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  1. I need to bump this. I had it happened again, and this time it was more severe than ever. At this point in almost convinced that it has something to do with Corrosive Projections And/or Coaction Drifts not being applied from some player, for whatever reason. A guy ( with corrosive projection ) got host migration, or left, or whatever in the middle of the hunt, and the damage stayed the same ( still low ). Considering how much armor eidolons have this is not even close to possible. This is not a minor bug, it cuts the damage in half or more, so it would be nice if someone could look into it.
  2. When using Arcane Momentum, there's a bug where if u have it's proc and u go to archwing, if the proc still lasts when you get out of archwing it wont work. The problem is because if u keep extending that same proc ( shooting ). it will continue to have no effect until you lose it completely and get a new one. This problem is really annoying in eidolon hunts, i can't see it having much impact anywhere else, but it would still be nice to see it fixed.
  3. I need to bump this, i tested it, i changed my prism after i read this and its undoubtedly true, for the first time ever, im actually dealing damage to water shields.
  4. I appreciate the replies guys, but if i wasn't clear enough i was talking about weapon damage, not amp damage. ( I know amp damage can be inconsistent and bugged too, but u can still effectively one shot, so it doesn't really matter )
  5. I never noticed this cause i rarely shoot without vs, which makes the exact numbers impossible to know. But i did notice my water shield damage weirdly low. If this is right they need to fix this, especially because 90% of eidolon community uses lega as a prism. Ill definitely make a new amp and test this for myself.
  6. Greetings, So i mostly play eidolons in my free time, and i'm used to all different kind of bugs and inconsistencies, but this one in particular is the one i stress about a lot, and makes me not wanna finish the night at all and just rage quit. I mostly dps as a volt, and i spent a lot of time and resources min-maxing everything to the point where I wanted it to be, I know exact numbers of my damage and where it should be at. So u can imagine my frustration when i find 3 other people and get ready for a 50min hunt and the very first time i shoot i see that my damage is almost two times less than it should be ( this is gonna persist until the end of the hunt/night ). So yes, to explain it a bit better, this bug is regarding the damage I deal, being inconsistent and lower in random hunts, while other times its fine ( there are no indications when this is going to happen, it just randomly does ). I'm going to use eidolons as an example as its pretty much the only thing where min maxing actually maters, i wouldn't care if i dealt a bit less damage to some random grineer or something 😄 But even tho my case its revolving around eidolons, this bug might have something to do with some of the core mechanics and calculations of the game, and therefor affecting other stuff as well. I should also add that when this bug happens, the damage isn't always decreased by the same amount. To help you further break this down, I always shoot under the exact same conditions: Same Rubico build every single time Always 3 Corrosive Projections with 2 Coaction Drifts in my squad Always Dead Eye aura on me Always shoot through the same amount of shields Always shooting with a covenant buff Always shooting with the same combo multiplier Always double zoomed Always using Maxed Vigorous Swap Without the bug: With the bug: Both images are on Gantalyst shooting in the exact same conditions, but in 2 different hunts. Focus on the orange crit because thats the one we care about, but the red one is also decreased as u can see. My best guess is that this has something to do with Corrosive Projections sometimes not affecting targets properly. Which would make this even more important because its one of the most used and useful auras in the entire game. But its just a shot in the dark. I would really like to see this get fixed. If u need any further information i would be happy to help.
  7. Great job for the update. It really is beautiful and there are a lot of QoL changes, however, as i mostly hunt eidolons I'm scared with how those will look after this update, they were totally unplayable after an update that has nothing to do with plains of eidolon, imagine with this 😄 Current bugs i've found: -Loc-pins are messed up. -I'm missing my christmas decoration!!
  8. Aaand its live, rip everyone's rivens 😄 My Rubico lost 30% cc and 30% cd, its not a small amount
  9. "My times are pretty slow but i can do 6x3" those 2 don't go in the same sentence brother
  10. So wait, you bug lanka for eidolons ( The only things its usefull for ) making it unusable for fast hunts, and still nerf its disposition 😮 As for other snipers is your goal just to make eidolon hunting slower for whatever reason ? People won't start to use different weapons because of these disposition changes, because different weapons are just not usable. The only thing thats gonna happen here is everything will just be slower.
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