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  1. Dude, whats your problem with her ?, i think she performs well against all factions, just a matter of right modding
  2. Hello DE Team, thank you very much for this great update, it has so many good things in it, wonderful The Hildryn Package is suprior, i like the helmet,syndana, aw-weapon, the coloring option for hyldrin is very good, Hyldrin looks great and she performs well. New Meele action, Yeah great ! just love all of it. Keep on your good work, i think you are on the right way. And pls ppl dont forget to take some good rest, you earned it. greetings Dumant
  3. i am sorry to say but the rewards for orb vallis phase 4 (killing the giant spider boss) ARE TOTAL Crap BullS#&$, it takes long time and you get nothing. Hunting Edidolons you get at last Arcanas. WTF
  4. For the 1. time i am really absolutely not satisfied with the updates. Orb Vallis Phase 4: I really like challenging bounties, but this one is atm no funt at all Relict Packages / Mesa Prime Bout about 25 Relic packages and got: a total of 3 Mesa Prime Relics - WTF ? Titania Rework: The most annoying thing, the weird steering of razorwing mode got no change at all. DE why didnt you change that to steering like archwings , like some ppl suggested ? A first test showed not much to no difference felt at all to Titanias abilities.
  5. hm hm, my biggest trouble with Titania was the weird steering of razorwing mode. Some ppl suggested to implement it like the steering the archwing, that would have been perfect. Just tested Titania to find out, that steering Titanias Razorwing Mode is still the same (S#&$) Sorry DE, but i am not happy with that. Please consider to improve this.
  6. Hello All, just wanna ask this, but since some of last fixes, playing Orb Vallis Bounties are more and more laggy again. After some fixes past release the performance was really good in comparison with the time at release. But now i feels worth for me, am i the only one , or does this happen to other players too ?
  7. Ty very much DE for the fixes and improvements. No i am happy that i played lot of forutna missions just at the release. I am sorry to say but the orb vallis bounties feels more and more "fail safe" like the normal missions. Excavation inside the bounties was fun, but now has degreed to 1-2 min easy slaughter. i really miss the challenge of the beginning. Corpus enemies looks like to die only by looking at them now.
  8. Wow this skins are awesome, i would like to buy some, but i dont have warframe via steam. Hope there will be once a solution for ppl using non-steam versions of warframe ?
  9. OMG your poor Khora, i am soo sorry for you. technically it means you didnt take enough care of the enemies, if its too hard for you , just dont play the high level bounties, if you prefer running invulnerable slaugthering enemies play earth missions. And i am very sure that a lot of players appreciate the challenge, even if it means to die sometimes At last we have some END Game Level content.
  10. If Fortuna is to difficult for you I suggest you play solo earth missions. On my side i appreciate more difficulty in Forutna, becaus its a last a bit of challenge. Running in "godmode" slaughtering enemies is boring.
  11. At last the bounties at fortuna give a bit of a challenge. Its not like in the other missions, running like "godmode" and the enemies are only irritating flies. I appreciate that challenge, it makes the bounties interresting to play. Please DE dont make fortuna bounties the same easy like normal missions.
  12. I think ppl trading mods at this level cant be helped anymore. asking 20k plat for a mod = insane greedyness paying 20k plat for a mod = insane sillyness at last at my opinion.
  13. As far as i know (pls somebody correct me if i am wrong), Warframe doesnt support anymore 32 bit, only 64 bit windows, maybe thats your problem.
  14. Lol, if you would have checked out all the npc's in fortuna you would have found an easy way to get the sinks. Ppl with the abilty to read have a clear advantage. But as always some prefer whining and blaming before reading.
  15. OMG, just entered Fortuna, the Intro, the sound, i am very impressed and near to tears of happiness. Thank You again, DE, your the best !!!
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