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  1. These changes are bittersweet to me. I don't know if it counts as credentials, but as of writing this I have 287 vitus essences and every worthwhile cosmetic from the guy, so whatever. The difficulty of arbs was cool for players that built entirely around it, and some of that is gone now, but my survivability stays I'm actually to the point of gray hairs from hosts dying on wave 5 and migrating, no one wanting to do premade, and whole groups leaving on rotation A when it's my favorite frame/weap buffed 300%. In a way this... fixes it? Not knowing WHAT killed you if you got one shotted out of nowhere (no enemies around) was pretty BS but I suppose that fixes it Host migration seriously, seriously needs addressed, as it still greatly affects arbitrations: It removes the 300% buff on migration. We also maybe need a longer invuln period so players can readjust. The rotations do honestly need to be sped up. Your vitus essences aren't worth that much, and the junk sculpture rewards are a slap in the face. I am cashing in empty sculptures (anything that isn't an Orta) at this point. HUNDREDS. Maybe have enemies drop ayatan stars as rare loot? I can't keep up. Let's be real here... With no variety and longer timers, once you've built some type of AOE weapon damage and survivability, the only hurdle is boredom. Drones are a cheap way of making it difficult, it neuters damage frames (caveat: that isn't TOO bad), but it also limits the viable frames to like... 10 frames. The ones with survivability buffs basically. EDIT: Does this mean you remove the voiceline for "there is no coming back" now that, you know, there's a way to come back? Thanks for reading my vent about arbs. I hope "iteration 2" brings some variety.
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