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  1. I don't disagree with you. Behold what's behind the curtain: DE does not care if items, frames, or techniques break the game. Breaking the game is part of the game. The gambler's mindset - that same which keeps people addicted- is that they believe they have figured out some secret trick to winning the game. But there is no beating the house, the house always wins. You are still playing, and therefore you are either contributing money or contributing figures to entice others to contribute money. DE does not care if you breeze past their years-old content. They do not care to revamp it when they can create new right over top of it.
  2. Valkyr is absolutely the best at destroying the Wolf. She can do it on her own in a 4 man squad in about 30 seconds while her teammates watch. She hits for an obscene amount of damage, around 50k rad every .5 seconds. She can ground stomp and execute the minions instantly. I imagine the play rate for valkyr has doubled because of the wolf alone. Who would've thought, one agitated kitty > one thiccboi wolf Found a vid:
  3. I would argue that spammable 50-60% armor strip and a team wide cleanse is more supportive than energy orbs
  4. very insightful, tenno
  5. I'm just very confused why so many players are flight-only Hildryns. That is, they do not cast anything other than Aegis, they do not shoot balefire while in it. They are CC only, and impressed by this. I originally thought it was a troll, however, it's now 3/4ths of the (mr20+) Hildryn players that I've come across. Are the ability tooltips misleading? Is there something I'm missing? I've come to the conclusion that Hildryn will never be nerfed, as no one uses her pillage or haven to find out how they work. Here are a few examples. DE, please explain
  6. My comment is in jest that console players state things like "the eye can't see over 29.97 fps!" Every PC gamer should strive for 60 stable fps. Going over that may be unnecessary, and definitely impossible on OP's rig. You are right in that some people cannot detect certain things. I am very sensitive to screen tearing, artificial frame rates ("clear motion") and the soap opera effect.
  7. Xb1 user... lol Seconded, thirded, whatever. I played on a 560 and was getting decent fps. You should definitely turn off two of warframe's biggest graphics settings, especially if you want that frame rate in open world: ambient occlusion and volumetric lighting. After that, maybe turn on dynamic resolution (as a LAST resort).
  8. This problem kinda goes two ways: Pugs are notoriously bad, but no one wants to premade. It would be cool to see a consistent late join feature with arbitrations to resolve this. Group resorting to new hosts would be interesting also, like you mentioned. I actually wouldn't mind at all having the option (like a setting) to join arbitrations at wave 20+, 30+. Hosting is already "shaky" in warframe, and an entirely separate issue that needs addressed. I played an arbitration last night with a perfect premade group, but the host crashed, came back. The migration caused players to lose their 300% buff AND the enemies' scripts completely broke. They would spawn in and stand still. DE said these recent changes were the first iteration of changes, so HOPEFULLY we can see some changes to how hosting is managed.
  9. Current assassins kind of feel like the mosquito you see trying to land on you while trekking through the woods. Annoying, you can bring some extra gear just to handle them, but merely an insect, after all. I hope to conjure up some variety to the difficulty in games: A new assassin unit that spawns randomly, Lockdown Assassins. At any point beyond 10 minutes into a mission, there is a 6% chance per rotation to spawn a lockdown assassin. These lockdown assassins are themed to the current mission's faction, but there are also rogue-types and void types. Several classes could be used here, from tankier, to fast moving melee, to shadow versions of the warframes (etc) These specialized units will attempt to isolate a teammate by locking them in a room alone. The assassin spawns inside the room with the solo teammate, possessing improved speed, damage, and armor. *These units will address the player just as any assassin would before making an appearance*. Teammates must be x-distance for y-time away from teammates before they are considered targets. The room can be breached by teammates via access panel after 2 minutes. Upon breach, the assassin will either flee or enrage based on type. If the assassin wins, dies, or flees, there is a cooldown of 15 minutes before it is considered capable of spawning again. Assassins cannot spawn in open world, large open areas of tilesets, or very small rooms (like corridors). All lockdown assassins have a 100% drop rate for a rare mod, unaffected by Nekros. They can also drop cosmetics, parts. **1000% optional: These units also have a chance of dropping a corrupted item which allows the player to enter stalker form in other player's missions. *Thoughts: A player would get the dimming screen visual, but could have split-seconds to rejoin their team, or allow a teammate to join. **Thoughts2: I worry that I cloud my concept here with a second, more debatable one. Player-controlled stalker was a concept featured in Prime Time #214 that hasn't been implemented. I understand there are very wildly different arguments against a mode type like this. Devs cited not having a lore-friendly reason to implement this.
