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    Nightwave bug.

    Hi, I was doing nightwave missions. Before I enter the last mission of sortie I was level 4 already and had the stencil reward. After that I entered last part of sortie. In the sortie (mobile defense) I have completed the 30 eximus mission which should give 4500 points and since I have finished sortie I get another 4500 and total 9000 right? Well I am level 4 and I have 4500. I don't know how many points i had before but I am certain I was level 4 so I think there was a bug in there that prevented me from getting some points. Can you look into it? Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, I can't provide a screen shot but there is a bug. I was in the poe capturing some eidolons with my team. I was the Chroma. My Chroma with 918 damage increase buff. We have the first 2 no problem but when we were going for the hydrolist my buff went down to 412. It did not move further than that even though i damage myself. I checked the ability screen from in game menu and it said 412 too. Now I have no config with that value. When we go to cetus and go back to poe it happened again from the start. so I left checked my build (which was ok it said 918 right there) then re entered and the problem was solved. I don't knwo what caused this but you might wanna check it.
  3. Hey, about the update. You guys see the orange pin in the left bottom on the screen? That was supposed to be next to the Cetus door but it is 300m above the ground in that location. Can you please remove all my pins so I can put them again?
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