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  1. LMAO you can check DESteve post about it . Many , many peoples use it and (if i exectly remember ) only one be banned and after short period of time be unbanned .
  2. Lol ima using it about for 3 years ) There is an post from DESteave about it Just talk with people who create Captura thing and you see how much are using such a nice program
  3. You can use ReShade . Its only one program ( i think ) that you can use without any fears
  4. example : i bought Rhino delux 3 years ago . Today i have idea to buy an bundle , but i cant
  5. Today i desided to bought delux skins that ima not own / only buy skin not bundle . But when i saw already bought thing and got preety sad , because now i cant make my colection full.
  6. What about black plat thing ? What if you just trade (Example - sell an prime part for 100plat , but it was an Black Plat and get banned for it) . What we need to do ? @[DE]Bear
  7. There is only 5 days left before prime access of Nezha is be here for 90 days . Any predictions for Octavia + her weapons ?
  8. its kinda fun to see how you try to make hard mode (cringe) be (preety fun mod)
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