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  1. Great job for the update. It really is beautiful and there are a lot of QoL changes, however, as i mostly hunt eidolons I'm scared with how those will look after this update, they were totally unplayable after an update that has nothing to do with plains of eidolon, imagine with this 😄 Current bugs i've found: -Loc-pins are messed up. -I'm missing my christmas decoration!!
  2. Aaand its live, rip everyone's rivens 😄 My Rubico lost 30% cc and 30% cd, its not a small amount
  3. "My times are pretty slow but i can do 6x3" those 2 don't go in the same sentence brother
  4. So wait, you bug lanka for eidolons ( The only things its usefull for ) making it unusable for fast hunts, and still nerf its disposition 😮 As for other snipers is your goal just to make eidolon hunting slower for whatever reason ? People won't start to use different weapons because of these disposition changes, because different weapons are just not usable. The only thing thats gonna happen here is everything will just be slower.
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