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  1. Honestly wouldnt mind this, got a few weapons that just can't fit all the mods I want even with 8+ forma. Add in more primed mods and Kuva weapons will be the only meta on pure mod capacity alone.
  2. As huge Astilla fan, I find the prime quite nice and a decent improvement. That said, due to how rivens are handled on newly released weapons, the prime will likely be shelved after I finish its formas. The standard does nearly 50% more damage per shot at the moment and only the mag size is truely an improvement right now. However, wouldnt mind if it got an accuracy buff of sorts. Just remove the random long range slug curve and give it a proper arc so if I want to try slug sniping, at a range that is already nerfed by maximum damage drop mind you, I actually can and dont have to deal wi
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