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  1. BrashMandicoot

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4

    Thank you for that Staticor fix!
  2. BrashMandicoot

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.2

    Nyx's passive power still reads "Enemies affected by Nyx Prime's abilities may suddenly choose to lay down their arms"
  3. BrashMandicoot

    Garuda's Accent colour is broken (claws)

    Good catch! You seem to have pinned it down. When any melee weapon is equipped, Garuda's accent colour affects the claws. With no melee weapon equipped, the claws no longer change colour along with the rest of the body pieces.
  4. When I first started using Garuda, I noticed that her Accent colour wasn't working properly and seemed to be kind of "sticky". It wouldn't always take a colour properly, and would sometimes remain a particular colour even after being changed - on the claws in particular. Now Garuda's claws aren't taking colour at all anymore, they're stuck on the gold colour that I finally settled on. The other small parts of her body that are coloured by that Accent colour are seemingly working properly, but her claws aren't changing colours for me anymore.
  5. BrashMandicoot

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2 +

    The credit booster now appears in Baro's wares, but hovering over it in his inventory incorrectly displays the price as 350 ducats + 40 plat Only once you've clicked it to buy it does it display the proper price of 350 ducats + 75,000 Credits
  6. BrashMandicoot

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.6

    Please set default in-game chat to squad chat and not clan chat.
  7. BrashMandicoot

    Update 16.11: Ash Prime + Hotfix 16.11.1

    "When grinding is easy everyone will get everything really fast and then get bored and stop playing." that makes no sense. Players are always weighing the risks and rewards and taking the time commitment into account. People want to get the best return for the least investment of time and energy, that's just common sense. If people want to play the game in a manner where they've found a useful shortcut to the time and energy investment and an increase in the return of loot, that's their prerogative. If that's how they want to play, they're completely free to do so, who are you to tell them they're playing the wrong way? And if this way of playing happens to boost the abilities of many other frames and makes them end-game viable, then this is only improving the game for others who need that support in later levels. All this change has done is just destroy those enjoyable ways of farming for many players and will in turn make the game much less fun for them. I've also seen the statistic that Greedy Pull was used 4x more than other abilities. Why isn't this an indication that DE got it RIGHT?! That people love this power and are using it a lot because of it. DE just killed an incredibly useful ability that makes a lot of the co-op aspects of this game even possible in the first place all because a vocal minority whined about it. The sad thing is those whiners will always be there and now they'll just find a new thing to whine about.
  8. BrashMandicoot

    Update 16.11: Ash Prime + Hotfix 16.11.1

    so how will this change solve that problem? those two G-Mags will still continue to spam #1 because they'll still be getting all the loot they were getting before, but now you'll have to run around a lot more to collect your own loot. This nerf "solved" a very minor problem by screwing up one of the best support frames in the game. The G-Mag + Pilfering Hydroid combo was amazing for farming, now also destroyed by this nerf. LAME