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  1. They want to please their market which are some crazy addicted people... I didn't like the game for that and I played it since 2014. What frustrate me the most is that the game have an immense potential and the team have greats ideas but they can't polish and make them work because to stay relevant they have to keep feeding those players by a lot of rng and grind and gambling. Howeover some people began to notice the trickery and so here we are to discuss what the fu** is going on... I really respect DE, and it's because I really appreciated what they at least try with what little game Warframe was that I'm here speaking about it, something I never imagined doing.
  2. No it's okay. We can solo almost everything in this game. It's not crazy to be somewhat forced to accomplish missions with a group in a "coop game", especially in a "Star Trek" experience.
  3. it's not a pay to win because there is nothing to win... apart more grind... Think about it, there is no award to be great in this game other than some cosmetics...
  4. ok but maybe it can be great but I don't think it will save conclave... Also I'm not a fan of the operator playstyle so in conclave it doesn't have much appeal to me but I think I understand what you want say. Conclave is too much separate than the core game that is really time consuming enough, so there is a lot to do to make it appealing other than adding a new game mod...
  5. They don't seem to eat anyway. Maybe they just need "energy" ?
  6. I never care about riven. It's for addicted masochist who wanted stronger bad weapon. I have enough fire power without it to accomplish all type of missions... On the subject, as not an english speaker I was not aware about the difference. But either way DE don't manage to make them enjoyable anymore. The game is more a lottery machine now than a fun game. And it's painful to admit since all those past years. Railjack is a joke. Warning, it's really cool, it looks really good and deliver a new type of missions that feels different where coop is meaningful. HOWEOVER we were promise connection and now we have more independent grind/gambling. WTF ?? They are not coherent with what they themselves said... I was really surprised by how cool it seems the first time I played it but now I don't want invest time in it, I don't feel the need to do it. Because it's like archwing, a new mechanic, and as mechanic we should play with it not for it.
  7. Not really I was thinking about for example decorations, you have to grind for them because you want them. I mean I liked grinding to get weapons and stuff, it is part of the core game but we have plenty of them so there is really no need to add more. Even if at least it is related to the core game. Now we have liches and Railjack which are really independent. What I wanted to say with sustainable content is for example open worlds or conclave. Those are great ideas but they don't succeed to make it good enough so few players enjoy them even if I think the potential is enormous. De is focusing to please players who want more grind and not focusing on diverse and fun gameplays that could keep players... You should grind to obtain something that makes you stronger to beat something strong, and not grind to become stronger to grind more. What is the point of grinding in this game ? In World Of Warcraft which is quite grindy too, you want to become stronger to beat stronger being, being stronger than players, to be respected for you skill, to make players wanting to team, to beat dungeon and stronger dungeon, to discover the lore, to travel to more and more epics lands, ect... In Warframe what do you want to beat other than some heavy gunner and maybe some boss at the beginning. There is no pvp core game related (too different) and we are strong enough to beat missions solo, to beat missions without doing a thing with random people, so there is basically not much coop. At least the railjack is good step in that direction... So why should we need to be stronger ? And so what is the point for those contents ?
  8. Damn yes you right ! I was complaining about how aggressive the ennemies are in a thread. They don't let us enjoy the pacing of what open world should be about ! DE respect yourself and what you have proposed for the game sake....
  9. It's because there is some addicted kids that have done everything and want more things to do (and also be stronger than a nuclear bomb).... And it's actually where De is focusing their content nowadays because it seems that they can't create a good sustainable content that keep players in the game that don't involve grind... It's easier and better in the short run at least. It's okay to grind for content but content shouldn't be the grind itself. I don't understand why they doing it though, maybe the asian market is bigger than I thought. Joke aside they will lost some players and make it certainly less appealing for newcomers...
  10. I used a clem specter last time, in the end of our railjack trip he continue to follow me even in the dojo ! how cool is that ? He was the only one between all the others specters that I used. Try it ! Maybe it was just a bug or something very well known wich I was not aware of.
  11. Listen...I'm a dark souls fan so that speaks to me, but in Warframe ? it's quite too different to be some actual meaningful mechanic. If the opens worlds were more like actual open world (more immersive so for example to be able to access our arsenal and stuff, ect...) there could be a meaning but it should be really well thought out to not make it frustrating. But as you can see with the recent updates those last few years, the focus is in more grind, so more missions loops focus so no time for that... Also you're right in a sense that there is others types of player in Warframe that really likes the game for different aspects than the grind (I really like the sandbox aspect and the lore) but it's quite a majority that are searching for those "contents" so it seems normal that it's where De is targeting their "content".... It's a vicious circle... So the issue is bigger than that. There is a lot of possibilities for the game that would awesome (if they can make it works to begin with) and I have seen quite a few here but there is no way now that De changes their business plan for a minority that want "actual cool things"... Even if I think that they lost some players and make it less attractive for newcomers...
  12. they play too much in the addiction process than the actual fun. Just look at the new updated, it's basically more grind added independent of the core game. It's easier and more profitable to create rng than a sustainable and fun content that is coherent within the game. I can't blame them but this is not the game that I liked and hoped it would be... They have really great and promising ideas, but it is not enough, you have to make it work coherently without damaging what has been established, on the contrary it should sublimate it. And It's rationally not the case here.
  13. If most of the action are in bases (with air) so we travel between them under the water... Otherwise I think it will get boring very quickly even if it potentially looks good.
  14. Yeah it is really cool, really. Feels different and the coop aspect is very great. But personally I'm done. I don't want more new parallel grind. I now know where the game is going and what are the priorities of De. I will continue checking out the news but I have given enough for now...
  15. I think I'm done with Warframe. Empyrian is the confirmation for me that the game will be limited to just more grind. I'm done, I've given enough...
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