  10. This is pretty much the entire idea, I like where you're going with this also. The themes would be quite nice, but hopefully not confusing, as they'd do exactly the same. In my original post I hadn't forgotten or removed energy orbs. This is mainly a replacement for the stock-energy regen rate (which is abysmal). I thought changing this to not only be noticeable, but improving with activity, would allow some freedom from spamming zen dash, arcanes, so forth. Edit, clarity: The amount of energy you would have remains unchanged, even with the bar "replaced". This makes running flow even more powerful as the % regen per second would be increased, also.
  11. The majority of my posts here would probably be reserved for that section. I try to tow my suggestions in line with "balancing ideas" rather than just adding new content, so it can fit here albeit being a little conceptual. I think DE checks Reddit more than their own forums, honestly. You are kind of correct here and I see your point. My thoughts were this: Any ability that affected enemies or allies would start to the multiplier. Chroma recasts 2/3 and this hits allies, doesn't necessarily require usage of his 1 or 4 (though that'd mean they were useful for once). The mentality behind this was to encourage team play and ability use. It is not overly restrictive, as if you were not using abilities to begin with, you would also not require the fast regen rate. Footnote: How would this be managed for solo play? Would self-buffing start the bar? If so, how could we stop players from just recasting on themselves to get to 3x? You're right, and perhaps my creativity is starting to really run out here on the individual changes around this system. It definitely is, and maybe we could change that. I'd like to see it a passive ability if I had more time to draw it out, which further employs the "lack of arbitrary movements" design I'd like to see
  12. You're kind of restating just how broken the system is, and my point was that the system should be redesigned around a FUN one that does not require arbitrary movements, like slapping pizzas down. Surely you do not find this to be the most engaging part during a mission. My issue is with gameplay design, around what is considered "fun" and what is "arbitrary". Trying to further debate whether zen, energize is more valid than energy restores is missing the point.
  13. In the title, I named the largest sources of power creep. Energy regen is so fundamentally broken (or "disorganized" in its current form) that ANY warframe's true potential is gated behind mandatory "choices". First is Zenzurik Dash, which is then replaced by extremely pricey and rare arcanes. I think WF's original design did not compensate for the energy generation tools that we have now, but new content requires it. Really, we need to refocus how energy works in Warframe to a system that generates frame power without doing arbitrary movements like zenzurik dashes (I call these void dances), throwing pizzas, or putting together 2000p worth of equipment. Don't tell me "that's why it's gated, for balance lol" because that's a lazy answer to a system with a poor choice for customization. Energy could be redone to allow other schools and arcanes to be viable in a method that is fun or intuitive. One that does not require cookie-cutter builds. Zenzurik is overpowered. I consider anything overpowered that absolutely outshines and reduces the other options to "stupid". Just some thoughts on a redesign: Energy refills at 2% per second on ALL warframes. All warframes have their energy bar replaced with an activity bar. This bar functions like a combo bar, it builds with activity, then degrades over time. This bar increases when you damage or debuff a number of enemies, or buff/heal allies. Damaging any enemy counts as one. Headshots count as 1.5. They do not count again. Buffing or healing any ally counts as 20. ** See footnote. All activity bars begin generation upon an ability cast that damages/debuffs enemies or buffs/heals allies. After this initial cast, you can use weapons to generate points as well. At a full (4/4) bar, your energy rate is 3x, or 6% per second. This degrades back to 1/4 or 2% after 20 seconds. Nullifiers, parasitic infested, and energy leeches no longer cause energy drain. Instead, they pause energy generation. This changes end game a lot, I think, because they are massively strong compared to other eximus units. ** You cannot simply start building an activity bar by shooting. There is no point for weapon-only, no ability use players (madlads) to build a high energy regeneration rate when they're not using energy anyway. If they want any generation, they can cast a single ability and start firing from there. Changes on current mods, focus, etc: Zenzurik Void Dash functionality changed: With Zenzurik, your dash creates a buff that temporarily doubles the points you gain from enemy/ally hits. Energy Siphon: Largely useless in its current form. Replaced, it counts as .6% increased regen to team before the activity bar multiplier is considered. Therefore, a team of four using energy siphon would have 4.4% base energy regeneration, and 13.2% regeneration per second with full activity. Arcane Energize: Chance on energy pickup to temporarily double your base energy regeneration, before multiplication. Range unchanged, this affects allies within 10m but does not count as an ally "hit".
  14. The Wolf's spawn rate is much less of a AWOO and much more of a
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