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  1. If there was a host migration that is why everything vanished.
  2. I called down my hoverboard and I was promptly thrust through the floor. I tried /unstuck which only teleported me to the surface only to fall through the ground again. I called in my arching and was able to fly through everything. Jumping out of the arching after returning to the surface would result in me falling through the floor. To fix it I called down the hoverboard again while I was falling above the map. The first time I called down my hoverboard I was stuck on it and couldn't get off or call in the archwing, eventually the game let me call the arching in.
  3. I was under the impression that the old raids were taken out due to a lack of quality and placed on the To Do List by DE like the Sergeant rework.
  4. I'm just aiming for MR 30 and the 30+ mod cap it comes with. It'll take far too long too acquire a bunch of umbral forma to suit every build I use those mods on. I think the price is fair as the mods are very good, but time investment wise MR 30 is the most efficient short cut for better mod capacity.
  5. Your guess is as good as mine. When it comes to the wildlife on Deimos I actually cannot think of one reason as to how they survived outside of having whatever characteristic immunity like the Kavats have although it's weird as they appear partially infested while Kavats are totally immune. Maybe whatever the Entrati are using to maintain their consciousness can be made with items acquired locally and maybe some of the wildlife did the same some how?
  6. The transferable mind thing would be a good way to escape losing your mind to the infested, but without a replacement body I don't think any amount of mental fortitude could protect one from the infested once they've been caught. If anything I think the only reason they're alive is solely because of whatever temporary cure they're using, but should they run out or enough time passes they'd be fully assimilated without another body to escape to. As for infested Orokin the ancients kind of look like Orokin although with how mutated they are it's hard to tell what they were although there's not m
  7. I knew build all those specters would come in handy some day lmao.
  8. What I was confused about was that while yes they are infested the infested always consume both body and mind rendering its victims mindless twisted globs of zombie flesh. The Entrati appeared to have miraculously survived with only amnesia although as someone mentioned above they're using something to stave off the infestions grasp on them, but it seems that whatever it is will only work for so long before the infestion eventually consumes them regardless.
  9. This is a really good point OP. It's why I don't use Nova, if I opt for the safe logical route defense takes forever and if I opt for speed I eventually will end up needing to stop using my 4 because it's too dangerous for the pod. I'll definitely take this into consideration for a future build.
  10. That's true. If they do go the preview route they'd have to not show if the lich has an ephemera and definitely no weapon bonus preview. Honestly I'd be happy with just that, as long as I'm at least getting a cool lich I'm a happy camper. If I miss an ephemera or two because I'm skipping weird looking liches that's a fair price to pay. Getting a neat lich without wasting time grinding out duds is all I want. Heck I'd grind them more often if I knew I was at least getting something at the end of the grind.
  11. That may be so, but you'd think they'd show more concern instead of continuing to quarrel with each other they could've been mustering a cautionary defense with the local Necramechs in case the Tenno's intent is to carry out an extermination run.
  12. Maybe this isn't the right place to say this, but I think a new slot is in order for cosmetic mods such as Peculiar Bloom and similar mods instead. They'd consume no space as they're cosmetic and not eat up a valuable mod slot.
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