix the issue of players not knowing which plane they're on but it wouldn't make him better. They could do that with a less extreme version of your idea though where it just darkens enemies that aren't in same plane. Also, they really try to avoid giving new powers in reworks. It's expensive and time consuming. Best to just adjust mechanics of existing powers to make them work.
  5. (PS4)Riko_113

    Dev Workshop: Virtual Cursor Action Plan

    If i use the cursor to go into certain windows, like navigation or modding, i completely lose the ability to use the the old ways completely. We need to have the ability to switch between them seamlessly and use whichever method is easier any given moment or it's not an improvement.
  6. Rift surge, without the augment has had very little use for me. Thematically, i love that it spreads the rift for me like Spores. In practice, it's just an additional way of making my team mad, because it involves phasing out targets, then phasing even more when it's triggered. And it feels redundant with his first power which already has such a huge cone that makes it hard to control who you rift. It would've been better used with his old 1, when it was single target, so you would have more ways to rift groups. For now, it's just a delivery method for the augment. That's disappointing.
  7. (PS4)Riko_113

    can we please get option to take this "hey kiddo" thing away

    My friend gets it almost daily. I did the quest the day it came out and it's happened to me once. 😒
  8. I will definitely miss freezing my projectiles. I definitely don't want it as augment though. We already need the Rift Surge augment to make that ability less redundant and the Cataclysm one to combat the shrinking. Lol
  9. (PS4)Riko_113

    It Is Time To Address Exalted Blade...

    I think it would be better suited to have a much shorter range on the wave then, and improve Radial Javelin to make it a more useful ranged skill. Make it scale with the combo counter....I mean, they are Skana he's shooting out after all. I like the idea of having various types of waves that come out with with the combos. Currently, he's a good frame but 90%+ of his users make him look like a mascot for people with ADHD and Repetitive Stress Disorder...
  10. (PS4)Riko_113

    Frame filter

    The more constructive feedback is to explain what you don't like about them and suggestions for improvements so you wouldn't have to filter them in the first place.
  11. I agree, he won't be coming with Ignis. I 100% agree with the consideration of "Prime" being the original, but there's also argument from some players of it being used in context of the apex of quality. DE could do it if they really wanted to push it that way though. Like maybe they rediscover the lost Orokin technology development process or something in a story mission. I prefer to keep it Tenno origin though. If people want an Ignis Prime then they just should hold out hope of us researching a new Tenno flamethrower that can get primed somewhere down the line. The last thing I want is to have every weapon in the game start having a prime variant to have to farm for...
  12. (PS4)Riko_113

    The whole 'Open Shop' trade thing...

    I love these suggestions. I've been wanting things like this for a while. I've had several situations where the Seller is either AFK or ignores me. Their arbitrary value of things causes them to get offended when I don't respond with the offer price they wanted, and they never even counter offer to start moving me to the right area... And lack of clear competition lets prices run rampant at times, when supply isn't even an issue. It just appears that way because you can't see the 8 other people selling the exact same thing through the swarm of raised hands or other relay instances. I've asked for something similar to an Auction Board, but not necessarily like conventional MMOs, because I know DE doesn't want that. I figured it would still have a limit of items you can have listed, and it would still require that you are online. Preferably you'd be able to list a price, and when players search for that item they can choose to buy it for that listed price if you don't allow "offers" to be sent. You'd be able to continue playing the game and when you make a sale it would automatically consume one of your daily trades, notify you and possibly store the plat for pickup at the Bazaar (if it would be too much strain for DE to start mailing it to everyone all the time). Otherwise, if "offers" are allowed you'd probably have to remain in the Bazaar to avoid delays and interruptions due to missions. Prices would likely drop due to having more options to buy from that aren't limited to the specific Bazaar instance you loaded into, but I think overall plat sales and demand would actually go up because people like me have plenty of platinum but I'm not willing be stupidly overcharged or to go through the hassle needed for trading that is often worse than the farming itself. I've rarely made an actual purchase in the Bazaar, despite many attempts. I almost always buy using Trade chat, but it's still a pain with all of the flying text for sales and purchases. At least a separate tab for Sellers and Buyers would be nice to filter out the people that aren't the side you're looking for. At absolute minimum I wanted the ability to list prices in your shop in the Bazaar and have the trade be automated so players can just walk up see what they want and hit "Buy" to consume a daily trade and get the item without the added interactions.
  13. (PS4)Riko_113

    more vehicles please

    I partially agree with both of you. New mission types are a good thing and should definitely be added in periodically to keep expanding the game, but I think DE needs a long look at the current systems in the game to make sure the content we have is meaningful. Has anyone found a use for Defection outside of farming Harrow?.. I don't think it's a boring game mode, but I just had no reason to actually ever do it again after that first week that Chains of Harrow released. Only recently they actually added Kuva to the Kuva Fortress, which I think was a good move, but it wasn't the only thing that needed that kind of added purpose. There's still plenty in the game that also needs work. Although it does seem resources and affinity are the only great motivators on lasting game mode interest.
  14. (PS4)Riko_113

    Why is there no dinosaur in Warframe?

    That's awesome lol. But to be fair, we don't know enough about the game universe. For all we know it could've taken place millions of years before dinosaurs existed, or an alternate reality that they never existed in. Or maybe so far into Earth's future that all possible remnants of dinosaur bones and dna have long since disintegrated away. Hehe.
  15. (PS4)Riko_113

    Ash Shuriken Augment Concept

    That could be interesting. It would give it a more unique use. With Ash's speed and mobility being a big part of his kit it would definitely have to feel "active" though. Maybe something like Ember's 1, where you can hold to charge it while moving? I suppose it could fire off several, with increasing stats and frequency, until it reaches max allowed charge time.