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  1. Please change the way we forma things. Make forma apply to a CONFIGURATION instead of the entire Item, just make it work like how you did the helminith binding(where you can pick a certain config to apply the ability or all configs). It would be better and friendly for different builds with different polarity rather than shooting yourself in the foot every time you make or change a build and because this isn't a thing i cant quite see why somebody would want buy another configuration slot if the polarities are still tied to the whole item. I don't know if anyone would agree with this since it'
  2. Also had this issue, me and my friend were planning on farming the new t3 bounty and we cleared through the all the vaults to unlock the bounties, the t1-t2 were unlocked but the third was still locked saying to complete the vault which we were still able to run the teir 3 vault but since we already completed it the treasure room is still open even though its says to unlock it to finish the bounty resulting at a dead end. Had this happen twice to us already so oof.
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